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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Is the Most Formidable Trump and Biden Alternative. It's not Even Close.

November 08, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The verdict is in: Nikki Haley showed toughness and grit tonight. With arrows flying at her, she stood her ground and offered moral clarity in a world of chaos. She criticized Donald Trump's runaway spending, defended Israel, called out Joe Biden for cozying up to Iran, told the American people the truth on entitlements and abortion, set the record straight on energy, and explained that China, Russia, and Iran are an unholy alliance that wants to destroy America.

Let's stop beating around the bush: Nikki Haley is the most formidable challenger to Donald Trump and Joe Biden. It's not even close.

What People Are Saying

Ramesh Ponnuru, Washington Post: Third debate in a row in which Haley comes across as the best-briefed.

Matt Mackowiak: Nikki Haley is consistently excellent. She always makes solid and substantive points, with clarity, substance and toughness. #GOPdebate

Henry Olson, Washington Post: I love how Haley never, ever backs down

Marc Thiessen, Washington Post: Great answers from Haley on Ukraine. They want to move away from Ukraine; soon, they'll want to move away from Israel. This unholy alliance between Russia, Iran and China is real.

Sarah Rumpf: These debates might be mostly useless but they have established pretty solidly that @NikkiHaley is tough enough to face off against any foreign leaders. She's held her own against everyone on the stage each time.

Sahil Kapur, NBC News: Nikki Haley embraces the House Freedom Caucus position on the budget. "I'll veto any spending bill that doesn't go back to pre-Covid levels," she says.

Liberty Nation: Nikki Haley: "First of all, any candidate that tells you they will not take on retirement is not being serious. Social Security will go bankrupt in ten years." #RepublicanDebate #GOPDebate

Phillip Wegmann, RCP: Nikki Haley: "Any candidate that tells you they're not going to take on entitlements is not being serious" She notes that Social Security will go bankrupt in 10 years and Medicare in eight. She lumps DeSantis in with "Trump, Biden and Pelosi" for shirking reform.

Alex Durante, The Tax Foundation: Yes Nikki Haley is right. We must address the entitlements

Marc Caputo, The Messenger: "You scrubbed the website last week," Haley says to DeSantis about his claim he abolished Enterprise Florida She's right. After an unflattering story about China, Enterprise Florida's successor agency, Select Florida, scrubbed its website

Clay Travis: Nikki Haley just nailed the abortion answer again. That's the landslide Republican answer.

Frank Lutz: Nikki Haley has the best Republican answer on abortion. The @GOP would be stronger if they used her language.

The FAMiLY LEADER: In #GOPDebate on #abortion, @NikkiHaley - "I don't judge anyone for being prochoice, I don't want anyone to judge me for being prolife. Let's find consensus. Ban late-term. Save as many babies as we can. Stop the judgment."

Alice Stewart, CNN: Smart response on the pro-life issue: "Stop the judgement, we don't need to divide America on this issue anymore." @NikkiHaley #GOPDebate

Jim Merrill: The thoughtful @NikkiHaley answer on abortion should be made mandatory viewing for every GOP candidate for state or federal office in 2024.

Chris Ryan, NH Today Show: I've said this before, the @NikkiHaley abortion answer is the best I've ever heard from the pro-life perspective. #FITN #NHPolitics

Ari Fleischer: Ramaswamy's attack on Nikki's daughter is a low blow. He should not have done that. He went too far.

Washington Post Opinion: "Ramaswamy going after Haley's daughter. He's such a disgrace." - @marcthiessen "I love how Haley never, ever backs down." @henryolsenEPPC

National Review: @philipaklein: Haley was well justified in her disgust with Vivek in going after her daughter's use of TikTok: "You're just scum."

Alice Stewart, CNN: Bad move by Ramaswamy to go after @NikkiHaley's daughter re: TicTok #GOPDebate

Sara Carter, Fox News: @NikkiHaley has a point ... don't bring children into the debate

The Hill: Nikki Haley took aim at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis's environmental policies, calling the governor "a liberal when it comes to the environment."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Is the Most Formidable Trump and Biden Alternative. It's not Even Close. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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