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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Offers 90 Minutes of Conservative Solutions

June 04, 2023

DES MOINES, Iowa – Presidential candidate Nikki Haley spent 90 minutes taking unscripted questions from CNN host Jake Tapper and Republican primary voters in Iowa during a live CNN town hall. She offered substantive, conservative solutions on complex issues and didn't back away from criticizing her fellow candidates on Ukraine, China, spending, and entitlement reform.

This wasn't Haley's first rodeo. She has held 24 events in Iowa, including many town halls where she takes unscripted questions from voters.

See what people are saying:

CNN's Dana Bash: "One thing that really struck me was how folksy she was, how personable she was...There were a lot of points where she brought back that humanity, and that's no small thing." (6/4/23)

CNN's David Axelrod: "This was her first test and I think she did very very well." (6/4/23)

The Hill's Julia Manchester: "In her opening remarks at her @CNN town hall, @NikkiHaley calls for generational change and says it's time to leave the negativity behind" (Twitter, 6/4/23)

WSJ's John McCormick: "In opening minutes of @CNN town hall, @NikkiHaley criticizes Democrats AND Republicans for issues in the economy and budget deficits." (Twitter, 6/4/23)

The Epoch Times' Jackson Richman: ".@NikkiHaley: 'We've got a country to save.' Time to leave the baggage of the past. Cited her success as SC's governor and U.S. Ambassador to the UN, in addition to today's issues including crime, etc..." (Twitter, 6/4/23)

CNN's Scott Jennings: "She's been strong on Russia her entire career." (6/4/23)

CBS News' Cristina Corujo: "When asked about Trump's comments congratulating Kim Jong Un after North Korea ascended leadership role in the World Health Organization, @NikkiHaley said: 'We don't think we ever should congratulate dictators. Congratulate our friends don't congratulate our enemies.'" (Twitter, 6/4/23)

Alyssa Farah Griffin: "I've got plenty of criticisms of @NikkiHaley but she's a rockstar on foreign policy. Her knowledge & experience put her in a different league than some other R candidates." (Twitter, 6/4/23)

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: "'He seems to find really interesting times,' Nikki Haley jokes of @WMichaelHaley 's upcoming deployment to Africa. He previously deployed during her stint as governor of South Carolina — something she has joked about on the trail, saying 'he left me as a single mom governor.'" (Twitter, 6/4/23)

The Epoch Times' Jackson Richman: "The @CNN town hall just concluded. Two newsworthy items from it: @NikkiHaley calling for the U.S. to sanction China over fentanyl and for requiring members of Congress to get their health treatment from the VA so they can realize how broken of a system that is." (Twitter, 6/4/23)

The State's Joseph Bustos: "@NikkiHaley Haley on what would quickly fix the VA system. 'I think that every member of Congress should have to get their health care from the V.A.'" (Twitter, 6/4/23)

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: "Haley, asked what it would mean for her to be the first female president: 'I don't think about that as much as it'll be nice to have that out of the way.' 'We've let guys do it for a while it might be time for a woman.'" (Twitter, 6/4/23)
Iowa voter and town hall attendee John Palmer: "You are a breath of fresh air, really." (6/4/23)

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