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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley on Meet The Press: I trust the American people, not the political elite.

January 28, 2024

GREENVILLE, SC – After holding a rally with 1,500 voters last night in Mauldin, S.C., Nikki Haley spoke with Meet the Press’ Kristen Welker about the state of the presidential race, Donald Trump’s temper tantrums, the border crisis, and her support for Israel.

On fighting the political elite:

He can't bully his way through the nomination. I think that it's not surprising that he is surrounded by the political elite, but let's keep in mind the political elite has got nothing done for us in stopping the wasteful spending, has got nothing done to secure the border, has got nothing done to keep us more safe as we see wars around the world. And so, look, that's exactly what we don't want. The reason the political elite are upset and the members of Congress are upset is because I've pushed for term limits. I've pushed for a mental competency test. I've said if they don't get a budget out on time they shouldn't get paid. I have fought this political class my entire life and I'd much rather be fighting for the people than fighting for the elected officials in DC.

On Trump being unhinged:

He's just going to become more unhinged, Kristen. Hold on. It's going to get worse. Because that's what he does when he feels like he's not in control.

On Trump being distracted:

I've always said I trust the American people. They know how to make good decisions. And so I think that they're going to see this for what it is. They see that he's completely distracted. They see that he's going on these rants about how he's the victim. And I think that's exactly what we don't need a strong leader to be. And so these court cases are going to keep happening. One by one we're going to keep seeing him in a courtroom and we're going to see him come out and do a press conference. That's not what you want a president to be.

On Trump’s insecurity:

I laugh every time I see one of his tweets, every time I see him throw a temper tantrum because I know Donald Trump very well. When he feels insecure, he starts to rail, he starts to rant, he starts to flail his arms, and he starts to get upset.

When he feels threatened, he starts to throw all kinds of things out there. I would always tell him he was his own worst enemy. He's proving that right now. He proved it in the fact that he continues to be chaotic. Those things don't hurt my feelings. This is not personal for me. What is personal for me is getting America back on track.

On Hamas:

When I was at the United Nations I gave a speech five years ago and it told the world that there were maps. These maps were held by Hamas and it showed that if they could break through the barrier this is how they were going to kill as many Jewish people as fast as they could. That happened. I know there would be no Hamas without Iran. I know that they want to eliminate Israel. We've got to find a way to protect Israelis and get those hostages home. This may work. We have to see, but what we also have to do is not take our eyes off of Hamas because they're going to use this time to kill more people and do more things to build up their military.

On the border crisis and a proposed border deal:

My message to Republicans is do not leave D.C. until you finish the job. We have waited for so long for Congress to do something about the border. First, Joe Biden should be securing the border. This is a national security threat. The idea that he is actually suing Governor Abbott for trying to protect the people of Texas is wrong. America is acting like it's September 10th, and we better remember what September 12th felt like, because it only takes one person to cause a 9/11 moment. The second thing is Republicans and Democrats need to get into a room. They don't need to leave until they figure this out, because the American people are not safe at this point. And Donald Trump, the last thing he needs to do is tell them to wait to pass a border deal until the election. We can't wait one more day, but they do need to get this right. I don't know exactly the details in the bill, but one of the things I saw is that they didn't have the Remain in Mexico policy. You have to have the Remain in Mexico policy because people don't even need to step foot on U.S. soil. That's the first place we need to start.

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley on Meet The Press: I trust the American people, not the political elite. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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