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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Media Blitz: Hit Iran, Defund UNRWA, Man Up Donald

January 29, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. – This afternoon, Nikki Haley joined America Reports and Newsmax to discuss the Iran-back attack against American troops, defunding UNRWA, and Donald Trump being too afraid to debate.

Haley on FOX News

On Biden's weak response to attacks on Americans:

"This is 160 strikes. As a military spouse this is what we fear, when our loved ones are overseas if you're not taking care of them that something like this happens. This is not about hitting Iran hard. This is about hitting Iran smart. I don't know what Biden is waiting on, he has got to strengthen those sanctions. When he loosened them, he allowed billions of dollars from China to go into Iran when they imported oil. You've got to take away the money from Iran because that takes away the money from the proxies. That's the first thing they need to do. The second thing they need to do is to go and take out any of the production sites that are allowing them to do this in Iraq and Syria that they're coming from. And then the third thing is you have to figure out which Iranian leaders are making the decisions and you take them out. This isn't about hitting Iran. This is about being strategic and smart about what you do take out. When you do that, you're taking away their capabilities of hurting more American soldiers."

On hitting Iran:

"He needs to go after the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, the IRGC. He needs to go after the leadership there, those that are making the decisions. That's what leaves them flat-footed. Find one or two of them that are making the decisions. It will chill all of them when you do that. They don't necessarily care if you take out all of their equipment and their weapons. They don't care if you take out any of the proxy fighters because they'll just add new ones to it. What they do care about is when you touch their money or you touch their leadership. That's what gets Iran's attention."

Haley on Newsmax

On funding UNRWA:

"Not surprised at all. It is why when I was at the United Nations I cut off all US aid going to UNRWA because we saw in the schools, the textbooks, they were spreading terrorist conversations. It would say if you have five Israeli soldiers and you kill three Israeli soldiers how many Israeli soldiers do you have left? That's what the textbooks were. We knew that the people working in UNRWA were helping all of the terrorist projects. You could see it. And so we stopped all US aid going. The world condemned us over it. I said, well, if the Arab countries care so much, they can pay for it. Why does the U.S. have to pay for it? And look at what happened. This is absolutely no surprise. Biden went and started giving money back to UNRWA and he can sit there and say he actually was part of the problem as to why this happened to Israel in the first place."

On Trump surrounding himself with the political elite:

"I've never been part of the political elite. I don't want to be a part of the political elite. The people who are saying that are the congressional members around him, the Lindsey Graham's of the world, and everybody who's got nothing done on cutting wasteful spending, nothing done on the border, nothing done on preventing war. They've done nothing. So Donald Trump has surrounded himself once again by people who have done nothing and will do nothing. What I'm saying is it's time to start listening to the American people. 75% of Americans have said they don't want a Trump-Biden rematch. The majority of Americans both say they disapprove of Trump and Biden. We are $8 trillion in debt in four years because of Trump. He needs to start answering. It's why I've said he's got to get on a debate stage. Answer the question about why you put us that much in debt. Answer the question on why you now want to raise taxes on all Americans by putting a 10% tariff. That's anything from baby strollers to appliances. You've got to answer that. Answer why you went and praised China's President Xi a dozen times after China gave us COVID. There are too many questions for him not to get on a debate stage and answer."

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