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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Makes Every Second Count

January 14, 2024

ADEL, Iowa - When Nikki Haley announced her presidential campaign exactly 11 months ago, she promised the American people, "no one will outwork me."

She was right. Haley packed the final day before the caucuses with two telephone town halls and events in Ames and Adel.

Meanwhile, Team Haley continued to barnstorm the state with volunteers making calls and knocking doors despite the freezing temperatures.

Team Haley Is Going to Run Through the Tape

South Carolina State Senator Tom Davis: Phone-banking right now for @NikkiHaley with new friends at the campaign's West Des Moines camp. Based on an admittedly small sampling Nikki is running a strong second to @realDonaldTrump with @RonDeSantis and @VivekGRamaswamy third and fourth. #IowaCaucus (PHOTO)

South Carolina State Representative Nathan Ballentine: 55 hours, 6 different itineraries, 2 flight cancellations, 2 hotel overnights, 4 airports and way too many Advil and Mucinex to count...I finally made it! #IowaCaucus

Nalin Haley: Weather app says it feels like -42 but we're still out here door knocking for @NikkiHaley @TeamHaley emoji

Haley *Ames* for a Strong Finish

The Guardian's Joan Greve: Another packed house for Nikki Haley in Ames on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, as temperatures drop below 0. "This is truly cold. But we're gonna keep on going anywhere and everywhere. We're gonna go all the way until the last hour," Haley says.

The Daily Beast's Sam Brodey: Sen. Joni Ernst hasn't endorsed Nikki Haley or anyone in the 2024 primary... but gives a glowing intro for Haley in Ames "That woman is strong"

The Epoch Times' Jackson Richman: Standing ovation for @NikkiHaley in Ames one day ahead of the Iowa Caucus

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: Iowa Sen. Joni Ernst has not endorsed Nikki Haley - but she is introducing her in Ames today on the caucus-eve and is lavishing praise on her. "Nikki is a leader because she's inspiring so many people across the state of Iowa," says Ernst.

NPR's Sarah McCammon: @SenJoniErnst opens @NikkiHaley rally in Ames, referring to Haley as a "dear friend" who has shown "intestinal fortitude" through her foreign policy experience. (Ernst says women can have it, too.)

ABC News' Nicholas Kerr: NOW: Nikki Haley is addressing a packed house in Ames, IA after weather forced her to cancel an earlier event in Dubuque today: "This is truly cold. But we're gonna keep on going anywhere and everywhere. We're gonna go all the way until the last hour..." she told the crowd.

The Gazette's Erin Murphy: And here's Nikki Haley. Probably 150-ish squeezed into this room at Jethro's in Ames, plus another 100-ish media. #iacaucus

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: One day away from Iowa caucuses. It is -5 degrees F outside, but this isn't stopping Iowans. @NikkiHaley received a warm welcome today in Ames, Iowa. (VIDEO)

Adel Plays Host to Final Countdown to Caucus Event

Atlanta Journal Constitution's Patricia Murphy: Hello from Adel, Iowa and Nikki Haley's last event before Iowa caucus day, by far the most beautiful venue I've seen in a long time. (PHOTOS)

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: Full house for Nikki Haley in Adel on caucus eve - many hands go up when she asks who is seeing her for the first time tonight.

WMUR's Adam Sexton: Right now: @NikkiHaley arrives to big cheers at her event in Adel #IACaucus #FITN #NHPolitics #WMUR (VIDEO)

National Review's Audrey Fahlberg: ADEL, Iowa-Packed house for Nikki Haley's final event of the day.

Wall Street Journal's John McCormick: On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, @NikkiHaley takes the stage in Adel for her final public event of day.

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