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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley in Iowa: Burning Shoe Leather

January 06, 2024

DES MOINES, Iowa - After a CNN town hall Thursday, Nikki Haley hit the campaign trail bright and early Friday, attending events with the Des Moines Rotary Club and Run GenZ, a group that trains the next generation of conservative leaders. On Saturday, Haley hosted back-to-back events across the Hawkeye State in Indianola, West Liberty, and Bettendorf.

She'll host more Countdown to Caucus events throughout next week.

Des Moines Rotary Club

CNN's Ebony Davis: Nikki Haley is spending her Friday morning with the Des Moines Rotary Club. 10 days until the Iowa caucuses @NikkiHaley

Fox News' Deirdre Heavey: ?Des Moines, IA Coming off a CNN Town Hall last night, @NikkiHaley kicks off an early morning on the campaign trail speaking at a rotary event. 10 days until the Iowa caucuses.

Des Moines Register's Amanda Tugade: Good morning from the Holiday Inn in Des Moines. Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley is here, speaking to dozens of Des Moines Rotary Club members.

Wall Street Journal's John McCormick: It's Friday and @NikkiHaley is getting an early start in Des Moines.

Run GenZ in Des Moines with Governor Sununu

Des Moines Register's Steven Gruber-Miller: "I'm a thousand percent behind Nikki Haley," New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu says in Des Moines. "I think she's going to be an amazing president ... It's that next generation of conservative leadership." #iacaucus

Washington Examiner: Nikki Haley opens up to gathering of Gen Z GOP leaders in Iowa: 'Push through the fear'

Gray TV's Dave Price: Haley to Run Gen Z: "My advice to you is to push through the fear. When you feel that fear inside if you push through it, you will find out how strong you are on the other side."

New York Times' Rachel Janfaza: In conversation with New Hampshire Gov. @ChrisSununu, former South Carolina Gov. and UN Ambassador @NikkiHaley told young conservatives at the @RunGenZ conference in Des Moines: "When you push through the fear, that's when magic happens."

WMUR: Gov. Chris Sununu joins Nikki Haley on Iowa campaign trail

Washington Posts' Dylan Wells: "I don't live, eat, breathe politics all the time. I don't. I like to be normal. I like to joke around," Nikki Haley says in Des Moines. "When I'm at home, I'm not watching the news. I'm under a blanket with a glass of bubbles and I'm watching a movie."

CNN's Ebony Davis: Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley attends a Next Gen Z event in Des Moines with New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu: "We're 10 days until Iowa...when you get to this point, you're excited" @NikkiHaley

Gray TV's Dave Price: Three of these people have been governor. Two have been ambassador. @NikkiHaley @GovChrisSununu Terry Branstad at @RunGenZ national event in Des Moines.

Des Moines Register's Steven Gruber-Miller: "When you serve, the best part about serving is when you help that person no one knows," Nikki Haley said. "When you do and do something and you know that you just made their life easier, and they deserve that. That's really why you run."

Countdown to Caucus - Indianola

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: How blessed are you to be the front of the line," Nikki Haley tells Iowa caucus goers in Indianola. She asks attendees seeing her for the first time to raise their hands:

CNN Ebony Davis: 9 days until the Iowa caucuses First of three campaign stops today for Nikki Haley is a town hall in Indianola ?@NikkiHaley

Des Moines Register's Amanda Tugade: Good morning from Indianola. It is a packed room here at the SkyView venue for Nikki Haley's Countdown to Caucus town hall-style event. NH Gov. Chris Sununu is speaking to the crowd about Haley, who he believes can get things done.

Fox News' Deirdre Heavey: Indianola, IA @NikkiHaley speaks to 150 Iowans, with attendees standing in every corner of the crowded barn. This is Haley's first of three countdown to caucus events of the day.

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: "Chris, welcome to Iowa, it's cold here too," Nikki Haley tells Chris Sununu in snowy Indianola.

Countdown to Caucus - West Liberty

The Gazette's Erin Jordan: Full house at @fielddaybrewing in North Liberty for @NikkiHaley event.

CNN's Ebony Davis: Nikki Haley mingles with voters following her second campaign stop in North Liberty, IA @NikkiHaley

CBS News' Shawna Mizelle: Nikki Haley packed out a brewery in North Liberty, Iowa: "Every commercial Ron has put out there has been a lie... and God Bless President Trump he's been on a temper tantrum every day about me."

Countdown to Caucus - Bettendorf

Washington Examiner's Samantha-Jo Roth: .@NikkiHaley to voters in Bettendorf: "Get excited because this is when you can really set the tone of where we're going in our country. I don't know how much more blessed you get to be - to be first, to say this is what we think this is how we feel the country should go."

Fox News' Deirdre Heavey: Closing out their third & final event of the day in the Hawkeye State, Granite State Governor @GovChrisSununu cheers on @NikkiHaley at The Tangled Wood in Bettendorf, Iowa.

CNN's Ebony Davis: Nikki Haley wraps up her day of campaigning with a town hall in Bettendorf, IA @NikkiHaley

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