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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Gains On the Debate Stage

August 25, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – This week, presidential candidate Nikki Haley took names on the debate stage, demonstrating her toughness and leadership on spending and the economy, Ukraine, China, abortion, energy, education, and more. Already, voters are rallying to her side, donors are rushing to give, Democrats are terrified of facing her in a general election, and people are realizing you should never underestimate Nikki Haley.

Haley's Headlines

Washington Examiner: Republican debate: Nikki Haley wins and it's not particularly close

Greenville News: SC politicos react to RNC debate: Haley strong on foreign policy. Scott fails to 'stand out.'

Wall Street Journal: Nikki Haley's GOP Debate Truths

National Review: Nikki Haley Treats You Like an Adult

Washington Post: Who are we kidding? Nikki Haley won on brains and experience.

Washington Examiner: Republican debate: Nikki Haley blasts Ramaswamy for 'choosing a murderer' in Putin

Fox News: If Ramaswamy was the biggest loser of the night, Haley was the biggest winner. Tough on national security and securing the border, smart about education, she was also the only candidate to stake out a winning position on abortion.

Washington Examiner: Republican debate: Nikki Haley claimed the spotlight among crowd of 'screaming men'

Post and Courier: GOP debate takeaways: Nikki Haley finds her moment, Tim Scott gets drowned out

Times of Israel: Haley lashes Ramaswamy over call to cut Israel aid at Republican presidential debate

FiveThirtyEight: Haley saw the biggest change in her numbers — 30 percent of debate watchers were considering her before the debate, and 47 percent are considering her after it.

The State: SC's Haley takes fiery swings at first GOP debate as Scott flies under the radar

USA Today: DeSantis stumbles and Haley soars at first GOP debate without Trump

Washington Free Beacon: Haley hammers Ramaswamy on foreign policy: 'You have no foreign policy experience and it shows'

CNN: Haley impresses and Ramaswamy divides these Iowa voters after first GOP debate

New York Times: Nikki Haley Aims to Turn Her Debate Moment Into Momentum

The Free Press: The only candidate who came out looking stronger from the evening was Haley, who served as Trump's ambassador to the United Nations, looked and sounded presidential, and ripped into Ramaswamy, saying he lacked "moral clarity" and was "choosing a murderer"—Russian president Vladimir Putin—over the forces of democracy.

Washington Examiner: South Carolina sweepstakes: Nikki Haley rises, Tim Scott falters

What Conservatives Are Saying

Josh Kraushaar: This race was a battle to see who can become Donald Trump's biggest challenger in the primary... and Nikki Haley had the strongest performance on that stage in making that case because she's shown that she has appeal with the more traditional Republican voters, the classic conservatives, and she also has some sway with more Trump friendly voters. She had a really good moment against Vivek Ramawamy on foreign policy.

Ben Domenech: The person who really came out as the star surprisingly was Nikki Haley. I thought that she really overperformed. In a sense she benefits even more from the fact that her fellow South Carolinian, Tim Scott, surprisingly faded into the background.

Brian Kilmeade: @VivekGRamaswamy gets schooled by @NikkiHaley - she crushes his ideas shows them to be paper thin

Kayleigh McEnany: @NikkiHaley is a strong voice on foreign policy. Today, I told my 3-year-old daughter about the #GOPDebate, and she said "I want the only girl on the stage to win." Nikki is an inspiring woman & it's great to have her on this stage.

Matthew Continetti:Haley made the most of her time before the cameras. She needed to remind G.O.P. voters that she was in the race, and why. She succeeded on both counts. And her answer on abortion proved that she is just as interested in winning the general election as the primary.

Jeanine Pirro: I was very impressed by Nikki. She has a lot of foreign policy experience and she showed it.

Ben Shapiro: The only candidate who really helped herself was Haley, who may have begun consolidating support from both Pence and Scott (what there is of it).

??Guy Benson: Just left a debate watch event with a few hundred conservative Wisconsin voters. I asked for some show-of-hands responses, then worked the room for more context and color. A few takeaways: Notable positive response for Nikki Haley, especially from women

Andrew Clark: Nikki Haley standing up to Vivek persuasively on Ukraine and foreign policy. The others just wax on. #GOPDebate Her time as UN Ambassador standing up to the UN bullies shows.

Cesar Conda: Just imagine what Nikki Haley would do to demented Joe Biden on the debate stage. She is tough, smart, and compelling. Biden's handlers would throw in the towel.

Jim Merill: The line of the night delivered by @NikkiHaley - she has helped herself as much as anyone tonight, looking big on the big stage. #GOPDebate

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