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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley on CNN: I'm Not Anti-Trump, I'm Pro-America

March 01, 2024

WASHINGTON, D.C. – With just four days to go until millions of Americans head to the polls on Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley continues to make the case for a return to normalcy and conservative policies that will preserve the American Dream for future generations.

In her interview with CNN's Dana Bash, Haley stressed that her campaign isn't about being against something—it's about being for conservative policies, for a strong Republican Party, and for a hopeful and free America.

Watch her interview here:

On being a true conservative…

"I defeated a dozen of the fellas because I focused on each and every one of them getting out. The last one was always going to be Donald Trump. The goal was always to get this one-on-one with Trump. What you're hearing me say now is a contrast. That's what people want. They want to know the differences.

"I am not anti-Trump. I am for America, and the direction America can go. If you look at the Republican Party, I believe in fiscal discipline. I believe in smaller government. I believe we need to stop the wasteful spending. Donald Trump didn't shrink government, he grew government. He put us $8 trillion in debt in just four years, more than any other president. He is not talking about fiscal discipline or debt.

"I believe national security is about peace through strength. Donald Trump is talking about holding hands with Putin as he invades our allies. He's talking about isolationism. I don't believe in that.

"I believe that we should have a country where the American Dream is possible and that we don't have this tent of anger and division. Joe Biden and Donald Trump have both led into that."

On moving the Republican Party and the country forward…

"Primaries are about options. We had a couple of thousand people in Virginia yesterday. And you have people saying, 'thank you for giving me someone to vote for.' They want someone who's going to give a hopeful America. They want someone who's going to get results. They don't want someone with the drama and the vendettas and the negativity. They want someone that's just going to get America normal again. They're worried about their kids"


"He [Trump] doesn't focus on fiscal discipline. We're going down a fiscal cliff. We're now paying more money in interest than we are a defense budget. Russia, China, and Iran pay attention to that. As much as he rails against government, he didn't shrink it. He didn't clean it up. He didn't do anything.

"We've got wars around the world. Literally, the world's on fire. And you're talking about stepping away from our allies and siding with a tyrant? You're talking about becoming more isolationist? You're going to make Americans think that they have to choose between Ukraine and Israel over the southern border, when the reality is we need to do all of those things and we can?

"It's the whole idea that you're getting away from what it takes to move America forward and you're taking them backwards. And that's not what the American people want. You can go to any of our rallies. The majority of these people are not anti-Trump. They're worried about what country they're giving to their kids. They're worried about how their kids are going to feel. They see the anxiety, stress, and depression their kids have because the kids don't feel anything hopeful because of what they hear and see. And that's why we're trying to give them something different."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley on CNN: I'm Not Anti-Trump, I'm Pro-America Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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