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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Campaign Manager Announces 7-Figure Super Tuesday Ad Buy

February 23, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. — On a conference call with reporters this morning, Nikki Haley for President campaign manager Betsy Ankney announced a seven-figure ad buy across Super Tuesday states, the latest sign that Haley is moving full steam ahead.

The ad buy consists of cable TV and digital platforms, and will play in Super Tuesday states as 874 delegates are up for grabs on Tuesday, March 5. Watch a recording of her call here.

Ankney echoed Haley's Tuesday comments, making it clear that the campaign will continue because voters deserve to have a real choice at the ballot box, especially when 70 percent of Americans do not want to see a Trump-Biden rematch.

"We know the odds. But we also know the stakes. And we think a whole lot of Republicans do, too. We're placing our faith in the American people. We're willing to bet that they have a lot more courage than the political class and the media who line up behind Trump even though they know what a disaster he is. And we're going to make our case until that door closes," Ankney said.

On Nikki Haley's electability…

"And the reality is, despite whatever ALL CAPS RANTS Trump goes on about the polls, he will not defeat Joe Biden in November and he will drag the entire Republican team down with him. We know that Trump has always screamed about the polls. He has always denied reality. I think he just recently tweeted that, 'Nikki Haley is getting absolutely CLOBBERED by Crooked Joe Biden in the Polls. I am beating him by a lot, as much as 20 points.' That is completely absurd. In no world is that accurate. The latest Marquette Law School national survey shows Nikki up 18 points over Biden, 59 to 41, while Trump is within the margin of error."

On Trump's losing record…

"In 2016, Trump won the White House, and Republicans had the House and the Senate. And then, the luster wore off. While people were initially willing to give Trump a pass – it became tiring. Independents and suburban women grew sick of the name calling and the chaos and they revolted at the ballot box…In 2020, Trump lost women by 15 points. He lost Independents by 13 points.

"After losing Republicans the White House, the House, and the Senate, Trump's losing streak continued in 2022. His handpicked candidates for Senate lost in Nevada, Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. We took back the House by the skin of our teeth, but wildly underperformed expectations. 2022 was the first midterm election since 1934 in which the incumbent president's party did not lose a single state legislative chamber or incumbent senator.

"And we all just saw what happened this month when Republicans lost a special election to replace the illustrious Republican George Santos in New York."

On Trump's 2016 coalition…

"So history and the polls show that Trump cannot win. And thinking that Trump can somehow cobble together the winning coalition that propelled him to victory in 2016 against an enfeebled Joe Biden is just a pipe dream. Let's look at what he's done in just the last month.

"He has called women stupid. He has cozied up to dictators. He has encouraged Putin to invade Europe. He's disparaged members of the military. And he also has spent $58 million in campaign contributions on his personal court cases. He lost Independents in New Hampshire by 22 points. He has done and said nothing that is going to bring back the demographics that our party has lost. They know who he is and they don't like him. And they have rejected him in every single election since 2016."

On how badly Democrats want to run against Trump…

"There's a reason Biden and the Democrats want to run against Trump. They know they can beat him. Again. If Trump is the nominee, the House is gone. If Trump is the nominee, the Senate map automatically shrinks from 8 or 9 targets to 3 – and keep in mind this is the best Senate map Republicans have for the rest of the decade."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Campaign Manager Announces 7-Figure Super Tuesday Ad Buy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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