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Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Brings Momentum to an Overflowing House in Indian Land, S.C.

August 28, 2023

INDIAN LAND, S.C. – Nikki Haley's post-debate momentum is real and growing. The Haley campaign raised more than $1 million in less than 72 hours after the inaugural debate. And this afternoon, South Carolinians came out in droves to Haley's town hall in Indian Land, S.C. The crowd was so big, Haley stopped by not one, not two, but three overflow rooms to greet voters.

Congressman Ralph Norman: It's already an overflow crowd as we get ready to welcome @NikkiHaley to Indian Land!

NBC News' Ali Vitali: I have to tell you, Haley typically gets events that are at capacity. But the line behind me, Chris, has been steadily growing as the event draws ever closer. They are at capacity inside, but folks who are walking in behind me now seem readily prepared to stand if they have to. Some of them that I've spoken to in this line say they're here because they saw Haley's debate performance and they're either interested and want to learn more, or it only reinforced their idea that this is someone who could win the nomination.

Congressman Ralph Norman: You're looking at the THIRD section of overflow standing room. People coming out in droves to see @NikkiHaley!!

Fox News' Paul Steinhhouser: 2024 Watch-New: @NikkiHaley - in @FoxNews intv in Indian Land, South Carolina, touts a "fantastic response" since first #GOP debate. "I think in the first 72 hours we raised a million dollars. We've had thousands of people volunteer" #2024Election #scpol #FITN #iacaucus #FoxNews

Fox News' Paul Steinhouser: 2024 Watch-Update:@NikkiHaley campaign tells @FoxNews roughly 1,000 attending, in the main auditorium, the balcony, and the overflow rooms #2024Election #scpol

CBS News' Cara Korte: I think @NikkiHaley is pretty popular in South Carolina... Supporters got in line at noon for this 2p event. The line is still out the door with no more room inside.

NBC News' Greg Hyatt: Taking the stage in front of an engaged and full capacity crowd, @NikkiHaley holds her first public event in South Carolina after last week's GOP debate.

CN2 News' Renee O'Neil: A jam packed room in Indian Land as many people are waiting on@NikkiHaley. She's expected to take the stage at 2 pm.

Associated Press' Michelle Price: Packed house for Nikki Haley in Indian Land, SC. Her town hall is so full that she's first briefly addressing people standing in the hallways at this event center

NBC News' Ali Vitali: The Haley advance crew is among the most pro in this race; every event always looks good and is built to be/look full. But the line outside is still massive. Inside it's standing room only. Clearly more ppl showed up than they planned for.

The State's Javon Harris: @NikkiHaley greets voters ahead of a town hall in Indian Land, S.C. Already, supporters are saying they hope to see more of the tenacious energy Haley displayed during last Wednesday's presidential primary debate.

Bloomberg's Laura Davison: It's standing room only at this @NikkiHaley event 45 minutes before the town hall is scheduled to begin. Interest in Haley has surged following last week's debate, her campaign says.

NewsNation's Kelly Meyer: Happening now: @NikkiHaley speaking in South Carolina. We're told between overflow and extra space over 1,000 people are at the event. "You are the iron lady of South Carolina," one voter to Haley just now in the last question.

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Haley Brings Momentum to an Overflowing House in Indian Land, S.C. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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