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Haley Campaign Press Release - Full Court Press: Haley and Sununu Hit the Airwaves

December 13, 2023

CONCORD, N.H. – Following a standing room only town hall and major endorsement last night in Manchester, Governor Chris Sununu and Nikki Haley hit the airwaves this morning to talk about why she's the best choice for New Hampshire and the country.

Fox and Friends at the Red Arrow Diner in Concord


"Well I'll tell you it's been a good couple weeks. Last week we were endorsed by the most conservative, freedom-loving, grassroots organization in the country with Americans for Prosperity. Then yesterday to be endorsed by the 'Live Free or Die' governor. You know, the momentum is on our side. People know that we have a country to save and they know that it's time for a new generational leader. And look, wouldn't it be nice if we had a 'Live Free or Die' country? I think it's time that we do that."


"If everybody that can vote comes out and votes there's no doubt Nikki Haley is going to win this thing in a landslide here in New Hampshire. That's the fundamental change. It's not a candidate in a campaign, it's a movement... You've got to earn every vote but there's no doubt the momentum is there... This isn't just let's get behind a candidate that can win. That's obvious. This is really getting behind the best qualified person to be president of the United States and that's what gets it so exciting. It is a full package deal for the citizens of New Hampshire and ultimately kicking off for the rest of the country."

New Hampshire Today with Chris Ryan


"...In the past three or four weeks, the feedback I was getting from other folks saying she's the real deal. Like I've known her for a long time, we've been friends and of course, but people started seeing what I have known for a long time. She's the real deal. She's not just talking at 30,000 feet. She's talking about real issues and more importantly, listening about how to bring real solutions and the appreciation of our process here..."



The WFEA Morning Update with Drew Cline

SUNUNU ON HIS HALEY ENDORSEMENT... "Look, it's about connection. That's what we want in New Hampshire. I've actually probably spent more time with all three of the significant, all the governors, all the significant heads, probably more than anybody else in the country. I've gone to all their events many times and they all have good campaigns. But Nikki has a connection. And it isn't just what I see, it's the feedback I get. Everybody's like, oh my gosh, she's the real deal... That's what 'Live Free or Die' is all about, right? ...They understand limited government local control, none of this big government Republican stuff that we've had years of... So it's not just what she says— everyone can have a good game on the campaign, but hers is fantastic. It's really I think how she's been interacting with the citizens. The momentum's there, the numbers are moving... So I just think it's an absolute home run."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Full Court Press: Haley and Sununu Hit the Airwaves Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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