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Haley Campaign Press Release - From Michigan to Minnesota, Haley Won't be Stopped

February 26, 2024

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. - With one day to go until Michigan's primary and one week until Super Tuesday, Nikki Haley held back-to-back rallies in Michigan and Minnesota. Haley emphasized the importance of new leadership and a united country while calling out Trump for dividing the party and attempting to make the RNC his own personal slush fund.

Here's what they're saying...

Great Day in Grand Rapids

AP's Meg Kinnard: Today I'm in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where people are lined up for @NikkiHaley's event here today, the merch is on display & I can confirm that the rally playlist is already up & running.

Mlive's Simon D. Schuster: Nikki Haley, addressing reporters in Grand Rapids, predicts President Joe Biden will not be the Democratic nominee: "The Democrats, I fully believe, are going to have a younger candidate going into the general election."

Detroit News' Craig Mauger: Former Michigan state Rep. Tommy Brann is at Nikki Haley's event in Grand Rapids today. Brann says he's supporting Haley in the primary.

Detroit News' Craig Mauger: Former state Rep. Joe Haveman was also at Nikki Haley's rally in Grand Rapids. Haveman said Republicans will lose in November with Trump at the top of the ticket. "A vote for Trump is a vote for Biden," Haveman said.

Good News' Caleb Parke:?Grand Rapids, Michigan Nikki Haley speaks to voters ahead of Tuesday's primary. The majority of Haley supporters I spoke to want unity and oppose Trump, some saying they will vote for Biden over Trump if that is the choice in November.

NBC News' Ali Vitali: HALEY on the RNC: "Donald Trump is turning the Republican Party into his own playpen where it's all about him" and calls the RNC a "slush fund" for his legal fees.

Fox 17 Max Goldwasser: "We have a country to save." @NikkiHaley gets right to the point after getting introduced at her rally in downtown Grand Rapids.

WSJ's John McCormick: "Donald Trump is not watching out for the Republican Party," @NikkiHaley says in Grand Rapids. "He's watching out for himself."

WSJ's John McCormick: Speaking to reporters in Grand Rapids, @NikkiHaley offers her assessment of how Michigan has changed since 2012: "Once Donald Trump came in 2016, they've now lost the governor's mansion, they've lost the state House, they've lost the state Senate. The party is completely divided.

BNN's Bijay Laxmi: Nikki Haley Challenges the Status Quo, Highlights America's Desire for New Leadership

1,500 Packed in Bloomington

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos:?Bloomington, Minnesota @NikkiHaley arrives to her second rally for the day after campaigning in Michigan this morning.

WCCO-TV's Esme Murphy: Several hundred people still streaming into Doubletree in Bloomington to see @NikkiHaley full report @wcco 10pm

Fox News' Matt Reidy Large crowd here in Minneapolis listening to @NikkiHaley's stump speech. At the beginning of the event, Nikki picked of the endorsement of Former U.S. Senator Rudy Boschwitz (R-MN). #Democracy2024

CNN's Ebony Davis: Nikki Haley is holding a rally tonight in Bloomington, Minnesota?It's the first of several events she will hold in Super Tuesday states this week @NikkiHaley

NBC News' Greg Hyatt: @NikkiHaley holds a rally in Minneapolis after receiving the endorsement from former Senator Rudy Boschwitz. Haley is crisscrossing several Super Tuesday states ahead of the March 5th primaries.

Star Tribune's Laura McCallum: @NikkiHaley rallied supporters in Bloomington tonight - from one voter: "I'm a registered Republican but I couldn't vote for Trump and I'd have a hard time voting for Biden."@josie_strib and @gspphoto were there:

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