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Haley Campaign Press Release - From Connecticut to Iowa to Texas...

June 02, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Nikki Haley attracted a record-breaking crowd in Connecticut this week, selling out the CT GOP's Prescott Bush dinner. This weekend, Haley will be in Iowa attending Sen. Joni Ernst's annual Roast and Ride and participating in a live town hall with CNN's Jake Tapper.

Next week, Haley will travel to Texas to talk about her plan to strengthen America's energy industry.

Haley: "Who knew Connecticut had this many Republicans?"

Politico Playbook: "ON THE TRAIL — NIKKI HALEY is headlining the Connecticut Republican Party's Prescott Bush dinner tonight in Stamford, where she'll be introduced by state party chair BEN PROTO. The sold-out dinner will spill into an overflow room; according to the campaign, it's the state party's largest event in a decade." (Politico Playbook, 5/31/23)

Connecticut Public Radio: Nikki Haley stumps in Stamford as she works to rally support for presidential bid (Connecticut Public Radio, 6/1/23)

Hartford Courant: "Haley fired up the sellout crowd as the keynote speaker at the 44th annual Prescott Bush Awards Dinner, the year's biggest fundraiser for the state Republican Party. She generated one of the largest crowds and the most attention in years as 550 diners filled a Stamford hotel ballroom and caused organizers to arrange an overflow room." (Hartford Courant, 5/31/23)

The People Have Spoken

Letters to the editors are coming fast and furious and the results are in: The people love Nikki Haley.

Greenville Online: "As the owner of a small business, I want a president who will cut the red tape, gut regulations, and look out for the little guy. I know Nikki Haley will do that as president, because I watched her do it as governor. During her tenure, she turned South Carolina into the 'Beast of the Southeast' and made our state an economic powerhouse." (Greenville Online, 6/2/23)

New Hampshire Union Leader: "I attended Nikki Haley's recent Vets for Nikki town hall. I heard a multi-point plan to protect veterans including more health care options and widespread mental health screening. I also heard a presidential candidate speak for an extended time with no notes, no podium, and no teleprompter, as she addressed the top issues in our country with practical solutions." (New Hampshire Union Leader, 6/2/23) Concord Monitor: "Nikki Haley, this is a serious contender in the presidential race. The daughter of Indian immigrants, an accountant, a two-term governor of South Carolina, and ambassador to the United Nations where she took the 'kick me' sign off the United States! While governor of South Carolina, they amassed an impressive list of accomplishments. She speaks her mind." (Concord Monitor, 5/30/23)

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