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Haley Campaign Press Release - Four Days Later, People Still Think Nikki Haley Won the Debate

August 28, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Four days after the inaugural GOP presidential debate, Nikki Haley is still the talk of the town. Political analysts hitting the weekend shows continued to heap praise on her toughness and candor on the debate stage.

Weekend Reviews

Josh Holmes, Fox News Sunday: She was strong, and she obviously knows what she's talking about. When you get into her backyard, dealing with foreign policy, she really delivers.

Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel, Fox News: Nikki Haley's argument instead is, look, it's time for a new generational leader, so she's playing on the age issue and the desire of voters for a younger person, but she's also just talking about electability. Republicans, more than anything, they want to win this next election. They want to see Joe Biden gone. And I think that might be a message that does resonate with some.

Wall Street Journal's Kim Strassel, Fox News: I think Nikki Haley is absolutely correct to point out the practical realities of this. She's correct, you need 60 senators to get across a 15-week abortion ban, and I don't see that happening anytime soon. Her point, which by the way, I think is a winner out there for Republicans who have been stumbling around trying to figure out where to land on abortion, her point is let's at the federal level attempt to cohere around issues on which there is a consensus in this country.

Politico's Lisa Kashinsky, WBZ: The folks that I talk to, I was talking to both Massachusetts Republican and Democrat voters and operatives, during and after the debate—they all said that Nikki Haley, the former South Carolina governor really impressed them and she's someone in New Hampshire who's been there at least once a month since her launch in mid-February.

New York Post editorial board: Conservative: Nikki Haley Won Round One...Former South Carolina governor and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley was loud, proud, and quite brilliant when it came to putting her male opponents in their places regarding foreign affairs. That makes sense, given her pedigree and her experience screaming at tyrants from across the table at the UN. None of the other candidates had a chance, at least concerning international relations.

Turning Point USA Ambassador Debra Lea, Newsmax: I think what Nikki Haley did, going after Trump for raising the deficit and increasing our spending, I think that would resonate a lot more with personal favorite moment was seeing Nikki Haley smash Vivek and basically tell him you're not a friend of Israel, you're a rookie, and we don't need this in office. We need true leadership.

Tom Basile, Newsmax: Nikki Haley schooled the bickering men on more than one occasion.

Matt Mowers, CNN: Nikki Haley certainly rose to the moment.

Washington Examiner's Byron York, Fox News: The debate was a way for Haley to show her abilities, relative to everybody else, other than President Trump, on the stage. And what you mentioned is really almost unique in the sense that she has domestic, executive experience as governor of South Carolina. Plus, foreign policy experience as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations... She's got a very strong resume.

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