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Haley Campaign Press Release - Fact Checkers Working Overtime to Debunk Trump's Social Security Lies and Others

January 19, 2024

MANCHESTER, N.H. — Fact checkers are working overtime to debunk Donald Trump's many lies against Nikki Haley. Does Haley want to cut Social Security? False. Is Haley recruiting Democrats to vote in the New Hampshire primary? False.

"It's clear Donald Trump is terrified of Nikki Haley's rise, because the lies are coming fast and furious," said Haley communications director Nachma Soloveichik. "The only person who wants to cut Social Security is Trump. Trump's refusal to save Social Security means 100% of Americans will face a 23% cut in Social Security benefits in less than 10 years."

Politifact: Trump ad says Nikki Haley's plan would cut Social Security for 82% of Americans. That's False

Haley has never advocated cutting all Social Security benefits for everyone currently in that 82%. Trump's ad gives the false impression that Haley's plan would end or cut into older Americans' Social Security retirement. Haley's more limited plan wouldn't apply to current beneficiaries or anyone nearing retirement…

A Trump campaign ad claimed Haley's plan "cuts Social Security benefits for 82% of Americans." The number is wrong. Haley's plan wouldn't affect current beneficiaries or Americans anywhere close to retiring, let alone 82% of the U.S. population.

Politifact: Trump's misleading claim that Haley is seeking Democrats to 'infiltrate' New Hampshire's GOP primary We asked the Trump campaign for evidence and received no reply.

Trump's statement is misleading. New Hampshire voters registered as Democrats cannot vote for Republican presidential primary candidates.

People not affiliated with a party can vote in the primary, and Haley is courting those voters.

In New Hampshire, the deadline to switch parties and vote in the presidential primary was Oct. 6, 2023. About 5,000 people changed their affiliation — the majority from Democratic to undeclared, according to the secretary of state's office.

Washington Examiner: If Trump isn't scared by Haley, why is he attacking her? It then takes real gall for Trump and his campaign team to ape Democratic attacks saying that Haley advocates "gutting Social Security." (This is far from the only way Trump mimics liberal Democrats, but that's another story.) By straightforward logic, Haley's position that it will take action to save Social Security is one that would ensure more benefits for more people than Trump's "do nothing" approach.

Yet here's what the Trump commercial says: "Haley's plan cuts Social Security benefits for 82% of Americans." Again, that is indisputably a lie, and indefensible. To affect 82% of Americans, Haley's plans would need to affect everyone under the age of 67 immediately. Again, that's false by nearly 40 years.

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Fact Checkers Working Overtime to Debunk Trump's Social Security Lies and Others Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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