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Haley Campaign Press Release - Editorial Boards Endorse Haley

March 05, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. – As millions of voters go to the polls today, newspapers across America have endorsed Nikki Haley for president. They highlight her conservative principles, her no-drama, no-nonsense leadership and style, her track record as governor and UN ambassador, and her love of America.

Here's what they are saying…

New Hampshire Union Leader: Where there's smoke, there's fire: Nikki Haley is our choice for the 2024 First in the Nation Primary

"It would be challenging to dream up a more solid resume for a candidate to guide our country through the troubled world which we face. Nikki Haley has the deft touch and nuance necessary of a leader on the world stage."

Detroit News: Our endorsement for the Michigan Republican primary

"Meet Nikki Haley. The former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador could bring American politics back from the extremes. While a true conservative, Haley is also a pragmatist who understands a divided nation needs a leader willing to compromise and committed to consensus governing."

Houston Chronicle: We endorse Nikki Haley for president of the United States in the GOP Primary

"For nearly an hour, Haley parried our questions, never fumbling for words or veering into vengeful incoherence like Trump. We didn't have to wonder what bit part American interests play in her quixotic bid for the most powerful position in the world. America, it seems — rather than ego, fame, greed or an oval-shaped shelter from criminal prosecution — is her chief concern."

Post and Courier: The Post and Courier: One GOP candidate can defeat Trump. Clear the field for Haley.

"Many presidential candidates have had more impressive foreign policy credentials than Ms. Haley. But the former U.S. ambassador to the United Nations leaves the rest of this year's GOP field in the dust. And she combines experience with a hawkishness that our nation needs: one that will stand up to Hamas — and to Russia and China and all the other nations and players that are coalescing into an axis of totalitarianism and anti-Americanism. Unfortunately, we can't count on Mr. Trump for any of that."

Seattle Times: The Seattle Times editorial board recommends: In the GOP primary, Haley is only credible candidate

"Though this editorial board disagrees with Haley on most issues, she is an authentic public servant and a woman of substance. Better yet, she is not afraid of the former president. Washington Republicans who want to support a candidate of integrity would do well to support Haley in the state's primary."

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