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Haley Campaign Press Release - Donald Trump's Unhinged Week

January 26, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Over the past week days, Donald Trump's chaotic streak was in full view.

First, he threw a temper tantrum on national TV after underperforming predictions in New Hampshire.

Then, he was besieged with articles about his growing confusion and missteps.

Then, he threatened that Haley supporters would be "permanently barred from the MAGA camp."

Then, Haley raised $1 million from grassroots supporters thanks to Trump's unhinged threat.

Then, Trump tried to strong-arm the RNC into coronating him only to face a wave of backlash and outrage.

Then, Haley raised another $1.6 million, including selling 6,500 "Barred Permanently" t-shirts.

Oh, one more thing: Trump spent two days in court and had to cancel a campaign event.

"Donald Trump's week is just a small taste of what the next nine months might be like if he were to win the nomination," said Haley communications director Nachama Soloveichik. " From growing confusion to unhinged rants to swampy threats, Trump is cementing his status as the one candidate who will lose to Joe Biden. It's no wonder Democrats can't conceal their joy over running against Trump."

Trump's Temper Tantrum

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Trump's Growing Confusion

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Trump's Unhinged Threat

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Trump's Swampy Scheme Backfires

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Where's Trump? In Court, Not on the Campaign Trail

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