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Haley Campaign Press Release - Desperate DeSantis Fact Checked Again... And Again... And Again

October 18, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – Ron DeSantis appears to be a glutton for punishment. After being smacked down by multiple fact checkers, DeSantis keeps repeating his lies against Nikki Haley—and now he's due for another thrashing.

EXHIBIT A: CNN fact checked DeSantis:

"All of these claims are wrong... She did not say the US should take in any of these Gaza civilians as refugees. And in subsequent remarks, Haley has expressed firm opposition to the US accepting refugees from Gaza. She argued on Fox on Tuesday that 'Hamas-sympathizing' Middle Eastern countries should take in these refugees instead."

EXHIBIT B: Newsmax ran a correction on live TV today:

"Last night, during our town hall we reported that presidential candidate Nikki Haley favors bringing in Palestinian refugees to the United States. To be clear, she does not favor bringing them to the United States. Governor Haley has said any refugees should go to countries like Turkey, Qatar, and Iran."

EXHIBIT C: Semafor's Dave Weigel tweeted today:

"Wild subplot in the 2024 primary this week: Haley said that not all Palestinians were Hamas or anti-Semites, and DeSantis claimed this meant she wanted to take in waves of Gaza refugees. (She doesn't, he made it up.)"

EXHIBIT D: Newsmax published a story highlighting DeSantis' egregious lies:

"Most recently, the PAC, in an advertisement, selectively edited footage of Haley addressing the United Nations in 2017 as the American ambassador to make it seem like she once endorsed allowing in Syrian refugees... But CheckYourFact pointed out that the clip's context was not Haley backing refugee resettlement of Palestinians. Instead, she was criticizing DeSantis' remarks about all 'people from Gaza' being antisemitic."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Desperate DeSantis Fact Checked Again... And Again... And Again Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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