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Haley Campaign Press Release - Desperate DeSantis' Downfall

October 20, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Desperation isn't a good look on Ron DeSantis. His campaign is in freefall, plagued by terrible headlines, incompetence, staff firings, and too many reboots to count. Less than three months to the Iowa caucuses, his fundraising has nosedived, his polling numbers are plummeting, and his attacks on Nikki Haley are... well, desperate.

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"Ron DeSantis' campaign has been five months of one disaster after another," said campaign spokesman Ken Farnaso. "Now, as his campaign takes its last breath, he's lying about Nikki Haley's record because he's desperate. It's not a good look. Voters are rallying behind Nikki Haley's strength and toughness in the face of increasing threats across the world. They know she will make America strong and proud."

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A Timeline of Ron DeSantis' Presidential Campaign


– DeSantis calls the Russian invasion of Ukraine a "territorial dispute"

– DeSantis walks back his "territorial dispute" comment

– The campaign trail gets DeSantis-proofed


– DeSantis' not-yet-launched campaign compared to Scott Walker

– Donors complain about Ron DeSantis' not-yet-launched campaign

– DeSantis gets brutal reviews for his trip abroad


– DeSantis retools his not-yet-launched presidential campaign

– DeSantis is a "paper tiger"

– DeSantis campaign panned before it even starts

– May 25: Disastrous Twitter announcement

– Can't connect with people


– DeSantis still can't connect with people

– DeSantis has to be told when to smile

– "To stop decline, pull DeSantis off trail," analyst says


– DeSantis campaign struggles to find its footing

– The great Ron DeSantis train wreck

– DeSantis burning through cash

– DeSantis campaign makes a Nazi video

– First round of mass firings hits the DeSantis campaign

– DeSantis sugar shames a little kid in Iowa


– DeSantis replaces his campaign manager

– DeSantis super PAC releases critical pre-debate memo (Awkward!)

– DeSantis reboots his campaign again

– DeSantis sinks in polls after his campaign reboot

No DeSantis bounce from Republican debate


– DeSantis donors flee his campaign – to Haley

Sinking poll numbers – DeSantis falls to fifth in New Hampshire

– From bad to much worse for Ron DeSantis

– DeSantis on life support in New Hampshire

– DeSantis stumbles into second debate weaker than ever

– Haley pummels DeSantis over his fracking and drilling ban


More sinking poll numbers – DeSantis loses half his support in South Carolina

– DeSantis reboots his campaign again

– DeSantis returns to New Hampshire after his 8 week absence

– DeSantis loses more donors – to Haley

– DeSantis has a "Nikki Haley problem"

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Desperate DeSantis' Downfall Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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