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Haley Campaign Press Release - DeSantis is Lying Because He's Losing

December 06, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The more Ron DeSantis loses, the more he lies. His campaign has spent $100 million?? only to see his support drop by half. So now, he's throwing mud.

DeSantis lied about giving Chinese companies subsidies. He lied about his recruitment of Chinese businesses. He lied about taking campaign cash from a Chinese-backed company. He lied about saying "getting into the bathroom wars — I don't think that's a good use of our time." He lied about Haley's record opposing gender-changing surgeries for minors. He lied about his push to clamp down on free speech in the press. And he lied about Haley's record on immigration.

Nikki Haley is now second in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina. Her campaign has an operation capable of going the distance, along with the endorsement of the largest conservative, grassroots organization in America. Donors are fleeing DeSantis and flocking to Haley. What's a desperate, dying campaign to do? Lie.

Here's what people are saying...

New York Times: Haley Comes Under Fire: 'I Love the Attention, Fellas'

Phillip Wegmann, Real Clear Politics: Haley swipes at DeSantis: "He's mad because those Wall Street donors used to support him, and now they support me."

ABC News: Nikki Haley slams Trump over growth of national debt during his administration, saying, she'd "veto any spending bill that take us back to pre-COVID levels. Because our kids are not gonna forgive us for all the spending that happened."

Noah Rothman, National Review: Haley has mounted two substantive attacks on Trump so far tonight. First on China. Haley alleged that Trump focused on the bilateral trade relationship with Beijing at the cost of ignoring its export of fentanyl precursors and its importation of US technology,...

National Review: Haley, so far, is the only one who has ventured criticism of Trump. (Twice.) It's like a bigfoot sighting in its rarity. - @EsotericCD

Nidia Cavazos, CBS: Haley on Trump: "He allowed the Chinese infiltration for them to buy our farmland, to put money in our universities, and to continue to do things that were harmful for America."

Americans For Prosperity Action: Nikki Haley on how we get the economy growing again: 1. Pay down our debt 2. Stop the borrowing & spending 3. Veto ANY spending bills that don't take us back to pre-pandemic levels

Stephanie Murray, The Messenger: Nikki Haley shuts down Vivek Ramaswamy's notepad stunt "It's not worth my time to respond to you."

John Ashbrook: Nikki acquitting herself skillfully tonight. Attacking with force and refusing to give an inch on defense.

Megan McArdle, Washington Post: This debate is basically the Nikki Haley Show with Chris Christie as the wise-cracking sidekick, Vivek Ramaswamy as the cartoon antagonist, and Ron DeSantis as the has-been cameo.

Hugh Hewitt: "Iran, China and Western want to destroy the west." Nikki Haley brings the clarity.

David Drucker: If you're not a Haley fan and enjoy the attacks on her, it sounds devastating. But this allows Haley to present herself as the candidate to beat in the race to emerge from tier two and take on TRUMP.

American For Prosperity Action: Nikki Haley nails it here. The reality is, Donald Trump and Joe Biden added trillions to our national debt And we're all stuck paying the price. #GOPDebate

The Hill: Haley doesn't take bait from Ramaswamy: 'Not worth my time'

Marc Thiessen, Washington Post: America is acting like it's Sept. 10 and we'd better remember what Sept. 12 felt like." Great line from Haley

Marc Thiessen, Washington Post: Good for Haley for comparing pro-Hamas protesters to the KKK.

The Bastion Institute: "We've got to get the foreign infiltration out of our country, whether it's in our schools, whether it's on our social media, we need to stop all foreign lobbying that's happening to members of Congress, and we need to start securing America again." - Nikki Haley

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - DeSantis is Lying Because He's Losing Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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