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Haley Campaign Press Release - DeSantis Lies about Haley's Record on Syrian Refugees

January 10, 2024

Ron DeSantis repeatedly lied about Haley's record on Gaza refugees, so no surprise that he's now lying about Syrian refugees. The record clearly shows Haley opposed South Carolina and America accepting refugees from war-torn Syria as governor and as UN ambassador because of national security concerns.

The more Ron DeSantis loses, the more he lies.


  • As governor, Haley fought the Obama administration on accepting Syrian refugees. In a 2015 letter to Secretary of State John Kerry, Gov. Haley wrote: "Therefore, until I can be assured that all potential refugees from Syria have no ties to terrorist organizations, I am requesting that the State Department not resettle any Syrian refugees in South Carolina."
  • Even prior to this official letter, Haley urged South Carolina faith groups not to resettle refugees from Syria.
  • As ambassador, Haley opposed settling Syrian refugees in the United States, arguing that it is better for refugees to stay in the region in which they live.
  • Top headlines:
    • WYFF: Gov. Haley asks State Department not to resettle Syrian refugees in SC
    • Greenville News: Haley asks feds to not send Syrian refugees to South Carolina
    • WCSC: Haley to State Dept.: Don't send Syrian refugees to SC


DeSantis lied repeatedly about Haley's record on refugees.

  • PolitiFact: No, Nikki Haley didn't say she wants the U.S. to take in Gaza refugees, as DeSantis PAC claims
  • CNN: Fact check: DeSantis campaign falsely describes Haley's comments on the people of Gaza
  • Semafor: Wild subplot in the 2024 primary this week: Haley said that not all Palestinians were Hamas or anti-Semites, and DeSantis claimed this meant she wanted to take in waves of Gaza refugees. (She doesn't, he made it up.)
  • CheckYourFact: Fact Check: Did Nikki Haley say the U.S. should take in Gaza refugees? Verdict: False
  • Newsmax: Most recently, the PAC, in an advertisement, selectively edited footage of Haley addressing the United Nations in 2017 as the American ambassador to make it seem like she once endorsed allowing in Syrian refugees... But CheckYourFact pointed out that the clip's context was not Haley backing refugee resettlement of Palestinians. Instead, she was criticizing DeSantis' remarks about all 'people from Gaza' being antisemitic.

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - DeSantis Lies about Haley's Record on Syrian Refugees Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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