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Haley Campaign Press Release - DeSantis' Latest Ad Is a Joke

November 21, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. — Ron DeSantis' latest attempt to save his flailing campaign is a joke that doesn't remotely reflect the truth. We'd be laughing if it wasn't so sad and desperate.

NBC News writes: "The 30-second ad takes past Haley quotes about Clinton out of context... the full comments make clear that it was not because of ideological commonalities or political agreement, but as a signal that more women are needed in the highest echelons of politics and government."

"Nikki Haley credited Hillary Clinton with saying young women shouldn't listen to critics who tell them not to run for office, but that's where the praise ended," said campaign spokesperson Olivia Perez-Cubas. "Haley has long said she doesn't agree with Clinton on anything and she'd be a disastrous president. Ron DeSantis spent $100 million to end up in fifth place in New Hampshire. Now, his lies are just embarrassing for him."

NBC News also noted, "Haley is far from the only Republican woman to credit Clinton for blazing trails in politics for women, party politics aside. In 2008, for instance, then-GOP vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin, said that her candidacy marked a chance to finish what Clinton had started with her first presidential bid."

Fact Check and Context

DeSantis PAC quote: "I often say that the reason I got into politics was because of Hilary Clinton"

Actual Haley quote: "You know, I often say that the reason I got into politics, believe it or not, I don't agree with anything that she has to say, but it was because of Hillary Clinton." (American University's Women on Wednesdays, 7/22/20) (41:16)

DeSantis PAC quote: "Hillary Clinton is actually the reason I made the jump"

Actual Haley quote: "So Hillary Clinton is actually the reason, I may not agree with her on a lot of things, but she is actually the reason that I made the jump." (With all Due Respect Book Tour, 11/14/19)

Nikki Haley Has a Long Record of Criticizing Hillary Clinton.

  • Haley: "'President Obama was awful the last eight years—a President Clinton would be disastrous,' Haley told the delegates, who murmured in agreement over their bacon-and-eggs breakfast. Haley urged the South Carolina contingent to help get the message out that 'a no vote in November is a vote for Hillary Clinton.''' (USA Today, 7/20/16)
  • Haley: "I don't have a single policy that I think I agree with Hillary Clinton on. (WCSC, 5/6/15)
  • Haley: "I know South Carolina can lead the way on saying no more President Obama. Hillary Clinton will be absolutely worse." (SC GOP Breakfast Speech, 7/20/16)

This Is the Latest in the Litany of DeSantis Lies.

  • PolitiFact: No, Nikki Haley didn't say she wants the U.S. to take in Gaza refugees, as DeSantis PAC claims
  • CNN: Fact check: DeSantis campaign falsely describes Haley's comments on the people of Gaza
  • CheckYourFact: Fact Check: Did Nikki Haley say the U.S. should take in Gaza refugees? Verdict: False
  • Breitbart: Claim: Former U.N. ambassador Nikki Haley claimed fellow Republican presidential candidate Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) banned fracking in Florida during Wednesday's second GOP primary debate. Verdict: TRUE. As governor, DeSantis campaigned on and implemented a ban on fracking in Florida's waters.
  • New York Post: DeSantis accused of hiding efforts to lure Chinese companies to Florida
  • Sun Sentinel: Ron DeSantis' China 'crackdown' and its contradictions
  • Miami Herald: Before panning Haley's social media proposal, DeSantis pushed to curb anonymous sources

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