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Haley Campaign Press Release - Democrats Couldn't Dream Up a Weaker General Election Candidate Than Donald Trump

February 01, 2024

CHARLESTON, S.C. – The fourth quarter FEC reports confirm what many have long known: Donald Trump is the weakest general election candidate Republicans can put forth. Democrats couldn't dream up a weaker candidate if they tried.

Donald Trump isn't running a campaign. He's running a legal defense fund.

Trump is spending buckets of money on his legal chaos, which will only grow more expensive in the coming months. Trump spent a stunning $50 million on legal fees in 2023 and $29 million in the last six months with plenty of shenanigans afoot. In an unusual move, he appears to have moved $30 million from his super PAC, MAGA Inc, to his Leadership PAC, Save America, so he can pay for his legal bills.

Donald Trump performs terribly against the most unpopular incumbent in 70 years.

All the reputable polls show Nikki Haley trounces Joe Biden in the general election while Trump barely squeaks by or loses. The latest Quinnipiac poll shows Haley beats Biden by five points while Trump loses by six. Haley beats Biden by 16 points with Independents while Trump loses by 12.

Donald Trump's decline blunts Republicans' potent argument against Joe Biden.

Joe Biden's infamous gaffes, confusion, and fatigue offer Republicans a potent electoral argument… unless they nominate another octogenarian plagued by similar confusion and chaos.

Donald Trump is unhinged.

From 3 a.m. all caps social media rants to a campaign based on vengeance, Trump gets in his own way more often than not. That's why his campaign consultants try to keep him hidden as much as possible. That's why he doesn't want to debate Nikki Haley. That's why nearly 70% of Americans don't want a Trump-Biden rematch.

"If you put in a factory order for the worst general election candidate ever, you couldn't dream up a weaker option than Donald Trump," said Haley communications director Nachama Soloveichik. "From his legal drama and expenses to his growing confusion and temper tantrums, Republicans are begging for an electoral wipe out with Trump on the ticket."

Nikki Haley, Haley Campaign Press Release - Democrats Couldn't Dream Up a Weaker General Election Candidate Than Donald Trump Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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