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Haley Campaign Press Release - Big Grassroots Conservative Endorsement Shows Consolidation Behind Haley

November 28, 2023

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The writing has been on the wall for months. With Nikki Haley rising and Ron DeSantis sinking, there is a growing consensus that Haley is the best challenger to take on Donald Trump and Joe Biden. Today's endorsement by the largest grassroots conservative coalition in America, Americans for Prosperity Action, is further proof that the Republican primary is a two-person race—between one man and one woman.

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Fox News: Haley lands endorsement of influential conservative group with powerful grassroots outreach

The endorsement by AFP Action will likely support Haley with the group's powerful direct-mail and field operations, as well as a major ad blitz in the early voting states. In the 2022 midterm election cycle, the group knocked on roughly 5.5 million doors, made 2 million calls, and sent out nearly 70 million pieces of mail on behalf of candidates it was backing.

CNN: Influential Koch network backs Nikki Haley in GOP presidential primary

The decision could dramatically reshape the Republican field – roughly seven weeks before the Iowa caucuses – as Americans for Prosperity Action deploys its vast resources and standing army of conservative activists on behalf of the former South Carolina governor.

New York Post: Influential Koch network backs Nikki Haley as best GOP alternative to Donald Trump

The network, Americans for Prosperity Action, could be a vehicle for bolstering Haley's ground game in the months leading up to voting in Iowa and New Hampshire, where the former UN ambassador has been building her presence.

New York Times: Koch network endorses Nikki Haley in bid to push G.O.P. past Trump

The endorsement from the super PAC established by David and Charles Koch could help change that. It will give her access to a direct-mail operation, field workers to knock on doors and people making phone calls to prospective voters in Iowa and beyond. The group also has money to spend on television advertisements. It also helps fuel Ms. Haley's momentum heading into the final weeks before voting begins.

Semafor: Koch-backed AFP Action endorses Nikki Haley as Ron DeSantis campaign fumes

Picking Haley now, while DeSantis is vulnerable but still active in the race, is a sign they're eager to give her a chance to consolidate support well before Iowans caucus in January. It's also one of the final nails in the coffin on DeSantis' ongoing effort to frame the race for voters, donors, and potential endorsers as a two-man contest between him and Trump.

Post and Courier: Powerful conservative Koch network endorses Nikki Haley in GOP presidential primary

The decision could dramatically impact the Republican race with less than 50 days until the Iowa caucuses. In a call with reporters, high-ranking officials with Americans for Prosperity Action said the endorsement will come with deep financial resources and a collection of conservative activists to work on her behalf.

CNBC: Koch network endorses Nikki Haley for president

AFP Action's internal polling shows Haley's recent rise in key early states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, senior advisor Michael Palmer told reporters on a press call Tuesday. It also shows that a majority of Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis' supporters have a favorable view of Haley.

The Haley announcement was a major blow to DeSantis, who received AFP Action's endorsement during his successful reelection campaign, just a year ago.

Business Insider: DeSantis campaign suffers massive blow as Koch-funded kingmaker calls Nikki Haley the best chance to beat Trump

The support from Americans for Prosperity Action will now give Haley critical financial and organizational help in the lead-up to Iowa and New Hampshire.

USA Today: Koch network endorses Nikki Haley in GOP primary

The endorsement is yet another sign that Republicans are beginning to coalesce behind Haley. And it could further swing the race in her favor, as AFP Action deploys its vast volunteers and funds to support her campaign. So far, the PAC has raised over $70 million for the 2024 election.

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