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Haley Campaign Press Release - 400+ Miles... And It's Only Monday

February 05, 2024

SPARTANBURG, S.C. - Today, Nikki Haley crisscrossed South Carolina, participating in the Post and Courier's Pints and Politics event in Charleston and holding two 500-plus person rallies in Aiken and Spartanburg.

Wednesday, she'll host a rally in Los Angeles, California.

The Post and Courier's Pints and Politics in Charleston
CBS News' Taurean Small: ?Charleston, SC @NikkiHaley is the guest speaker at the @postandcourier's Pints & Politics event. She goes after Trump, talks abortion, SNL & more. She also weighed in on senate border deal, says she doesn't support it. "It doesn't go far enough"

WCBD's Sophie Brams: At the Post & Courier's 'Pints and Politics' event in Charleston, @NikkiHaley repeats her call for a "consensus" on abortion "No offense but the fellas don't know how to talk about this...there's no place for fear or judgment when you're talking about an issue this sensitive"

Post and Courier: Former Gov. Nikki Haley criticized the bipartisan Senate immigration deal for not doing enough to halt migration and said she would be open to surgical strikes on military commanders in Iran in retaliation for attacks on U.S. troops.

"If we're going to do this, do it right," Haley said of the immigration deal during a wide-ranging question-and-answer session Feb. 5 as part of The Post and Courier's Pints and Politics event.

Rally in Aiken
SCETV's Gavin Jackson: "I knew he was doing less and less and now we know why-he's saving it for his legal fees," Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley on former President Donald Trump's lack of campaigning while she rallies a full house at USC Aiken this afternoon. Spartanburg this evening.

Aiken Standard: Nikki Haley says the S.C. GOP establishment doesn't support her. She's OK with that

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: ?Aiken, SC Haley's latest line on Trump: "I will add the same year that we passed the toughest illegal immigration law in the country, Donald Trump contributed to Kamala Harris's campaign. That's a fact."

AP's Meg Kinnard: According to @USCAiken, this theater has a capacity of 687. There are a couple of empty seats toward the back, but it's mostly full as the crowd awaits @NikkiHaley here on a Monday afternoon.

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: ?Aiken, SC Haley claims Trump hasn't campaigned in South Carolina due to a lack of money/saving for his legal fees. "I noticed he doesn't have any commercials on TV here. He's not doing any events here. Up until now, he hasn't been here. And so I knew he was doing less and less but now we know why. He's saving it for his legal fees."

CNN's Ebony Davis: Less than 3 weeks until the South Carolina primary! Nikki Haley is holding an event in Aiken ?@NikkiHaley

Rally in Spartanburg
WYFF's Rey Llerena: Former SC Gov. @NikkiHaley is back campaigning in the Upstate. This time in downtown Spartanburg. Haley is coming off events on Daniel Island last night and Aiken earlier today. Her campaign also announced a record $16.5M in fundraising last month @wyffnews4 #scpol #scnews

Fox Carolina's Justin Dougherty: "She's a fighter, let her fight." @NikkiHaley supporters responding to calls that she drop out of the race. They're coming together in downtown Spartanburg at @IndigoHallSC to hear her speak.

CNN's Kylie Atwood: Nikki Haley in Spartanburg, SC this evening says if you vote in a general election you are given a choice, & "if you vote in a primary you make your choice." She tells voters: "get everyone you know to pay attention to this primary."

Fox Carolina's Justin Dougherty: TONIGHT: @NikkiHaley set for her 2nd stop in SC today here in Spartanburg. She'll be speaking around 6pm. Comes after an SNL appearance Saturday & her campaign announcing $16.5 million raises in January. @foxcarolinanews

AP's Meg Kinnard: Now I'm in Spartanburg, where @NikkiHaley is holding another rally downtown. I just spoke with these 3 women who say they are Democrats - & voted for Biden in 2020 - but sat out of last weekend's Democratic primary solely so they could support Haley on Feb. 24.

Fox Carolina's Justin Dougherty: Former SC congressman Gresham Barrett introducing @NikkiHaley here in Spartanburg. At one time, he lost to Haley in the governor's race. Now he's endorsing her for president.

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