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Haley Campaign Press Release - 4 Town Halls Down, 6 To Go - 28 Days till the Iowa Caucuses

December 18, 2023

TREYNOR, Iowa - This week, Nikki Haley is blitzing the Hawkeye State. Last night Haley stumped in Altoona. Today, she held town halls in Nevada, Carroll, and Treynor, answering Iowans' questions and earning their votes. The momentum is growing, and her opponents are getting nervous.

Town Hall - Altoona

NBC News' Greg Hyatt: @NikkiHaley holds a town hall in Altoona, IA. It's her first of 10 scheduled town hall events over the next 5 days. The Iowa Caucus is 29 days away.

CNN's Ebony Davis: Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley kicks off her 5-day swing with a town hall in Altoona, Iowa emoji@NikkiHaley

Fox News' Clare O'Connor: emojiAltoona, IA @NikkiHaley takes the stage at a packed town hall. This is her first event in Iowa since Gov. Sununu endorsed her.

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: Nikki Haley doesn't bring up Gov. Ron DeSantis at her campaign stops, but today she did. "I am seeing the ads that you were seeing on TV, Ron DeSantis has not put one truthful ad up there about me. He has spent millions of dollars against me."

Town Hall - Nevada

Nevada Mayor Brett Barker: We are 4 weeks from the #iacaucus and @NikkiHaley is the candidate that can best beat Joe Biden and help conservatives win up and down the ballot from coast to coast in November! #TeamHaley

Iowa State Daily: Nikki Haley makes campaign stop in Nevada, receives endorsement from mayor

In an interview with the Daily on Monday, Barker said that right now is "just too important of a moment in our nation's course."

"Every single poll shows that she performs the best in the general election against Joe Biden," Barker said. "I think what that does is get her coattails all across the country up and down the ballot from coast to coast that would really bring Republicans in with a mandate we haven't seen since the Reagan administration."

Fox News' Clare O'Connor: Nevada, IA @NikkiHaley asked the audience: "how many of you are hearing me for the first time at a town hall?" A majority of hands went up.

CBS News' Taurean Small: Nevada, IA @NikkiHaley picks up another swing across Iowa today, starting with a packed town hall in Story County. She started by asking the crowd of >80 voters if this were their first time hearing her speak in person. More than half of the room raised their hands.

Iowa State Daily's Cleo Westin: Mayor of Nevada Brett Barker endorses Nikki Haley for president during an event at the Story County Fairgrounds.

Town Halls - Carroll & Treynor

CNN's Ebony Davis: Second stop of the day: Nikki Haley holds a town hall at Santa Maria Vineyard & Winery in Carroll, Iowa

Fox News' James Levinson:emojiTreynor, IA @NikkiHaley at her final event of the day in Western part of the state. Focused on the failures of both parties on curbing spending and decreasing the deficit. "I think it's time we have an accountant in the White House"

The Messenger's Stephanie Murray: "The other candidates are saying I'm a warmonger. Are you kidding? My husband's in the military," Nikki Haley says in Treynor, Iowa. Haley says that her position on support for Ukraine is about preventing war, not waging it.

CNN's Ebony Davis: Last campaign stop of the day for Nikki Haley is a town hall in Treynor, Iowaemoji@NikkiHaley

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: emojiTreynor, Iowa Nikki Haley calls out Gov. Ron DeSantis for false claims made against her throughout campaign stops and in ads running across Iowa. "He's desperate throwing things against the wall. Today he said I want our troops to be in Ukraine. I've never even said anything like that."

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