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Haley Campaign Press Release - 4 Days Left, 7 Campaign Stops, 6 Towns, 1 Energized Candidate

January 19, 2024

MANCHESTER, N.H. - Nikki Haley continued her push to meet every voter, shake every hand, and answer every question today with visits to several local New Hampshire businesses and a rally in Manchester to close out the day.

Here's what they're saying...

7 News Boston's Rob Way: Former S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley is the first Republican presidential candidate out campaigning in New Hampshire today.

She's at Newfields Country Store for her first of several stops. Some voters sang her "Happy Birthday" as she walked in. She turns 52 tomorrow.

The Dispatch's David Drucker: NEWFIELDS, NH - Awaiting @NikkiHaley's first stop of the day, a retail meet & greet at the Newfields Country Store ...(PHOTO)

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: Haley's supporters sang her happy birthday during her first stop of the day at Newfields Country Store (her birthday is tomorrow).

USA Today's Francesca Chambers: Nikki Haley arrives at her first campaign event of the day -- a retail stop in Newfields, N.H.

Supporters greeted her by singing happy birthday. (It's tomorrow.)

"In all honesty, I had forgotten," she told them.

Fox News' Paul Steinhauser: 2024 Watch-Just Now: @NikkiHaley - at the Newfields Country Store - tells us "Trump won a state of three million people with 56,000 votes. We had a very low turnout in Iowa. We're going to have a really good turnout in New Hampshire" #2024Election #FITN #nhpoltics #FoxNews (VIDEO)

The Dispatch's David Drucker: HAMPTON, NH - @NikkiHaley & @ChrisSununu making the rounds at stop No. 2, Kay's Cafe.

Washington Post's Dylan Wells: Nikki Haley is participating in a roundtable at Polaris Charter School in Manchester this morning.

"I believe every parent knows what's best for their child ... what we need is for government to be a supportive factor, not a mandated factor."

Manchester Ink Link: Nikki Haley talks education at Manchester campaign stop

The Boston Globe's Carine Hajjar: At an impromptu press conference at Mary Ann's diner in Amherst, NH, Nikki Haley tells the press that Trump's mounting attacks show that he's "clearly insecure." "He knows that something's wrong"

The Boston Globe's Samantha Gross:T-4 days until the primary here in N.H., where @NikkiHaley is off to a long day of voter meet-and-greets. She just arrived at Mary-Anne's Diner in Amherst and is going booth-to-booth to greet diners, some of whom were dining here unknowingly.

The Dispatch's David Drucker: MILFORD, NH - @NikkiHaley, flanked by @ChrisSununu, targets @JoeBiden & TRUMP on deficit spending as she pitches voters w/ just days to go in her bid for a #fitn upset.

The Messenger's Stephanie Murray: Nikki Haley has been shaking hands and snapping photos for ~45 minutes in Manchester after a rally here

The Messenger's Stephanie Murray: Nikki Haley hits Donald Trump and Joe Biden on the stump in Manchester:

"Both of those men are completely distracted with their own investigations, and their own vengeance on people of the past, that they refuse to talk about a vision of the future."

Dallas Lawrence: Standing room only for @NikkiHaley rally in Manchester. 500+ overflowing on a freezing night. She spoke passionately for 30+ mins w/ no notes & has stayed to shake every hand. The way she spoke about our veterans & need for strong National security raised the roof.

CBS News' Nidia Cavazos: Nikki Haley's rally in Manchester

4 days until New Hampshire's Primary. (VIDEO)

CNN's Ebony Davis: 4 days until the NH primary and it was a full day on the campaign trail for Nikki Haley. She wraps it up with a rally in Manchester emoji

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