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Greetings Telephoned to President Truman on the Occasion of His 77th Birthday.

May 08, 1961

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Hello, Mr. President, how are you?

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: Well, I'm all right. Having a-great time and they're giving me too much to eat and too much to do.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Listen--I want to congratulate you on this great anniversary--

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: Well, you're very kind indeed--

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Well, I must say that--

PRESIDENT TRUMAN:--I've always hoped that after I was 70, they would forget about these birthdays, but they don't seem to do it.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: I don't understand how you can look so well, after having spent 7 years here.

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: Well, I'll tell you how I did that. I did just what you are doing, try to make the right decision and forget about it, and that's what you have to do. And then sleep over it at night and forget about it.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Well, listen--I'm delighted--I had lunch with the Vice President and some of your friends who are Governors, Governor Lawrence and the rest, and they all wanted to join me in congratulating you. We are all great rooters of yours, Mr. President.

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: You are just as kind as you can be, and I more than appreciate it.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Well, you take--

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: You're better to me than I deserve.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: Well, you take care of yourself, and we look forward to seeing you soon here in Washington.

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: I'll be there.

PRESIDENT KENNEDY: We're taking good care of your House.

PRESIDENT TRUMAN: Thank you, goodbye.

Note: The President's call was made from the Signal Corps studios at the White House at 3:36 p.m. President Truman was being honored by more than 200 friends at a birthday party in the grand ballroom of the Muehlebach Hotel in Kansas City, Mo.

John F. Kennedy, Greetings Telephoned to President Truman on the Occasion of His 77th Birthday. Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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