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Graham Campaign Press Release - Straight From the Headlines: Graham: My Foreign Policy Path is Tough But Necessary

July 10, 2015

National Journal: "When It Comes To Foreign Policy Credentials, He's Got His Competitors Beat."
(Marina Koren, "Lindsey Graham on ISIS, Putin, and Being a 'Threat-Mongerer,'" National Journal, 07/08/15)

Senator Lindsey Graham outlined his national security agenda yesterday as the inaugural guest at the Atlantic Council's series "America's Role in the World" in Washington, DC and is the first 2016 presidential candidate to outline a comprehensive approach to national security. In case you missed it, check out the video of his remarks here and take a look at some of the coverage his national security agenda made:

Washington Free Beacon: "[Graham] Refused To Fall Victim To Code Pink"
"Patiently waiting for Medea Benjamin to finish her rant, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R., S.C.) refused to fall victim to typical Code Pink rabble-rousing on Wednesday when discussing foreign policy at an Atlantic Council event...'So I'm going to put her down as undecided,' Graham quipped. Then, BEASTMODE. 'I couldn't disagree with you more,' Graham told Benjamin. 'I think people like you make the world incredibly dangerous. I think people like you are radical Islam's best hope.'" (Daniel Bassali, "Lindsey Graham Shuts Down Code Pink Protester," Washington Free Beacon, 07/08/15)

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"...when it comes to foreign policy credentials, he's got his competitors beat. Graham has long been a vocal advocate for a more-robust defense program and is one of the most respected foreign policy hawks in the Senate, where he's been since 2003, long before Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, and Ted Cruz arrived. His tenure there, plus his time on the Senate Armed Services committee, puts his national security chops well above those of his competitors in the Senate, and certainly above his competitors who are governors. He spent more than 30 years in the Air Force before retiring last month and has traveled to the Middle East dozens of times."
(Marina Koren, "Lindsey Graham on ISIS, Putin, and Being a 'Threat-Mongerer,'" National Journal 07/08/15)

Politico: "In His Most Extensive Policy Address To Date...Lindsey Graham On Wednesday Laid Out A Detailed Vision For A Muscular Security Agenda"
"In his most extensive policy address to date as a presidential candidate, Lindsey Graham on Wednesday laid out a detailed vision for a muscular national security agenda — the animating issue of his campaign..." (Katie Glueck, "Lindsey Graham gives detailed blueprint for ground troops in the Middle East," Politico, 07/08/15)

Washington Times: "[Graham] Issued A Blistering Critique Of The Obama Administration's Handling Of The Middle East"
"Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina on Wednesday issued a blistering critique of the Obama administration's handling of the Middle East, accusing the administration of 'rewriting history' in Iraq. Mr. Graham, a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, called Mr. Obama's decision to pull troops out of Iraq 'a conscious choice he made ... to fulfill a campaign promise to get us to zero, and every military commander said if you go there, you're going to have hell to pay, and hell has been to pay.'" (David Sherfinski, "Lindsey Graham: Obama administration 'rewriting history' on Iraq," Washington Times, 07/08/15)

National Journal: "Graham Spoke Extensively On What He Called The Threat Of Radical Islam"
"Graham spoke extensively on what he called the threat of radical Islam—a term that President Obama has refused to use—and compared the Islamic State's mission to that of Nazi Germany. 'They represent a religion that's every bit as dangerous as the Nazis were,' he said..." (Marina Koren, "Lindsey Graham on ISIS, Putin, and Being a 'Threat-Mongerer,'" National Journal, 07/08/15)

The Daily Caller: "Sen. Lindsey Graham Came Out Swinging Against Rand Paul"
"South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham came out swinging against Rand Paul in a wide-ranging foreign policy address Wednesday morning...promising to "shape world events" rather than be "overwhelmed" by them...'To my friend Rand Paul, we agree on a lot but on this we disagree: He is the one voice in the Republican Party that I think has been weaker on national security than that of President Obama.'" (Jamie Weinstein, "Lindsey Graham Attacks Rand Paul In Foreign Policy Address," The Daily Caller, 07/08/15)

Defense One: "Graham Explicitly Contrasted His National Security With That Of His Rivals"
"Graham explicitly contrasted his national security specificity with that of his rivals... 'Simply put, President Obama's foreign policy has been a disaster and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was one of his chief architects,' Graham said, employing one of his go-to stump speech lines..." (Molly O'Toole, "Lindsey Graham Gets Specific: We Need 20,000 U.S. Troops in Iraq and Syria," Defense One, 07/08/15)

WSJ: Graham: "President Obama Will Never Achieve A Satisfactory Nuclear Deal With Iran"
"Sen. Lindsey Graham said Wednesday that President Barack Obama will never achieve a satisfactory nuclear deal with Iran and that the best outcome for the U.S. would be for the negotiations with the Middle Eastern power to drag out until the next president is in office." (Reid Epstein, "Lindsey Graham: Obama Will Never Strike a Satisfactory Iran Nuclear Talks Deal," The Wall Street Journal, 07/08/15)

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