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Graham Campaign Press Release - On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Graham Says Americans Should Be Concerned About One Thing: "That The Next President Is Ready To Be Commander-In-Chief"

September 02, 2015

Alexandria, VA - Senator Lindsey Graham appeared in-studio on MSNBC'sMorning Joe from New York this morning where he continued to discuss his strategy to fight radical Islam, the importance of the next president's readiness to lead and how he's prepared to be Commander-in-Chief on day one.

This morning's interview comes after Graham filed for the South Carolina Republican Presidential Primary yesterday morning and headlined a "Stop Iran Now" rally in New York yesterday evening.

Watch the clip on Graham's strategy to defeat ISIL here:


Graham On Top Issues Of The 2016 Race: "...The Next President Needs To Straighten Out The World That's Falling Apart."

"...Here's what I think will happen: 100% of Americans should be concerned about one thing: that the next president is ready to be commander and chief, because we're at war. And I hope over time we'll start realizing that the next president needs to straighten out the world that's falling apart. They'll start thinking about experience when it comes to being commander in chief and protecting us all. The one thing I can say about ISIL, they would kill the lady in Kentucky, they would kill the wedding cake baker, and the gay couple. They don't see a difference."

On His Strategy To Destroy ISIL: "I Would Send American Ground Forces"

"I would send American ground forces in larger numbers to Iraq. About 10,000, rather than 3,500. A couple aviation battalions, American helicopters flown by American pilots, trainers at the battalion level so the Iraqi army could not cut and run, forward air controllers so we can drop bombs on the right people, and special forces to kill ISIL leadership. Then the hard one is Syria, Syria is ten times harder than Iraq...General Jack Keane believes that 10,000 along the lines that I've just described would turn the tide of battle. But Syria, how do you fix Iraq without Syria? And I don't see a ground force inside of Syria capable of destroying ISIL and replacing Assad, because that window has closed. There's nobody left in Syria to train, so you have to get a regional army of Arabs and Turks, and we'll have to be a part of it..."

On ISIL Reaching The U.S. With Western Passports: "We're Talking About Silly Things... I'm Most Worried About [Radical Islam] On The Move Over There And They're Coming Here."

" ...At the end of the day what I'm worried about most is not somebody coming from Canada, but somebody coming from Syria or Iraq with a western passport to attack us. Another 9/11 is coming, I agree with Dick Cheney and we're talking about pretty silly things. We're talking about building a wall between us and Canada. At the end of the day what I'm most worried about is radical Islam is on the move over there and they're coming here and we have absolutely no strategy to disrupt them before we get attacked."

On Trump's 'Plan' To Deal With ISIL: "[His Plan] Is Ill Conceived...He's Making No Sense."

"Mr. Trump's solution to destroying ISIL is as follows: 'I'm going to send our guys and gals over there to take the oil from Iraq and Syria to pay our wounded warriors.' I don't think that destroys ISIL, Harold, I think that destroys our standing in the Middle East. ISIL would love that plan, it would be the biggest recruiting opportunity in the history of ISIL. That plan is ill conceived... So pay attention to what the guy is saying on national security, he's making no sense."

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Lindsey Graham, Graham Campaign Press Release - On MSNBC's Morning Joe, Graham Says Americans Should Be Concerned About One Thing: "That The Next President Is Ready To Be Commander-In-Chief" Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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