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Governor Bill Richardson Statement Regarding Barack Obama Terrorism Speech

August 01, 2007

Richardson pleased Obama agrees with his approach to fighting terrorism, but cautions threats must not replace diplomacy

SANTA FE, NM -- Democratic Presidential candidate New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson released the following statement in reaction to Senator Barack Obama's terrorism speech today:

"I consistently have said that we need to focus on Al Qaeda and the Taliban, including in a major policy address I delivered last week on this very subject. I am glad that Senator Obama agrees with me, although I disagree with his plan to leave troops in Iraq indefinitely. We still would be militarily overextended.

"The problem here is that the Bush-Cheney Administration has acceded to General Musharraf's deal that has given Al Qaeda and the Taliban a safe haven in Pakistan. We need to reverse the Bush-Cheney policy of appeasement and make sure Musharraf knows his deal with the terrorists is completely unacceptable to the U.S.

"My international experience tells me that we should address this problem with tough diplomacy with General Musharraf first, leaving the military as a last resort. It is important to reach out to moderate Muslim states and allies to ensure we do not unnecessarily inflame the Muslim world."

Bill Richardson, Governor Bill Richardson Statement Regarding Barack Obama Terrorism Speech Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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