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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - What They Are Saying...About Mayor Giuliani, Part Five

June 05, 2007

National Review's Kate O'Beirne: "[I]t seemed to me that Rudy Giuliani was in command." (Kate O'Beirne, National Review Online "Symposium",, 6/6/07)

O'Beirne: "[Giuliani] also was most effective in taking arguments to the Democrats. And John Edwards is considered the talented advocate?" (Kate O'Beirne, National Review Online "Symposium",, 6/6/07)

O'Beirne: "When Giuliani highlighted the 'two principles' (lower taxes/smaller government and confronting the lethal threat we face) that unite Republicans I could imagine a significant number of Republicans saying, 'Works for me.' Nicely done." (Kate O'Beirne, National Review Online "Symposium",, 6/6/07)

RealClearPolitics' Tom Bevan: "Of the five presidential debates thus far, I don't think any candidate has emerged as much of a clear winner as Giuliani did last night." (Tom Bevan, The Real Clear Politics Blog,, 6/6/07)

Race42008 Blog's Aron Goldman: "Ranking of tonight's debate … 1. Giuliani …" (Aron Goldman, Race42008 Blog,, 6/5/07)

Bill Bennett: "You know, [Giuliani's] smart, he reads, does his home work, watches the Democratic debate, he's aggressive, aggressive and smart." (Bill Bennett's "Morning In America," 6/6/07)

Bill Bennett: "Giuliani is on game." (Bill Bennett's "Morning In America," 6/6/07)

Race42008 Blog's DaveG: "As pretty much everyone over at [National Review's] The Corner acknowledges, Rudy Giuliani was the big winner of tonight's debate." (DaveG, Race42008 Blog,, 6/5/07)

The New York Times' Patrick Healy and Marc Santora: "Mr. Giuliani again portrayed himself as the tough-minded, blunt-speaking protector of a nation in danger, saying it would have been unthinkable for the United States not to have invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power." (Patrick Healy and Marc Santora, "G.O.P. Candidates Spar Over Immigration," The New York Times, 6/6/07)

The Politico's Mike Allen On Giuliani's Answer On Iraq: "Dang. So that's how it's done." (Mike Allen, "Invoking JFK," The Politico, 6/6/07)

New York Sun's Seth Gitell: "Mayor Giuliani hit his stride early and performed well overall." (Seth Gitell, "Seriousness Dominates GOP Debate," The New York Sun, 6/6/07)

Gitell On Giuliani's Response To Iraq Question: "[S]uccinct and unequivocal …" (Seth Gitell, "Seriousness Dominates GOP Debate," The New York Sun, 6/6/07)

MSNBC's Pat Buchanan: "One of Rudy's best moments of the night, was when they asked him about, you know, the Petraeus thing, if it comes in bad. He said, well look, suppose General Petraeus comes back with a good report from Iraq. I certainly hope you guys will give it the same attention you would give a bad report. Now, the place exploded …" (MSNBC, "Morning Joe," 6/6/07)

Slate's John Dickerson: "Giuliani did very well." (John Dickerson, Slate's "Politics" Blog,, 6/6/07)

Dickerson: Giuliani "seemed commanding during the debate, at ease with facts on issues like health care and immigration." (John Dickerson, Slate's "Politics" Blog,, 6/6/07)

Race42008 Blog's DaveG: "I think Rudy cemented his status as Thatcher without the dress … during tonight's debate performance." (DaveG, Race42008 Blog,, 6/5/07)

DaveG: "I don't think that anyone could come away questioning Rudy's commitment to two things: 1) the need to spread freedom and liberty abroad and 2) the need to maintain economic freedom here at home." (DaveG, Race42008 Blog,, 6/5/07)

DaveG: "Rudy is the liberty candidate. And such a candidate would be good for the GOP and great for America." (DaveG, Race42008 Blog,, 6/5/07)

National Review's Michael Graham: "Confident, funny, a regular guy who gets it." (Michael Graham, National Review Online "Symposium",, 6/6/07)

National Review's Michael Graham: "America's mayor put the Republican party's Iraq policy into a single, powerful, and nearly irrefutable statement: 'It's unthinkable that you would leave Saddam Hussein in charge of Iraq and be able to fight the war on terror.'" (Michael Graham, National Review Online "Symposium",, 6/6/07)

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