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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - What Rudy Supplies

March 26, 2007

Brian Goldsmith, CBS News

In his first ads of the campaign, Rudy Giuliani picked a memorable phrase to describe his economic plan. Reaching past the typical GOP script—which is to invoke Ronald Reagan's name at every turn—Giuliani invoked the name of a particular Reagan policy.

Giuliani said, "We need supply side policies and reduced government spending—fiscal discipline—to keep the economy growing."

For Giuliani, saying supply side sends a message … [that] he's a Reagan Republican on the economy, just like he's a Reagan Republican on security.

The supply side idea traveled a long road to mainstream acceptance: from university lecture halls, to an influential book called Way the World Works to the embrace of a 1980 Republican presidential candidate named Ronald Reagan—who said that by growing the economy, lower tax rates would produce more money for the federal government…

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