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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Webchat with Deputy Policy Director and Chief Speech Writer John Avlon

July 31, 2007

John: Hello, thanks for joining us today. I look forward to answering your questions.

Linda H. from CA: Would you like physicians "on the front lines" to help carry Rudy's message? I'm a rural breast cancer surgeon whose patients have the highest stakes in this debate.

John: Absolutely. Rudy wants to have his message carried forward by supporters across the country. Especially his plans to transform health care through the free market.

John: The core of the plan is to empower doctors and their patients not government bureaucrats

John: As you know Rudy himself is a cancer survivor so thank you for all the work you do every day

Dave K. from CA: Pundits on the news think that the Mayor is the only Republican candidate who can run a 50 state race in the general election. How can Rudy win in historically democratic states like California, Illinois and New York?

John: One of the great strengths of Rudy as a candidate is that he can compete in all 50 states

John: His support is broad as well as deep and he looks for inspiration to one of his heroes Ronald Reagan who won 49 states

Dale R. from CO: I saw some numbers from the ARG poll this week, and they said that Rudy has taken the lead in Iowa and New Hampshire. Is this true and, if so, how is the campaign going in the early states?

John: The Mayor's momentum is growing in these states. We're adding staff and gaining support on the ground based on the strength of his executive record

John: As more people learn about his fiscal conservative record and his core strength on national security the more they understand that he is the right man for our times

James M. from IN: Spending in Washington is out of control! What is Rudy's plan to reestablish some fiscal responsibility in the nation's capital?

John: One of Rudy's 12 commitments is to restore fiscal discipline and cut wasteful Washington spending

John: he was able to cut taxes 23 times and cut the size of bureaucracy nearly 20 percent — excluding cops on the street and teachers in the classroom

John: Based on this proven record he'll apply these same principles of fiscal discipline and accountability to Washington.

John: and a return to fiscal discipline is one of the things that can unite the Republican Party and the nation in this upcoming election

Josh H. from KS: How should we frame the issue of health care coverage when talking about this issue? I'm a student in college and universal health care is tremendously popular.

John: I think America faces a choice in its future we can either move towards a more European, Socialist model for health care or towards a more American model which focuses on finding free market solutions and empowering individuals.

John: Rudy Giuliani believes our country is best when we solve our problems from our strengths not our weaknesses

John: and that doesn't mean adding additional layers of bureaucracy and government mandates

John: a person's important choices about health care should be between the patient and their doctor, not bureaucrats and accountants

John A. from LA: I live in New orleans and our great city is finally starting to recover. What would Rudy do to rebuild New Orleans and rural Mississippi? Thnx

John: The people of New Orleans remain close to our hearts. And the lessons of Katrina should not be forgotten.

John: That's why one of Rudy's 12 Commitments is to ensure that every community in America is prepared for terrorist attacks and natural disasters

John: we can become a stronger more resilient nation if we focus on strengthening our infrastructure and supporting our first responders here at home, while staying on offense against terrorists abroad

Jarred F. from MD: when will you set up a "Doctors for Rudy" group? I know a lot of people would join immediately.. John: Great idea Jarred!

John: We're working on making sure a Doctors For Rudy and a Nurses For Rudy group appears on our Web site soon

Ralph W. from CA: Insurance is about protecting you from unexpected expenses. Managed care tries to pay all expenses. How does Rudy feel about restoring the true principles of insurance to health plans?

John: Rudy Giuliani believes that we need a paradigm shift in the way American's approach their health insurance driving down costs through increased competition and increased individual choice

John: right now we have a government and employer dominated system. Instead of having people be dependent on these institutions Rudy believes in encouraging greater independence, with people taking control over their the health care.

John: One idea is that people could approach their health insurance like they currently do their car insurance. Picking a plan that guards against unexpected serious injuries, rather than mandated luxury plans that drive up the cost for everyone.

Caleb M. from PA: As a young man in the process of joining the U.S. Army, I am very interested to learn how Mayor Giuliani plans to transform our military to better fight the Global War On Terror. John: Thank you for your commitment to our country.

John: At his commencement address at the Citadel this year, Rudy Giuliani talked about "the 9-11 generation of national service."

John: I think all American's today have been galvanized with a deep sense of purpose since the attacks of September 11 and a commitment to winning the terrorists' war on us

John: Mayor Giuliani has already set a goal of expanding America's army by 10 new combat brigades

John: And transforming the military to meet 21st century security threats. In the coming weeks expect to hear more from him on this defining issue of our time Richard E. from WA: Would Rudy use Reagan's model of foreign policy? Diplomacy first then explore other options like sanctions and if all else fails, millitary responses? I am reminded that Reagan did pretty well with the USSR, can Rudy be that guy for us in the 21st century?

John: One of the core ideas Rudy always discusses on the campaign trail is the importance of learning the lesson Ronald Reagan taught us — the best way to achieve peace is through strength

John: As you probably know Rudy served as an Associate Attorney General in Ronald Reagan's Justice Department and the lessons of Ronald Reagan's leadership — a commitment to a strong military, a rejection of moral relativism, a commitment to low taxes, smaller government and increased individual freedom

John: are core to his beliefs.

John: one point of comparison is that Reagan was not afraid to call the Soviet Union an evil empire and Rudy Giuliani isn't afraid to call our enemies in this war by their name – radical Islamic Terrorists William S. from AL: I've heard about Rudy's health care plan, how does Rudy plan on bringing down the cost of health care?

John: yesterday when Rudy unveiled his health care initiative it would have been Milton Friedman's 95th birthday.

John: Rudy believes that the best way to bring down the cost of health care is through market forces — increasing choice and competition so companies compete to cover more individuals with a wider range of choices

John: again, it's a matter of solving your problems through strength not weakness. America is an entrepreneurial society with a free market economy.

John: we will make health care more affordable and portable by focusing on free market solutions not looking to Socialist models that have no core connection to our culture

John: I'd like to take one more question Linda S. from IA: I am very impressed with Rudy's executive leadership credentials. How important is it that the next President have real administrative leadership experience?

John: Obviously I think it is very important. We are a nation at war and this is no time for on the job training.

John: Rudy has the most extensive and successful record of executive experience of any candidate in the race

John: I think the American people want to see results not rhetoric from their leaders. And Rudy has a demonstrated record of accomplishment as a fiscal conservative and someone who can achieve real security while increasing individual freedom.

John: The next election will be decided in large part about security and solutions and Rudy's record of proven leadership will convince a majority of Americans that he is the right man for our times.

John: thank you very much. I appreciate you all taking the time to talk to me on a summer afternoon.

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