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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - The Lies of Wayne Barrett

August 07, 2007

Wayne Barrett's Latest Desperate Attempt To Mislead Americans On Rudy Giuliani's Record



Giuliani Sat On President Ford's Committee To Combat Terrorism. "As President Gerald Ford's associate deputy attorney general, Giuliani was a member of the Cabinet Committee to Combat Terrorism. According to a declassified June 10, 1976, State Department memorandum, this panel addressed the 'increased danger of major terrorist attacks in the US requiring urgent preventive and preparatory action.'" (Deroy Murdock, Op-Ed, "9/11 Legacy Lifts Giuliani's 2008 Prospects," Scripps Howard News Service, 9/7/06)

" On Committee, Giuliani Stressed Importance Of Responding To Terrorist Attack With One Voice. "Among other things, this memo reveals, at a meeting that May 27, 'Mr. Giuliani said that it would be important to have the USG (U.S. government) respond to press queries during an IT (international terrorist) incident with a single voice. He suggested that a model plan be worked out.'" (Deroy Murdock, Op-Ed, "9/11 Legacy Lifts Giuliani's 2008 Prospects," Scripps Howard News Service, 9/7/06)

Giuliani Highest Ranking Official To Attend Committee Meeting. "Although he was able to get the secretary of state [Henry Kissinger] to sign the letter, [Chairman Robert] Fearey was unable to lure any assistant secretaries to the meeting. In fact, only two with the rank of deputy assistant secretary, one from the Transportation Department and one from the Justice Department, turned up. Associate Deputy Attorney General Rudolph W. Giuliani represented the Justice Department." (Timothy Naftali, Blind Spot: The Secret History Of American Counterterrorism, 2005, p. 92)

" "Giuliani Was The Most Active Participant At This Meeting, Which Took Place On May 27, 1976." (Timothy Naftali, Blind Spot: The Secret History Of American Counterterrorism, 2005, p. 92)

Three Decades Before Patriot Act, Giuliani Foresaw Need To Ease Restrictions In Intelligence Gathering. "Long before he helped New York City weather the devastation of Sept. 11, 2001, as mayor, Giuliani told the panel in May 1976 that he feared legal restrictions were thwarting federal agents from collecting intelligence unless there had been a violation of the law. Giuliani, then the associate deputy attorney general in the President Ford's Justice Department, suggested relaxing intelligence collection guidelines – something that occurred with the Patriot Act three decades later." (Frank Bass & Randy Herschaft, "Nixon-Era Terrorism Task Force Envisioned Today's Threats," The Associated Press, 1/24/05)

" "'Under The New Guidelines,' Explained Giuliani, 'There [Is] Difficulty In Collecting Domestic Intelligence Unless There Was Some Indication That There Had Been A Violation Of Law.'" (Timothy Naftali, Blind Spot: The Secret History Of American Counterterrorism, 2005, p. 93)

" Giuliani Told Committee That If Then-Current Guidelines Were Preventing Greater Sharing Of Information Between Agencies, They Could Be Amended. "Although the CIA said it believed it would have no trouble collecting what it needed abroad and disseminating that information to the appropriate U.S. agencies, it was clear that the FBI would face obstacles in any participation in a central terrorist information center. Giuliani encouraged the working group to use its clout to make intelligence collection and sharing by the FBI easier. 'If the guidelines on intelligence collection are too stringent and were hampering the U.S. government in keeping track of terrorists,' he explained, 'they could be amended.' All he requested was that the counterterrorism experts submit specific examples 'indicating areas in which the guidelines should be relaxed.'" (Timothy Naftali, Blind Spot: The Secret History Of American Counterterrorism, 2005, p. 93)


Giuliani Told U.S. State Department Additional Legislation Was Needed To Prosecute Terrorists. Giuliani: "Recent investigations and cases have revealed several areas where additional legislation is needed to allow the United States to deter or successfully prosecute those who are directly involved in the support of international terrorism." (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Letter To Ambassador Robert Sayre, Chairman Of Interdepartmental Group On Terrorism At U.S. Department Of State, 7/12/82)

" Giuliani Helped To Draft "Rewards For Information Preventing Terrorism Act." (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Letter To Noel Koch, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary Of Defense, 8/27/82)

Giuliani Called On Interpol To Better Coordinate Multinational Investigations, Specifically Crimes Such As Weapons Trafficking, Money Laundering And Tracking International Fugitives. "In the past, Interpol has very effectively handled the communications function in response to international requests for information. It would be beneficial to international law enforcement efforts if Interpol could further develop its capability to coordinate multinational investigations among the 130 affiliated countries, particularly in the following four significant program areas: economic and financial crimes (including counterfeiting, currency violations, 'laundering' money, other financial crimes, and general fraud; Tracking international fugitives; Crimes against persons and property; Explosives and weapons trafficking." (Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, Letter To Honorable Andre Bossard, Secretary General I.C.P.O.-Interpol, 8/6/81)

Giuliani Worked With FBI To Plan Security Against Terrorism And Other Threats At 1984 Olympics. On October 7, 1982, FBI Director William Webster asked Giuliani to review a draft memo from Attorney General William French Smith to White House asserting Department of Justice's role in securing 1984 Summer Olympics. (FBI Director William Webster, Memo To Associate Attorney General Rudy Giuliani, 10/7/82)

" FBI Had Lead Responsibility For "Federal Law Enforcement And Intelligence In Dealing With Special Events, Such As The 1984 Olympics." (FBI Director William Webster, Memo To Attorney General William French Smith, 10/8/82)


Giuliani Fought On Behalf Of U.S. To Close Palestinian Liberation Organization's Mission To U.N. "United States Attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani will take legal action to force the Palestine Liberation Organization to close its observer mission to the United Nations if the P.L.O. does not do so voluntarily, a Justice Department spokesman said today. The P.L.O. must close its office today under the Anti-Terrorism Act adopted by Congress last year. … The Justice Department spokesman, Mark T. Sheehan, said Mr. Giuliani would probably file a complaint against the P.L.O. in Federal District Court in Manhattan on Tuesday or Wednesday. The group will then have 20 days to respond, Mr. Sheehan said." ("U.S. Vows Action to Close P.L.O. Mission," The New York Times, 3/22/88)

Giuliani Defended Anti-Terrorism Act From Lawsuit Claiming It Violated First Amendment. "A new federal law that bars the Palestine Liberation Organization from spending any money in the United States could prevent free public discussion of issues involving Palestinians, a federal judge said yesterday. … About 65 U.S. citizens and organizations – including actor Ed Asner, writer Studs Terkel, nine rabbis, five Methodist bishops and the Rev. Benjamin Weir, a former hostage in Lebanon – filed suit last week charging that the new law violates their First Amendment rights by cutting off access to information about Palestinians. During a hearing at U.S. District Court in Manhattan, U.S. Attorney Rudolph Giuliani rejected the claim, saying the law only prevents the PLO from spending money. 'This is an issue about money, not an issue about speech,' he told the judge." (Paul Moses, "Judge's Doubts On PLO Law," Newsday, 3/30/88)

"In The Fight Against Alleged Terrorists, Giuliani's Office And The FBI Put An End To The Omega 7 Anti-Castro Group, Which Had Carried Out 25 Bombings And Two Murders." (Paul Moses, "Giuliani Report Card Shows High Marks," Newsday, 1/11/89)

U.S. Attorney's Office Under Giuliani Successfully Prosecuted Member Of FALN Terrorist Group Who Was Making Fake Passports For Other Members. Laura Whitehorn plead guilty to making a false statement in an application for a passport pending her appeal on the suppression of evidence discovered during a warrantless search. The FBI had been tracking members of Fuerzas Armada de Liberacion Nacional (FALN), a terrorist group supporting Puerto Rican liberation. The group had been responsible for the deaths of two policemen in Nyack, New York, during a bank robbery. (U.S. v. Whithorn, 652 F.Supp. 395 (S.D.N.Y. 1987))

Giuliani Defended Constitutionality Of Anti-Terrorism Measures Requiring Fingerprints And Background Checks For Employees At Nuclear Facilities. Section 606 of the Omnibus Diplomatic Security and Anti-Terrorism Act of 1986, codified as section 149 of the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, required workers with unescorted access privileges to nuclear facilities submit to fingerprinting and background checks. The Nuclear Regulatory Commission issued regulations to implement the statute and the Utility Workers Union of America challenged it on constitutional grounds as an impermissible search and seizure. The court ruled against the union and that dismissed the claim. (Utility Workers Union of Ameriica v. Nuclear Regulatory Commission, 664 F.Supp. 136 (S.D.N.Y. 1987))


"Giuliani Dedicated A Good Portion Of His 1994 Mayoral Inauguration Speech To The First Attack On The World Trade Center." (Philip Klein, "Giuliani And History," The American Spectator, 6/27/06)

" In Address, Giuliani Praised Emergency Responders, Ordinary Citizens And "Spirit That Permeates [NYC]" That Ensured No One Died During Evacuation. Giuliani: "Nothing is beyond our grasp. Your strength was demonstrated within sight of this place, last year at the World Trade Center. Six lives were tragically lost in the bombing, but not one life lost because of the evacuation. It was a day in which 50,000 New Yorkers took charge of themselves and each other, showing on their own even before any city worker could help them that New Yorkers of the 1990's have the same ingenuity, sensitivity, talent and courage that our ancestors had in building our great city. And when the fire fighters, the police officers, emergency service workers, doctors, nurses and others arrived to provide assistance they carried on the evacuation begun by New Yorkers on their own and showed that those who work for our city are the most professional and best in the nation. What we witnessed was a clear demonstration of the spirit that permeates New York City." (Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Inaugural Address, 1/2/94)

In 1997, New York Police Broke Up Suspected Plot To Bomb New York Subway Station, Commuter Bus. "Two men with Jordanian passports were arrested yesterday morning in a Brooklyn apartment, where police officers found components of one or more pipe bombs — evidence of what the authorities say was a terrorist plot to detonate bombs in the busy Atlantic Avenue subway station and on a commuter bus. The two suspects were shot after a team of New York City police officers, acting on a tip from a man who lived with the two, burst into the Park Slope apartment an hour before dawn." (Dan Barry, "Bombs In Brooklyn: The Overview," The New York Times, 8/1/97)

In 1997, Giuliani Said Federal Government Not Doing Enough To Keep Foreign Terrorists Out. "Mayor Giuliani … said the federal government was not doing enough to keep foreign terrorists [such as Gazi Ibrahim Abu Mezer] out. Giuliani was particularly upset to learn that Mezer allegedly had been declared a terrorist by Israel." (William Goldschlag, et al., "Bomb Suspect Came Write In," Daily News, 8/2/97)



"[Giuliani] Said Tragedies Like The 1993 Terrorist Bombing Of The World Trade Center And [1995]'s Poison Gas Attack In The Tokyo Subway System Demonstrated The Need To Prepare For Increasingly Difficult Disasters." (David L. Lewis, "Rudy Taps Crisis Chief," Daily News, 1/17/96)

In 1996, Giuliani Created Office Of Emergency Management To Prepare City For Disasters. "Mayor Rudolph Giuliani created the city's Office of Emergency Management in direct response to the 1993 bombing, giving it wide responsibilities to co-ordinate government action on everything from crumbling buildings, flooded streets, health scares and subway accidents to potential terrorist attacks. Police, fire and other officials charged with safeguarding the world's most most [sic] important financial centre, as well as the United Nations and other high-profile institutions that have long been considered prime terrorist targets, regularly held drills to prepare for everything from crazed gunmen to biological and poison-gas attacks." (Brian Milner, "They Thought It Was Invincible," The Globe And Mail, 9/12/01)

" In 1997, Giuliani's OEM Conducted Series Of Antiterrorism Drills. "With an eye toward reducing the potential danger of a terrorist chemical attack, the city's Office of Emergency Management started a series of antiterrorism drills yesterday that will culminate today with a full-scale enactment of a toxic disaster in TriBeCa." (Kit R. Roane, "It's Only A Test: City Agencies Practice Responding To Attacks By Terrorists," The New York Times, 11/9/97)

"Experts Say New York — Frightened Into Vigilance By The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing — Is Ahead Of The Nation In Preparing For 21 Century Terror" ("Is New York City Ready For Unconventional Terror?" The Associated Press, 5/3/99)

" Office Of Emergency Management Trained Police, Paramedics, Doctors To Respond To Terrorist Attacks. "'Police officers, paramedics, doctors and others are all being trained on how to respond to a new kind of emergency,' [OEM Director Jerry] Hauer said. All told, the city has spent several million dollars trying to prepare for unconventional terror, he said. Such efforts are crucial, because it is difficult to stop a determined terrorist, Hauer said." ("Is New York City Ready For Unconventional Terror?" The Associated Press, 5/3/99)

" Prior To 9/11, City Staged Terror Drills To Test Emergency Response. "Emergency strike teams of cops, firefighters, doctors, surgeons and federal agents recently staged a series of terror drills from Tribeca to Kennedy Airport to gauge the city's readiness." ("Rudy: Feds Didn't Tell Us," Daily News, 2/20/98)

" "Emergency Strike Teams Of Cops, Firefighters, Doctors, Surgeons And Federal Agents Recently Staged A Series Of Terror Drills From Tribeca To Kennedy Airport To Gauge The City's Readiness." ("Rudy: Feds Didn't Tell Us," Daily News, 2/20/98)

NYPD Intelligence Department Constantly Gathered Information About Threats To City. "City and federal authorities are on high alert against possible terrorist attacks aimed at world leaders gathering here this weekend. … 'We know all about the threats, and we are worried,' said an NYPD Intelligence Division source. … The latest alert involves the NYPD's elite the Intelligence Division, bomb squad, Joint Terrorist Task Force and Emergency Service Unit as well as the Secret Service and State Department." (Al Baker, Daily News, 4/7/95)


Safety Expert: "New York City Is The Cadillac Of Preparedness." "'New York City is the Cadillac of preparedness. On a scale of one to 10, I'd give them a 9.5,' [Michael Wermuth, senior policy analyst at Rand Corp.] said. Firefighters and police were on the scene of the Sept. 11 attack within minutes. The evacuation of the scene was about as orderly as could be expected." (Charles Oliver, "Be Prepared – New York Was, But How Will Other Cities Cope?" Investor's Business Daily, 9/25/01)

NIST Report On 9/11: "[A]ll Departments Attempted To Work Together To Save As Many Lives As Possible And Protect The Citizens Of New York City." (National Institutes Of Standards And Technology, "Federal Building And Fire Safety Investigation Of The World Trade Center Disaster," Report, 9/05, p. xlviii)

" NIST Report Further Stated That "Emergency Responder Interviews Also Suggest That Inter-Agency Competition Had Minimal Effect On Operations At The WTC Before The Towers Collapsed." (National Institutes Of Standards And Technology, "Federal Building And Fire Safety Investigation Of The World Trade Center Disaster," Report, 9/05, p. xlviii)

Newsday Called Giuliani Administration's Rescue Effort "Remarkably Intelligent." "Mayor Rudolph Giuliani and his commissioners were everywhere. Not only had they launched a remarkably intelligent rescue effort on a moment's notice, they were in constant motion, consoling families, talking to the press, doing what had to be done. The same may be said for Gov. George Pataki and his aides. Everyone seemed to grasp that this was a moment for leadership and reassurance." (Editorial, "The Absent President," Newsday, 9/14/01)

New York Daily News Called Response To 9/11 "An Unparalleled Example Of Administrative Coordination." "But that was before Sept. 11. Before the my-way-or-the-highway chief executive played Winston Churchill to reassure a citizenry that suddenly, traumatically, found itself at terror's Ground Zero. With the entire city in a state of shock, and grief, with the fires raging and the acrid smoke defiling our air and our spirit, Giuliani rallied and consoled New York. His ubiquitous, comforting, empathic, pillar-of-strength presence rescued the city from the talons of fear. He also rescued it from potential chaos. The emergency response to the Trade Center disaster was instantaneous, massive and an unparalleled example of administrative coordination." (Editorial, "Proving That NYC Can Be Governed," New York Daily News, 12/16/01)

According To Newsday, Giuliani Established An "Efficient And Orderly Rescue Operation." "The performance of the police and firefighters has been great beyond belief. Mayor Giuliani and Gov. George Pataki – with help from counties far and wide – have established an efficient and orderly rescue operation. At the same time, they have worked hard to keep the public informed every step of the way. Amid an unspeakable outrage, this has been one of the New York region's finest hours." (Editorial, "Rescue Scene In NYC: We Are All In This Together," Newsday, 9/13/01)


Then-Director Of Office Of Emergency Management Jerry Hauer: "For The Threats Confronting The City Of New York For At Least The Next 50 Years Or So, This Facility [At 7 WTC] Is Probably As Secure As It Needs To Be." (Michael R. Blood, "Mayor's Bunker Dazzles — Almost," Daily News, 6/8/99)

"The Facility Will Be Built At 7 World Trade Center, A 47-Story Building Chosen For Its Proximity To City Hall And One Police Plaza And Because Of Its Sturdy Nature, Mr. Hauer Said." (Kit R. Roane, "Preparing For Worst, Giuliani Is To Build Blastproof Shelter," The New York Times, 6/13/98)

"The Shelter Was The Idea Of Jerome Hauer, The Head Of The City's Office Of Emergency Management, Who Appeared With The Mayor But Did Not Speak." (Michael O. Allen and Patrice O'Shaughnessy, "Gimme Shelter, Mayor Pleads," Daily News, 6/14/98)

Hauer Said Site Was Chosen After Study Of 50 Alternative Sites. "Asked about the center's location in the World Trade Center, in a building across the street from the site of the 1993 terrorist bombing that killed six people, Mr. Hauer, who is director of the city's Office of Emergency Management, said the location was chosen after a study of some 50 alternative sites. The complex now has tight security and is close to the Mayor's office, the Police and Fire Departments and the headquarters of other high city officials, he said, adding that in the event of an emergency, personnel would want to reach the center on foot." (Judith Miller, "With Crisis In Mind, Center Opens," The New York Times, 6/8/99)

Hauer Said It Made More Sense For Command Center To Be Above Ground Than Underground. "Responding to criticism about the facility's high-in-the-sky location, Hauer said it made more sense for the center to be in an office building than underground. Hauer said an underground bunker would be 'far more vulnerable to somebody parking a truck next to it and introducing chemicals or a water-main break – in which case, we would have had a $13 million swimming pool.'" (Robert Hardt Jr., "City Shows Off Giuliani's Sky 'Bunker'," New York Post, 6/8/99)

Hauer Said NYC Needed State-Of-The-Art Command Center. "Saying that the facility is 'not a bunker' meant merely as a safety haven for the Mayor, Jerome M. Hauer, head of the city's Office of Emergency Management, asserted that New York City's emergency response system had become a model for other cities and that the planned center was a natural next step in keeping that lead. 'This is something the city has needed for a long time, a state-of-the-art center with a sophisticated communications system that is survivable so the city can continue to function,' he said. 'If there is a citywide blackout, a hurricane, a blizzard, this is the facility that will allow us to keep working, to make sure that people are not in jeopardy.'" (Kit R. Roane, "Preparing For Worst, Giuliani Is To Build Blastproof Shelter," The New York Times, 6/13/98)

" Hauer Said Facility Would Allow OEM To Keep On Working During Emergencies. "Jerome Hauer, who heads the city's Office of Emergency Management, said the center is not an escape hatch or 'bunker' for the mayor and his inner circle. 'If there is a citywide blackout, a hurricane, a blizzard, this is the facility that will allow us to keep working, to make sure that people are not in jeopardy,' Hauer said." ("NYC Mayor Plans $15M Bomb Shelter," The Associated Press, 6/13/98)

Hauer In 1998 Defended EOC In New York Times Letter To The Editor. "Mr. Herbert suggests that the operations center was a stealth project sneaked past an unwitting City Council. In fact, the project went through the Charter-mandated process that included review by the City Planning Commission and the community board as well as the City Council." (Jerome M. Hauer, "City's Emergency Center," Letter To The Editor, The New York Times, 6/24/98)

" Hauer Said New York's Infrastructure Could Lead To Flooding At EOC, Which Would Have Rendered It Useless. "As for the notion that the location of the emergency operations center is ill conceived, it is worth noting that Tokyo's emergency operations center is located above ground in an office building. New York City's watermain infrastructure is more than 100 years old. Any disaster that occurred here would render an underground operations center like the one in Los Angeles that Mr. Herbert mentions as useful as a swimming pool on the Titanic." (Jerome M. Hauer, "City's Emergency Center," Letter To The Editor, The New York Times, 6/24/98)

In 2004, Hauer Still Maintained His Support For Placing OEM At WTC 7. WCBS' ANDREW KIRTZMAN: "Did you personally favor putting OEM where it was situated?" JERRY HAUER: "Absolutely. We looked around. We looked at dozens and dozens of locations; underground, above ground and particularly with what we were seeing with security in that building with the Secret Service having two floors there, with the CIA having just moved in and hardening their environment …" (WCBS' "Kirtzman & Co.," 5/9/04)

" Click Here To Watch Video Of Hauer's Statement:


Major National Security Agencies Already Had Offices In 7 WTC When EOC Location Was Chosen. "The IRS, the Department of Defense, and the CIA kept offices on the 25th floor. The Secret Service occupied the ninth and tenth. The Securities and Exchange Commission (home to vast records of bank transactions) was on floors 11 through 13." (Mark Jacobson, "The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll," New York Magazine, 3/27/06)

Giuliani's Plan For EOC Was Widely Praised By National Security Agencies. "Lost in the press clatter was the fact that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Clinton White House and National Security Council, the FBI, CIA, and Secret Service (the latter three also had offices in [the] World Trade Center) praised the mayor's plans for an emergency command center." (Fred Siegel, "The Prince Of The City," 2005, p. 226)

" "Asked What He Thought Of The Facility, Col. Robert Fitton, A Visiting Official From The U.S. Department Of Defense, Said 'This Is Certainly State Of The Art. It's One Of The Better Ones I've Seen." (Graham Rayman, "City Unveils Command Center," Newsday, 6/8/99)

New York Times Editorial: "The Mayor's Proposal [For The EOC] Makes Sense." (Editorial, "The Bunker Is Not A Laughing Matter," The New York Times, 6/17/98)

7 WTC Was A Secure Building "With Backup Electricity, Phone Lines And Elevators." "As now planned, [The Mayor's Crisis Center] would occupy space on the 23d floor of 7 World Trade Center in downtown Manhattan, commanding unobstructed views and proximity to Federal agencies whose expertise is often crucial in emergencies. City officials decided to lease the space as the most secure and usable of more than 50 buildings surveyed in the last year and a half. Once constructed, the command hub would be able to withstand hurricane winds, bullets and some kinds of bombs. It will have work space for 100 people with backup electricity, phone lines and elevators." (Editorial, "The Bunker Is Not A Laughing Matter," The New York Times, 6/17/98)


Giuliani "Not Blaming Anybody" For Past Mistakes, But Is Blaming Them For Not Seeing Terrorist Threat After 9/11. GIULIANI: "So I'm not blaming anybody back then. I'm saying it would have been better if we picked that up. It would have been really good if we learned something, but I'm not blaming people back then. What I am saying is, I do blame people after September 11th. Now you have to get it. Now you have to understand there's a terrorist war against us. George Bush is not making it up, nobody's making it up. Nobody's trying to inspire fear." (Rudy Giuliani, Remarks To The Jewish Community Relations Council Of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD, 6/26/07)

Giuliani Questions Judgment Of Those Who Want To Retreat In Fight Against Terrorists In Iraq, Saying They "Don't Accept The Threat." GIULIANI: "Here's what it says to me. It says to me, as the people making decisions like that [retreating out of Iraq], I do not question their patriotism in a second. They're good people. They love America as much as you do or I do. I don't question their caring about our troops. I believe they care about our troops as much as all Americans do. Here's what I question: I question their judgment, and I think it's the same bad judgment they had in the 1990s. They don't see the threat. They don't accept the threat. They can't accept it. There's something preventing them from doing it." (Rudy Giuliani, Remarks To The Jewish Community Relations Council Of Greater Washington, Rockville, MD, 6/26/07)



Mayor Giuliani On September 12, 2001: "We Need Everybody To Wear These Masks All The Time … It's Critical." (Bill Ervolino and Peter Pochna, "Work Horrific In 'War Zone'," The [Bergen County] Record, 9/13/01)

" Giuliani Urged Rescue Workers To Wear Masks And Goggles At Ground Zero. Mayor Giuliani: "The reason that everybody is wearing masks, which I know people see it on television, and they think there must be a chemical agent or a biological agent or — the reason they're wearing the mask is, if you expose your eyes and your inhale too much of the dust, it's going to irritate you and that can become very serious. So the rescue workers wear the masks and they're actually supposed to wear goggles as well." (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Press Conference, 9/12/01)

FDNY Incident Action Plan For 9/23-9/24/01 Stated That Overall Objectives Included "1. Provide For The Health, Safety, And Welfare Of All Personnel Working In And Around The Incident." (FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 9/23-9/24/01)

Site Safety Briefing From FDNY Warned Workers That "MANDATORY Personal Protective Equipment [Must Be Worn]" And To Be Aware Of "Airborne Contamination." (FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 9/23-9/24/01)

" FDNY Site Safety Message On 10/21/01 Said "Use The Proper PPE, This Includes … Fit Tested Respirators …" (FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 10/21-10/22/01)

" Incident Command Post Meeting Notes Stated That Workers Should Keep Their Masks, And Replace Their Air Canisters. (FNDY, World Trade Center Emergency 0700 Incident Command Post Meeting, 9/21/01)

" Site Safety Briefing From FDNY Listed Under Logistical Support Where Workers Could Get Respirator Filter Replacements And Where Initial Respirator Fittings Take Place. (FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 9/24-9/25/01)

" Additional Safety Briefings From FDNY Told Workers To Replace Their Air Filters When Resistance Was Felt With Air Flow. (FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 9/25-9/26/01; FDNY, Incident Action Plan, 10/21-10/22/01)


At Request Of City, EPA And OSHA Were Testing Air Within Days Of Attacks. "At the request of the New York City Department of Health, EPA and the U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) have been on the scene at the World Trade Center monitoring exposure to potentially contaminated dust and debris. Monitoring and sampling conducted on Tuesday and Wednesday have been very reassuring about potential exposure of rescue crews and the public to environmental contaminants." (Environmental Protection Agency, Press Release, 9/13/01)

Concern For Worker's Safety Was Evident In The Fact That Not One Person Died In Recovery Operations At The World Trade Center Site And That Only 35 Workers Suffered Non-Life Threatening Injuries Resulting In Lost Workdays. (Occupational Safety & Health Administration, "Injury And Illness Rate At World Trade Center Site Nearly Half National Average For Similar Sites," Press Release, 4/12/02)

" OSHA Recognized "Tremendous Effort" By Giuliani Administration And Federal Government To Keep Workers Safe. "'The Lost Workday Injury and Illness Rate (LWDII) rate at the World Trade Center is 2.3,' said OSHA Administrator John Henshaw. 'While the work being done here is clearly unparalleled, the closest comparison is specialty construction which includes demolition. The lost time injury and illness rate for specialty construction is 4.3.' 'Given the extraordinary circumstances involved, this rate reflects the tremendous effort of everyone involved — the workers, Building and Construction Trades Council of Greater NY (BCTC), Building Trades Employer's Association (BTEA), the City of New York and the federal government,' said Patricia K. Clark, OSHA's regional administrator in New York." (Occupational Safety & Health Administration, "Injury And Illness Rate At World Trade Center Site Nearly Half National Average For Similar Sites," Press Release, 4/12/02)

"A Lasting Memory Of Sept. 11 May Be The Intense Cooperation Among Federal, State And Local Authorities, As Well As Public Servants And Ordinary Citizens. Representatives Of Dozens Of Agencies Worked On The Rescue Effort At Ground Zero In New York, Including FEMA, The FBI, The Army Corps Of Engineers And The Occupational Safety And Health Administration." ("Retreat And Rebound," Government Executive, 10/01)

Under City's Coordination, Several Federal Agencies Aided In Clean-Up Process. "Federal agencies, including the Federal Emergency Management Agency, the Army Corps of Engineers, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and the Small Business Administration, have sent 6,000 people to help, according to Ted Monette of FEMA, who is coordinating federal efforts. But the city is in charge. 'No other city would have the capabilities and resources that New York City has to deal with this,' Monette says. 'Within days, they were hauling thousands of truckloads of material out of here.'" (Martha T. Moore, Debbie Howlett and Charisse Jones, "Workers' Task As Painstaking As It Is Painful," USA Today, 9/25/01)

Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani Campaign Press Release - The Lies of Wayne Barrett Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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