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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Rudy Giuliani Campaign Launches Radio Ads in South Carolina

August 15, 2007

The Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee today announced it will launch two radio ads in South Carolina on Thursday entitled, "Out of Control" and "Fence."

"Out of Control" focuses on Rudy Giuliani's accomplishments as Mayor of New York City including reducing crime and cutting the welfare rolls. "Fence" highlights one of Giuliani's 12 Commitments to the American People which calls for ending illegal immigration, securing our borders, and identifying every non-citizen in our nation.

"Rudy Giuliani enjoys strong and growing support throughout South Carolina," said Director of Strategy Brent Seaborn. "The launch of these two ads is an expansion of our radio campaign, as we continue to spread Rudy Giuliani's positive, forward-looking message across the country."

Scripts and audio links are below.

Script for "Out of Control" (Radio 60 seconds):


GIULIANI: Every promise I made running as Mayor of New York City they said couldn't be done… said I couldn't cut crime… New York City was the crime capital of America… can't be done.

VOICE OVER: Under Rudy Giuliani's leadership crime in New York City dropped 56%.

GIULIANI: New York City was the welfare capital of America… 1.1 million people on welfare. You can't cut welfare… can't be done.

VOICE OVER: Welfare rolls went down by a staggering 58%.

GIULIANI: They said we couldn't reduce taxes in New York. They said you couldn't get control of spending. That's impossible.

VOICE OVER: Rudy Giuliani turned a 2.3 billion dollar deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus and cut or eliminated 23 taxes.

GIULIANI: My focus when I ran for Mayor of New York City was on the future, and it will be in this campaign. Leadership is about what we can do, what we can accomplish, never taking "No" for an answer. This is all about how America can grow, how America can get stronger, how America can be the country that realizes all the potential that we know we have.

VOICE OVER: Paid for by Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Incorporated. Visit

GIULIANI: I'm Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message

Script for "Fence" (Radio 60 seconds):


Voice Over: "Here's Rudy Giuliani"

Mayor Giuliani: "It frustrates me that if someone comes here illegally, in addition to everything else that's involved in that, if they commit a crime, we don't throw them out of the country. As the mayor of New York I wanted to see if I could get the Immigration Service to help me. Let's see if you could get rid of the drug dealers who are coming out of jail. It makes no sense — after they have been in jail for selling drugs in the United States — we now have to keep them in the United States. They couldn't do it because they had other people lined up to throw out. They had like a professor who over-stayed his visa. I had a drug dealer who had maybe killed people. A person who comes here illegally and commits a crime should be thrown out of the country. People that come in illegally we gotta stop. You stop illegal immigration by building a fence, a physical fence and then a technological fence. You then hire enough Border Patrol so they can respond in a timely way. And then, if anybody becomes a citizen, we should make certain that they can read English, write English and speak English, because this is an English speaking country."

Voice Over: "Paid for by Rudy Giuliani Presidential Committee Incorporated. Visit"

Mayor Giuliani: "I'm Rudy Giuliani and I approve this message."

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