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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Op-Ed by Rudy Giuliani: "The Meaning of Fiscal Conservatism"

December 03, 2007

The Wall Street Journal

December 3, 2007

By Rudy Giuliani


With economic uncertainty weighing on the minds of many Americans, Congress is preparing to recess after another year of profligate spending, protectionist talk and promises of higher taxes. No wonder some people feel like we're moving in the wrong direction. But I'm optimistic as I look to the future. It's not our country that's moving in the wrong direction — it's Congress, and Washington's culture of wasteful spending. …

A return to fiscal conservative principles can put America back on the right track, while giving Washington a much-needed dose of discipline.

Fiscal conservatism is based on two fundamental principles — cutting taxes and controlling spending. … The next president will need to strengthen both sides of the fiscal conservative equation … I believe I can do it because I've done it…

I cut taxes 23 times as mayor of New York City with a Democratic City Council and State Assembly, and saw that lower taxes can result in higher revenue. Amid fears of an economic slowdown, now is the time to cut taxes, not raise them. But the Democratic presidential candidates all seem determined to impose an unprecedented $3 trillion tax hike on the American people. …

This summer, I unveiled my tax plan, which committed to making the 2001 and 2003 tax cuts permanent, while aiming for still-lower marginal rates. We'll give the death tax the death penalty, index the Alternative Minimum Tax for inflation as a step toward eliminating it entirely, expand tax-free savings accounts, and expand health-care choice through tax reform. We also need to reduce the corporate tax rate … These actions will protect American jobs, empowering us to compete and win in the global economy.

Controlling spending must be a chief executive's priority or it doesn't get done. That's a lesson I learned from Ronald Reagan, and put into action when I was mayor. Real per capita spending actually fell during my administration.

Over … the next two terms, 42% of the federal civilian workforce is due to retire. We'll only hire back half…

We also need to return to spending controls and caps, a proven way to make Washington set priorities.

Reforming a culture of wasteful spending requires standing up to special interests and insisting on transparency and accountability. … Earmarks are the broken windows of the federal budget, signs of dysfunction and distress. … The American people want us to end earmarks once and for all.

But more needs to be done. We need to root out wasteful spending and fraud in benefit payments and contracts by convening a Government Waste Commission, such as the one that closed military bases.

Finally, we can both save money and provide better services by consolidating duplicative programs.

[A] healthy combination of pro-growth policies and fiscal discipline unleashes the genius of America's free-market economy — empowering not government, but the citizens it exists to serve.

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