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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Frank Guinta: Rudy Giuliani Is The Proven Leader America Needs

January 04, 2008

New Hampshire Union Leader

January 4, 2008

By Frank Guinta


[W]hile there are many good candidates running for President, in my opinion there is only one candidate who fervently shares all [New Hampsire's] priorities. He is Rudy Giuliani, and I am honored to support him.

Mayor Giuliani is well known to New Hampshire voters. While campaigning from Nashua to Manchester to Dixville — and points in between — he has articulated an optimistic vision for our country that is rooted firmly in the core principles that unite the Republican Party.

[R]udy has stated plainly how he will keep the American dream alive for future generations. Among other priorities, he pledges to restore fiscal discipline in Washington, cut taxes, stop illegal immigration, preserve school choice for parents, lead our country toward energy independence and expand access to affordable health care.

When it comes to keeping America safe, Mayor Giuliani recognizes that the world continues to be a dangerous place. He has personally seen the devastating consequences of what happens when America fails to confront terrorism from a position of strength. As such, he will keep the United States — its communities and our families — safe by staying on offense in the terrorists' war on us.

He understands that [when] you challenge Americans, there's no country that stands up stronger and better than the United States of America.

It goes without saying that Rudy has ambitious plans for America. As the candidate in the race with the most public executive leadership, he also has something the other contenders don't — a proven record of accomplishing what he says he will do.

During two terms as mayor of New York City, Rudy brought about a dramatic transformation of his native city.

Imagine what he will do when he gets to Washington — a place sorely in need of reform and modernization.

Like Ronald Reagan before him, Rudy is relentlessly optimistic about the future of our country. In these challenging times for America, we need a leader of uncommon ability. Without question, that leader is Rudy Giuliani.

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