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Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Debate Night's Mitt Negativity Meter, Part One

November 28, 2007

Mitt Romney Has Run The Most Negative Campaign In The Republican Primary


Giuliani – Total: 85
Himself: 48
Campaign: 30
Press Release: 7

McCain – Total: 39
Himself: 15
Campaign: 21
Press Release: 3

Huckabee – Total: 6
Himself: 3
Campaign: 3

Thompson – Total: 17
Himself: 7
Campaign: 10

Paul – Total: 1
Himself: 1

Brownback – Total: 2
Himself: 2

Romney Attacking Mayor Giuliani


In 2006, Romney Suggested Giuliani Was Not A Conservative. "In an interview with The Examiner, Romney described himself as more conservative than Republican rivals McCain, R-Ariz., and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani on a variety of issues. 'We're in a different place on immigration; we're in a different place on campaign reform; we're in a different place on same–sex marriage; we're in a different place on the president's policy on interrogation of detainees,' Romney said. 'I'm a conservative Republican, there's no question about that," he said. "I'm at a different place than the other two.'" (Bill Sammon, "Romney: 'I'm A Conservative,'" The Washington Examiner, 11/21/06)

Romney Said Giuliani Did Not Have Necessary Experience To Be President. "Romney suggested his business experience better prepares him for the White House than the backgrounds of his two rivals. 'I come from a private sector, where talk is worth nothing and action is everything,' said Romney, who spent 25 years managing businesses and making investments around the world. He tends to dismiss the experience of his primary challengers. Giuliani was a mayor and a prosecutor — 'a very different experience,' Romney said." (Lee Bandy, "Romney Targeting McCain," The State, 2/4/07)

Romney Reminded CPAC Audience That He Has Had Only Been Married Once. "Romney, for his part, tried to draw sharp distinctions with Giuliani and McCain a day after assailing both. He called his wife Ann on stage at the start of his speech. 'Mitt and I will be celebrating our 38th wedding anniversary this month,' she said a reminder that McCain and Giuliani have been divorced." (Liz Sidoti, "Giuliani, Romney Court Conservative Base," The Associated Press, 3/3/07)

"At The Same Time, He Swiped At Giuliani's Moderate Social Stances Without Naming Him. As Governor, Romney Said, 'I Stood At The Center Of The Battlefield On Every Major Social Issue. I Fought To Preserve Our Traditional Values And Protect The Sanctity Of Human Life.'" (Liz Sidoti, "Giuliani, Romney Court Conservative Base," The Associated Press, 3/3/07)

Romney: "'He Is Pro-Choice, And Pro-Gay Marriage, And Anti-Gun, And That's A Tough Combination In A Republican Primary,' Romney Said Of Giuliani In An Interview With The Christian Broadcasting Network." (Philip Klein, "When Romney Attacks," The American Spectator, 3/8/07)

Romney Left Door Open To Attack Giuliani Later In Campaign. "But this afternoon, at a campaign rally just outside Des Moines, Romney indicated that he might not let Rudy speak for Rudy for the duration of the campaign. 'I think we're best, certainly at this stage in the campaign, this is very early on, to describe our own views,' Romney told a small group of reporters after addressing supporters in the outdoor humidity at Ankeny High School. While pointing out their shared views on terrorism and taxes, Romney noted that 'there are some places we have differences, but that will come out with time.' Asked if that meant he would only hold off on drawing contrasts for now, Romney said, 'I can't predict what's going to happen down the road, we'll see how the campaign develops.' 'We'll see what the future holds,' he added." (Jonathan Martin, "Romney Keeps Door Open To Attacking Giuliani," The Politico, 8/5/07)

Romney: "[Giuliani Is] A Terrific Guy, He's Got A Great Reputation. … And I Have Nothing But Positive Things To Say About Him. … I Think People Want Someone Who Is Not A Lifelong Politician But Instead A Person Who Has Lived In The Real World And The Private Sector To Come Into Government." (WNYW-NY's "Fox 5 Live," 3/20/07)

Romney Said His Wife, Unlike Giuliani's Would Not Be Official Part Of Administration. "'I'll get my counsel from my wife in the privacy of our home, in the bedroom, in the White House if I'm lucky enough to get there, and she's not going to be an official part of the administration or attending Cabinet meetings, but it's a nice offer,' Romney told Fox News Channel." (Maggie Haberman, "Mitt Hammers At Rudy-Judi Cabinet," New York Post, 3/31/07)

Romney Made Fun Of Giuliani's Statement That He Might Let Mrs. Giuliani Attend Cabinet Meetings. "GOP White House hopeful Mitt Romney joked about his rivals as well as his own Mormon faith. Noting Rudy Giuliani's statement that, if elected, he might let his wife attend Cabinet meetings, Romney said, 'If I adopt the same policy we're going to need a heck of a lot more chairs in the Cabinet room.'" ("Cheney Teases Bush And Gore At Gridiron," The Associated Press, 4/1/07)

Romney: "Mayor Giuliani Has Made A Number Of Changes Over His Career, And There Are Places Where I've Made Changes." (Liz Sidoti, "AP: Romney Interview," The Associated Press, 4/26/07)

Romney Took "Thinly-Veiled Shot" At Giuliani For Pro-Life Statements. "Taking a thinly-veiled shot at former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani, former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney said Tuesday that 'there's a lot more to being pro-life beyond appointing conservative justices.' 'That, I will do,' promised Romney. 'I like (Supreme Court Chief Justice John) Roberts and (Justice Samuel) Alito, I like (Justice Clarence) Thomas and (Justice Antonin) Scalia. I like that kind of thinking on the bench, and that's the kind of justice I will appoint.' … You also have decisions as an administration on things like abstinence education, on the morning-after pill, on teaching kids to wait before they have babies, on insisting on parental responsibility for a father who has an out-of-wedlock child. These policies are also important, and will become a major part of my effort to encourage a culture of life rather than the culture of death.'" (Jonathan Martin and Mike Allen, "Romney Jabs Giuliani On Abortion," The Politico, 4/25/07)

Romney Said His 'Three-Legged Stool' Necessary To Republican Victory Will Be Memorable Distinction To Giuliani's Two. MITT ROMNEY: "…[T]he other is with regards to Mayor Giuliani. I speak about three legs to the republican stool being necessary to win a general election, which is a conservative base in terms of military, economic and family, and family values and he talks about a two-legged stool. And so, you know, I think those distinctions are gonna be memorable and probably set a bit of the course for the future of this campaign." (Fox News, 6/6/07)

Romney Said Republicans Better Off If They Emphasize All Three Issues: Military, Economy And Family. CAMERON: "Does the absence of that emphasis on the family weaken his candidacy as a republican candidate?" ROMNEY: "I think, we're better if we have a three-legged stool and if we have all parts of our campaign focused on those issues and that's exactly what I intend to do." (Fox News, 6/6/07)

Romney Said Giuliani Has "Different View" Of Life And Family, Family Most Important To Future Of Country. CAMERON: "He says his two-legged stool is economic and national security, you add family values to those two … the three pegs of the stool. What does that omission, to you, say about Rudy Giuliani?" ROMNEY: "Well, he has a different view with regards to the matter of life and other issues, and for me the most important work that's going on in America that affects our future, is the work that goes on within the four walls of the American home. And, you either believe that or you believe no, it is mostly policy and government, and I believe in policy and government, but I also believe the home is where the action is for the future of the country. And that we as a society are going to need to strengthen the American home. Schools, health care, environment all come together to strengthen our homes." (Fox News, 6/6/07)

In "Clear Dig At" Giuliani, Romney Carried Three-Legged Stool To Town Hall Events, To Emphasize Importance Of Family Values To Republican Platform. "Mitt Romney has been talking for several months now about the three legs of the Republican stool — strong military, strong economy and strong families. Now he has a prop to go with it. In a bit of political theater at stops here in Iowa today and yesterday, Mr. Romney shows audiences a wooden three-legged stool … [A]s he makes his point about the importance of each leg of the stool, he goes through the somewhat laborious process of unscrewing one leg to show what happens. Voila. Crash. … The argument for the importance of all three legs of the stool is a clear dig at Republican rival Rudolph W. Giuliani, whose marital/divorce history and views on social issues have troubled some conservatives." (Michael Luo, New York Times' The Caucus Blog, "Romney's 3-Legged Stool Takes The Stage,", Accessed: 7/27/07)

Romney: "Now There Are Some Who Say, Strong Family Values, You Better Put That Aside, To Win The Election. … But If You Take Off One Of The Legs Of That Stool, Like I Just Did, Something Happens. The Stool Falls Down. That's Not The Answer. The Answer For Our Party And For Our Country Is To Continue To Fight For All Three Legs Of That Stool." (Michael Luo, New York Times' The Caucus Blog, "Romney's 3-Legged Stool Takes The Stage,", Accessed: 7/27/07)

Romney Said Giuliani's Plan To Expand Health Insurance In Country Wouldn't Work. Romney: "We have to have our citizens insured, and we're not going to do that by tax exemptions, because the people that don't have insurance aren't paying taxes. What you have to do is what we did in Massachusetts. Is it perfect? No. But we say, let's rely on personal responsibility, help people buy their own private insurance, get our citizens insured, not with a government takeover, not with new taxes needed, but instead with a free-market based system that gets all of our citizens in the system. No more free rides. It works." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Primary Debate, Des Moines, IA, 8/5/07)

Romney Said Large Percentage Of People Concerned About Candidate Who's Been Married More Than Once. ROMNEY: "You know I see the same polls that say a very large percent are concerned if somebody is over 70 years old, or if someone's been married more than once. And frankly, the other guys don't get asked about those questions every time they go on the air." (ABC, "Good Morning America," 8/6/07)

Romney Said Under Giuliani, New York City Became "Sanctuary City" For Illegal Aliens. "In one of the strongest conflicts yet between Republican presidential front-runners, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney attacked rival Rudy Giuliani Wednesday, implying that Giuliani supported illegal immigration when he was mayor of New York. 'If you look at lists compiled on Web sites of sanctuary cities, New York is at the top of the list when Mayor Giuliani was mayor,' Romney said at the Abbey Hotel here. 'He instructed city workers not to provide information to the federal government that would allow them to enforce the law. New York City was the poster child for sanctuary cities in the country.'" (Jake Tapper & Ron Claiborne, "Romney: Giuliani's NYC 'Sanctuary' for Illegal Immigrants," ABC News, 8/8/07)

Mitt Romney Claimed Giuliani's Efforts To End The Line Item Veto & Maintain Commuter Tax Represents Differences Between Them On Tax And Spending Policy. "Mitt Romney criticized GOP presidential rival Rudy Giuliani Thursday for fighting as New York's mayor to eliminate a presidential line-item veto and to maintain a commuter tax on visitors to New York City. Romney said those actions highlighted his own differences with Giuliani over government spending and taxation, pivotal questions in New Hampshire, a state that has no income tax and prides itself on its bare-bones government." (Glen Johnson, "Romney Chastises Giuliani For Fighting Line-Item Veto, Favoring Commuter Tax," The Associated, Press, 10/4/07)

· Romney: "I Don't Think There's Any Tool More Important Than The Line-Item Veto. … I Line-Item-Veteoed Hundreds Of Items As Governor Of Massachusetts, Hundreds, And That Vehicle Is The Most Powerful Tool A President Of The United States Could Have To Rein In Unnecessary Pork Barrel, Earmarked Spending." (Glen Johnson, "Romney Chastises Giuliani For Fighting Line-Item Veto, Favoring Commuter Tax," The Associated, Press, 10/4/07)

Romney Said Giuliani "Killed The Line-Item Veto" Which He Called "A Serious Mistake." "In 1997, Giuliani filed a lawsuit challenging Clinton's use of the line-item veto, fearing its impact on the ability of the city and New York state to raise taxes on hospitals and use the money to attract federal Medicaid payments. A year later, the Supreme Court found the line-item veto unconstitutional. 'Because he won, he killed the line-item veto,' Romney said of Giuliani, calling the former mayor's action 'a serious mistake.'" (Glen Johnson, "Romney Chastises Giuliani For Fighting Line-Item Veto, Favoring Commuter Tax," The Associated, Press, 10/4/07)

In Criticizing Giuliani's Efforts To Maintain It, Romney Called Commuter Tax "Absolutely Wrong." "On the commuter tax, Romney noted that Giuliani challenged then-Gov. George Pataki, a fellow Republican, when Pataki tried to eliminate New York City's commuter tax, which levied a 0.45 percent income tax on those working in New York City. The tax had existed for decades, and at the time of its repeal added about $500 million to city coffers. … Romney said: 'Can you imagine what would have happened up here in New Hampshire if I, as governor of Massachusetts, said everybody who commutes to Massachusetts has got to pay an extra special tax as a commuter? It just seems absolutely wrong.'" (Glen Johnson, "Romney Chastises Giuliani For Fighting Line-Item Veto, Favoring Commuter Tax," The Associated, Press, 10/4/07)

Mitt Romney Said The Only Way Republicans Will Win White House Is By Maintaining "Conservative Coalition." "Romney also scoffed at Giuliani's increasing effort to base his candidacy on electability and said there were risks in nominating somebody out of step with the GOP base. Alluding to a 'conservative coalition' of economic, defense and social conservatives, Romney asserted that, 'The only way we're going to win the White House is with that coalition hanging together. If we take off social conservatives and try and have a posture which … stands on two legs of the stool and not three legs of the stool we're not going to win the White House.'" (Jonathan Martin & Mike Allen, "Romney Attacks Giuliani On Economy," Politico, 10/4/07)

At Town Hall, Romney "Quickly Went On The Offensive," Attacking Giuliani For New York Being "Sanctuary City." "Wrapping up a two-day dash through Southern California, Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney on Thursday assured supporters in Burbank that he would help rescue financially-troubled families with his promised middle-class tax cuts. But he also quickly went on the offensive, seizing on the issue of illegal immigration to jab his chief rival, Rudolph W. Giuliani, by accusing the former New York mayor of turning the city into a magnet for illegal immigrants and comparing his record on the issue to that of Democratic front-runner Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton. Giuliani 'was responsible for a sanctuary city. . . . He welcomed the illegal aliens to the city,' Romney told reporters after his 'town hall meeting.' 'That sanctuary state of mind is one of the reasons we have so many illegal immigrants in our country today.'" (Phil Willon, "Romney Mines For Votes In Southern California," Los Angeles Times, 11/16/07)

On November 13, In Iowa Romney Attacked Giuliani And Huckabee Over Tuition Breaks Afforded Illegal Immigrants. "Going after both, Romney contended that Huckabee, the former Arkansas governor, fought for tuition breaks for children of illegal immigrants in his state, while Giuliani, the former New York mayor, provided tuition breaks at the City University for illegal immigrants. He said that Clinton, too, backs such breaks. 'Giving a better deal to the children of illegal aliens than we give to U.S. citizens from surrounding states is simply not fair and not right,' Romney told reporters during a one-day visit." (Liz Sidoti, "Romney Assails Rivals On Tuition Breaks For Illegal Immigrants," The Associated Press, 11/13/07)

Romney: "There's A Sanctuary State Of Mind That [New York Sen.] Hillary Clinton, And [Former New York City] Mayor Giuliani, And [Former Arkansas] Gov. Huckabee Have." (Chris Welch, CNN's Political Ticker, "Romney Hits Democrats And Republicans On Immigration Issues," Http://Politicalticker.Blogs.Cnn.Com/2007/11/13/Romney-Hits-Democrats-And-Republicans-On-Immigration-Issues/, 11/13/07, Accessed: 11/13/07)

Romney: "They Have Provided — Or Support The Idea Of Providing — Tuition Breaks To Illegal Aliens To Institutions Of Higher Learning, And That Sanctuary State Of Mind Flies In The Face Of The Rule Of Law." (Chris Welch, CNN's Political Ticker, "Romney Hits Democrats And Republicans On Immigration Issues," Http://Politicalticker.Blogs.Cnn.Com/2007/11/13/Romney-Hits-Democrats-And-Republicans-On-Immigration-Issues/, 11/13/07, Accessed: 11/13/07)

Romney: "There Are Those People In Both Parties Who Are In A Sanctuary State Of Mind, Who Believe In Sanctuary Cities, Who Believe In Policies Which Are Sanctuary In Nature." (Liz Sidoti, "In Iowa, Romney Assails Giuliani, Huckabee On Tuition Breaks For Illegal Immigrants," The Associated Press, 11/14/07)

Romney: "This 'Sanctuary State Of Mind' Which Exists From Hillary Clinton To Mayor Giuliani To Governor Huckabee Is Simply An Attitude We're Going To Have To Change." (Randy Renshaw, "Romney Ridicules Giuliani, Clinton For 'Sanctuary State Of Mind,'" Radio Iowa, 11/17/07)

Romney: "Mayor Giuliani, Of Course, Was The Mayor Of A Sanctuary City, And He Said If You're Illegal You're Welcome In New York, We'll Protect You Here. And That, I Think Is Exactly The Wrong Attitude." (MSNBC, "Morning Joe," 11/13/07)

On November 9, Romney Criticized Giuliani For Being In "Sanctuary State Of Mind." "He began by lambasting Clinton and Giuliani on illegal immigration. 'We're going to have to pull back on federal funding to end the sanctuary state of mind,' Romney said. 'It's something which I think Mayor Giuliani and Hillary Clinton have in common. Mayor Giuliani was the mayor of a sanctuary city. He welcomed people that were illegals to come to his city and stay there.'" (Erin McPike, NBC's First Read Blog, "Romney Targets Rudy On Immigration,", 11/9/07, Accessed: 11/10/07)

Romney: "I Think That Sanctuary State Of Mind Has To End In This Country. … If I'm President We're Going To Use The Power Of The Federal Purse To Make Sure That As A Nation We Follow The Rule Of Law." (Glen Johnson, "Romney Links Clinton And Giuliani With A 'Sanctuary State Of Mind,'" The Associated Press, 11/9/07)

Romney Said Robertson Endorsement Would "Not At All" Help Giuliani Ease Social Conservatives Concerns. "Mitt Romney dismissed Pat Robertson's endorsement this morning of Rudy Giuliani, using unusually direct language to downplay the prospects of a social moderate winning the GOP nomination. Asked if Robertson's backing would help assuage the concerns some cultural conservatives may have about Giuliani, Romney quickly fired back, 'Not at all.'" (Jonathan Martin, "Romney Downplays Robertson Endorsement," Politico, 11/7/07)

Romney: "I Don't Think That The Republican Party Is Going To Choose A Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Civil Union Candidate To Lead Our Party." (Jonathan Martin, "Romney Downplays Robertson Endorsement," Politico, 11/7/07)

Romney Said Republicans Need Coalition Of Social, Economic And Foreign Policy Conservatives To Win. Romney: "I think that in order to win the White House we have to bring together the coalition of conservatives that won the White House for Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush. And that's social, economic and foreign policy conservatives. And that's why I think that others who are running in this race, myself included, have a better shot at getting the White House." (Jonathan Martin, "Romney Downplays Robertson Endorsement," Politico, 11/7/07)

On November 6, "Romney Said That Giuliani 'Welcomed Illegal Immigrants To The City.' … Adding That 'These Are Things I Don't Think Will Sit Well With Republican Voters. Actually, With All Voters.'" (Matt Stuart, ABC News' Political Radar, "Romney Unveils Adoption Plan, Dismisses Paul,", 11/6/07, Accessed: 11/6/07)

Romney Highlighted That He Is Only One Of Four Leading Republican Candidates Who Favors Federal Marriage Amendment. "Romney began to explain that 'only one of the four leading' Republican candidates (in his view defined as Rudy Giuliani, Fred Thompson, John McCain and himself)) favor a federal amendment to define marriage as being between a man and woman." (Matt Stuart, ABC News' Political Radar Blog, "Romney Defends Marriage Stance Amid Cheers, Boos,", 11/1/07, Accessed: 11/1/07)

"Speaking To [Laura] Ingraham [On October 31], Romney Reiterated His Accusation That Giuliani Turned The Big Apple Into A 'Sanctuary City' While Serving As Mayor." (Erin McPike, NBC News' First Read Blog, "Romney Ups Ante On Immigration,", 10/31/07, Accessed: 10/31/07)

On October 31, Romney Said Giuliani Used Clout To Stop President From Reining In Spending. "Romney also complained that Giuliani hurt a president's ability to control spending with a court challenge of the line-item veto when he was mayor of New York. 'Why in the world would you use your clout to try and stop the president from reining in excessive spending?' he said." (Deanna Bellandi, "Romney Says He'll Lobby To Bring Olympics To Chicago If Elected," The Associated Press, 10/30/07)

Romney Predicted Republican Race Will Come Down To Giuliani Versus More Conservative Alternative. "Mitt Romney predicts the Republican presidential nomination will come down to Rudy Giuliani and a more conservative challenger – like Mitt Romney. It's no surprise that Giuliani is doing well in national polls, Romney said, because candidates with more conservative views on social issues are splitting the support of like-minded voters. But the former governor predicted that base eventually will back a single candidate …" ("Campaign Takeout: I'm Right Man, Sez Mitt," Daily News, 10/28/07)

Romney: "Those Of Us Who Represent That Base Will Find That We Can Get That Support And Ultimately Face Up One To One With Mayor Giuliani." ("Campaign Takeout: I'm Right Man, Sez Mitt," Daily News, 10/28/07)

On October 27, Romney Said He Would Keep Clinton Out Of White House By Not Acting Like Her. "At a town hall meeting in southwest Florida, the Republican presidential contender offered himself as the conservative alternative. Romney said he would keep the Democratic front-runner out of the White House not by acting like her _ a reference to his rival Rudy Giuliani _ but by building on the foundation laid by Ronald Reagan."(Rasha Madkour, "Romney Says 'Hillary's House Of Horrors' Should Scare Voters," The Associated Press, 10/27/07)

On October 26, Romney Said "We Have To Act Like Republicans" To Beat Hillary Clinton. "Romney, speaking to an Iowa Public Television program, tried to isolate the former New York mayor, describing him as 'alone' on one side, while a group of as many as six Republican candidates stand 'on the other side' — including Romney himself. He predicted conservatives will eventually choose one of his group and then Giuliani will face a more challenging time, 'because I do believe that the Republican Party … is not going to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House by acting like Hillary Clinton. We have to be distinct. We have to act like Republicans.'" (Steve Holland, "Giuliani Hits Democrats On Iran, Draws Romney Fire," Reuters, 10/26/07)

Romney: "I Think Being Pro-Life Is More Than Saying You'll Appoint Strict Constructionist Judges." (Mike Glover, "Romney Predicts Giuliani's Support Will Fade," The Associated Press, 10/26/07)

Romney Joked That Giuliani Would Start Rooting For Patriots After Claiming He'd Support Red Sox In World Series. "Romney also addressed Giuliani's recent remark that, with his beloved Yankees out of the playoffs, he would be rooting for the rival Red Sox in the World Series. 'I'm looking forward to seeing him cheering for the (NFL's) Patriots soon,' Romney quipped." (Patrick Walters, "Romney: Dems Have Accepted Defeat In War Against 'Violent Jihad,'" The Assoicated Press, 10/24/07)

On October 22, Romney Said Giuliani Had Several Positions Which Were "Problematic" For Value Voters. "Well you know I think people know that Mayor Giuliani's position on some of these social issues is problematic for some values voters that—I'm not saying anything out of school. I am pro-life and he is pro-choice. I'm opposed to same sex marriage. He is as well, but he is in favor of same sex civil union. I oppose that. He sued the gun manufacturers in what I think was the most significant attack on the second amendment in the last 50 years. So on some of these issues of significance for values voters he's taken a position which they don't find attractive and I think frankly is not consistent with the traditional coalition of conservatives that our Party has embraced." ("Sean Hannity Show," 10/22/07)

On October 21, Romney Said He Didn't Think Republican Could Get To White House With Two Of Three Branches Of Conservatism. Romney: "I was pleased to have valued voters do their poll listen to all of us and say Mitt Romney is our guy. I think it indicates I am able to reach out to the three branches of conservatism we are going to have to bring again as Reagan did to capture the white house. I don't think you can have two of the three branches and get in the white house." (Fox News, "Hannity & Colmes," 10/21/07)

Romney At October 21 Debate: "[W]e're Not Going To — We're Not Going To Keep Hillary Clinton Out Of The White House By Acting Like Hillary Clinton." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Orlando, FL, 10/21/07)

At October 9 Debate, Romney Called Giuliani's Fighting Of The Line Item Veto A Mistake. Romney: "[I]f you want to cut taxes, you're going to have to cut spending. And the best tool that a governor has and the best tool the president has had is a line item veto. And Mayor Giuliani took the line item veto that the president had all the way to the Supreme Court and took it away from the president of the United States. I think that was a mistake." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Dearborn, MI, 10/9/07)

At October 9 Debate, Romney Criticized Giuliani's Preserving Commuter Tax, New York Combined Tax Increase. Romney: "[Giuliani] also fought to keep the commuter tax, which was a very substantial tax, a almost $400 million tax on commuters coming into New York. And when it's all said and done, if you're a New York taxpayer, city taxpayer, your state and city tax combined can reach as high as 10 percent." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Dearborn, MI, 10/9/07)

Romney: "I'm In Favor Of The Line-Item Veto. I'd Have Never Gone To The Supreme Court And Said It's Unconstitutional." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Dearborn, MI, 10/9/07)

Romney Said Giuliani's Statements On Illegal Immigrants Caused Increase In Illegal Immigration. Romney: "But this is a place where Mayor Giuliani and I just simply disagree. I think we should reduce federal funding to cities that call themselves sanctuary cities. I think saying, as he did, if you happen to be an undocumented alien, we want you in New York, we'll protect you in New York — I think that contributed to 3 million illegals in this country becoming 12 million illegals coming into this country." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Durham, NH, 9/5/07)

Romney Said Reagan Won Twice By Having Stool "That Had Three Legs." "The model for how the Republican Party wins, and wins moderates, Democrats, independents, conservatives, is who? Ronald Reagan. He did it. Ronald Reagan won in Massachusetts, both times he ran. How'd he do that? He had a stool he sat on that had three legs. One was a strong military, and today a strong military means more troops, more funding to make sure that our troops are cared for on the battlefield with the equipment they need and our veterans receive the care they need when they get home." (Gov. Mitt Romney, 2008 Republican Presidential Debate, Manchester, NH, 6/3/07)

Romney Called Giuliani's Criticism "Baloney," Said Spending Increased More Under Giuliani Than Him. Romney: "It's baloney. Mayor, you've got to check your facts. No taxes — I did not increase taxes in Massachusetts. I lowered taxes, number one. Number two, the Club for Growth looked at our respect to spending record. They said my spending grew 2.2 percent a year. Yours grew 2.8 percent a year." (Scott Helman, "Document Shows Romney's Strategies," The Boston Globe, 2/27/07)

Romney Said Giuliani "Just Frankly On The Wrong Page" On Immigration. "Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney dismissed Rudy Giuliani's claims Monday that the former New York Mayor had the best record on dealing with illegal immigration, once again arguing Giuliani providing a 'sanctuary' to illegal immigrants. 'A sanctuary city policy draws more illegal immigrants into the country, it's wrong,' Romney said Monday, stopping briefly before a private meeting at Microsoft. 'There are many cities in this country that have the rule of law but do not have sanctuary status and I think when it comes to sanctuary cities the Mayor's just frankly on the wrong page,' Romney said." (Matt Stuart, ABC News' Political Radar, "Romney Disputes Giuliani's Immigration Record,", 11/19/07, Accessed: 11/19/07)

Romney Called Giuliani The Person "Most Single Handedly Responsible" For Ending Line Item Veto. "[Giuliani] was the person in this nation most single handedly responsible for ending the line item veto that had been passed by Congress. And that was a mistake. He fought the line item veto all the way to the Supreme Court." (The Boston Globe's Primary Source Blog, "Romney And Giuliani Spar Over Taxes,", 10/4/07, Accessed: 10/4/07)


"Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden Used Giuliani's Abandonment Of The Ames Contest To Cast Him As Out Of Step With Iowa Republicans. 'As for campaigns that decide to skip Ames,' he said, 'it has probably become clear to them that Iowa voters want to see conservative change in Washington, and if a candidate stands before the voters of Iowa without a conservative record or a conservative message, it makes it very hard for them to compete for support there.'" (Michael Finnegan, "Giuliani Leaves A Void In Iowa Poll," Los Angeles Times, 6/7/07)

Kevin Madden Dismissed Criticism Of Romney's Self-Funding Arguing Giuliani Should Be Far Outpacing Him In Fundraising But Hasn't. "The Romney campaign points out that its candidate has raised more than $45 million from around 100,000 donors. "That's an impressive amount, especially when you consider the fact that we're competing against the celebrity status of Mayor Giuliani and Fred Thompson," said Romney campaign spokesman Kevin Madden. 'With Rudy's name awareness, he should be far outpacing us in the number of people contributing and the amount raised. He hasn't.'" (Jake Tapper, "Romney Surpasses Steve Forbes' Self-Funding Pace," ABC News, 10/10/07)

Kevin Madden Said Given Name Recognition, Giuliani Should Have Had Stronger Fundraising Second Quarter. Madden: "Giuliani is internationally known, while we are meeting many voters for only the first time. … In that context, we had a very strong quarter compared to what we expected would be a bigger effort from Giuliani." (Tom Brune, "A Rudy Rally In Funds," Newsday, 7/4/07)

Kevin Madden Said Giuliani's Immigration Policies "Created A Magnet Of Illegal Immigration," "Strained Our Ability To Control Our Borders." "Kevin Madden, a spokesman for Mr. Romney, said that action made illegal immigration a bigger problem. 'Sanctuary-city policies that were authorized and advocated by the mayor were the type of policies that essentially created a magnet of illegal immigration in this country, which strained our ability to control our borders,' Mr. Madden said." (Stephen Dinan, "Giuliani Pads Panel With Border Enforcers," The Washington Times, 8/14/07)

Kevin Madden Accused Giuliani Of "Ignoring Or Showing Disdain For The Enforcement Of Immigration Laws." "Madden then made the case that Giuliani, whose record as a law-and-order mayor has been invaluable to him in appealing to conservative voters, failed to enforce the law of the land. 'Now the contrast is there with the record that Mayor Giuliani has on the issue. The statements couldn't have been more clear where Mayor Giuliani said 'if you are an undocumented worker, if you are an illegal immigrant, we want you here.' That is essentially ignoring or showing disdain for the enforcement of immigration laws. Those type of policies created a magnet for illegal immigration. That magnet caused a 3 million illegal immigration problem to go to 12 million very quickly.'" (Jason Horowitz, "Romney And Rudy (And Mastro!) Keep Fighting Over Immigration," New York Observer, 8/16/07)

Kevin Madden: "Mayor Giuliani Has The Wrong Approach On Illegal Immigration." (David Saltonstall, "Illegal Immigration Not A Crime, Rudy Declares," Daily News, 9/8/07)

Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden Said In Memo Staking Candidacy On Electability Shows Weakness Of Giuliani's Argument. "Staking your candidacy on the amorphous idea of 'electability' when Republican voters are yearning for ideas and a return to conservative principles says a lot about the weakness of the mayor's argument." Time's The Page Blog, "Romney Camp Memo on Giuliani's National Focus, NH Polls,", 11/12/07, Accessed: 11/17/07)

Kevin Madden: "The Mayor's Social Positions And His Weak Record On Immigration Enforcement In New York City Make Him Indistinguishable From Senator Clinton." (Time's The Page Blog, "Romney Camp Memo on Giuliani's National Focus, NH Polls,", 11/12/07, Accessed: 11/17/07)

"Madden Accused The Log Cabin Republicans Of Favoring Republican Rudy Giuliani, The Former Mayor Of New York Who Has Supported Abortion Rights And Some Gay Rights." (Jim Kuhnhenn, "Republican Gay Rights Group Targets Romney In Television Ad In Iowa," The Associated Press, 10/4/07)

Kevin Madden Said Giuliani Could Have Negative Down Ballot Effect On Republican Candidates. "Madden also suggested that nominating Giuliani could depress the Republican party base and 'have a negative effect on many down-ballot races in 'red' states across the country.' That is, Republican voters may either stay home or defect to a more conservative third party option if Giuliani is the candidate — a development that could lead to underperformances that could hamper candidates running for Senate, House and local offices in reliably GOP states." (Chris Cillizza, "Romney, Rudy And The Electability Question,", 11/5/07, Accessed: 11/5/07)

Kevin Madden Criticized A Giuliani Campaign Email By Said It Showed His "Vulnerability." "Romney aide Kevin Madden threw the grenade back, charging the Giuliani e-mail was 'a tactic that only serves to underscore the mayor's vulnerability when appearing before grass-roots conservative groups.'" (Richard Sisk, "Rudy's A Valuable Target," Daily News, 10/20/07)

On October 19, Kevin Madden Sent Out Email Criticizing Giuliani's Social Positions, Saying They Risk Republicans Losing White House To Clinton. "Kevin Madden, sent out an e-mail yesterday that accused Giuliani of having the same position as Clinton on abortion and gay marriage, saying, 'If the Republican Party nominates a candidate who shares the same positions as Hillary Clinton on social issues, then we risk losing our identity as a party, and we risk losing the White House to her.'" (Michael Kranish, "Evangelical Christians Remain Wary Of Top GOP Candidates; Crucial Voting Bloc Appears Divided," The Boston Globe, 10/20/07)

Kevin Madden Called Charge By McCain, Giuliani That Romney Was Phony "Childish." "As John Kerry learned painfully in 2004, calling someone a phony works, no matter the topic under discussion. … In the last week, McCain has issued the same charge again and again. In a GOP debate last week, Rudy Giuliani ended an exchange with Romney over the line-item veto by saying, "You have to be honest with people, and you can't fool all the people all the time. Romney's spokesman, Kevin Madden, calls the attacks 'childish' and compares McCain and Giuliani to toddlers who 'cross their arms, hold their breath, and stamp their feet.'" (John Dickerson, "Romney's Achilles' Heel," Slate Magazine, 10/18/07)

Kevin Madden Accused Giuliani Of Giving "Troubling And Muddled Response" In Debate Over Confronting Iran. Madden: "Mayor Giuliani offered the most troubling and muddled response on taking action against Iran. He had no answer. He resorted to a vague response that just repeated the word 'exigent' over and over. If you need a leader on action against Iran, you turn to Governor Romney. If you need a thesaurus, check with Mayor Giuliani." (Jason Horowitz, "Giuliani Takes Another Shot At Romney," New York Observer, 10/10/07)

"Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden Noted That Giuliani Largely Skipped Campaigning In Iowa, Whereas Romney Focused His Efforts There." (Dan Morain, "Romney Again Leads The GOP Money Race, By Using His Own," Los Angeles Times, 10/5/07)

Romney South Carolina Director Terry Sullivan Said Internal Polls In State Show Romney Taking Support From Giuliani And Thompson. "The internal Romney poll of 400 likely Republican voters, taken Oct. 2-4, shows Romney gaining 7 percentage points over the campaign's poll taken in late August. Thompson, for example, dropped 8 percentage points from 32 percent in August, and former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani dropped from 21 percent in August to 15 percent in October. Independent polls show Giuliani and Thompson fighting for first place in the state, with Romney gaining ground in second. 'We didn't pick up undecideds,' Romney state director Terry Sullivan said Monday. 'We picked up people who moved from Giuliani and Fred.'" (Aaron Gould Sheinin, "Romney Polls Show S.C. Surge," Columbia State, 10/23/07)

Romney Endorser Robert Taylor Said Giuliani's Biggest Advantage Was He "Just Happened To Be There" On 9/11. "'I think probably his biggest selling point is that he happened to be mayor of New York when 9/11 happened,' said Taylor, the Bob Jones University arts and sciences dean who endorsed Romney. 'The reaction of the country was pretty unanimous and he just happened to be there.'" (Glen Johnson, "Despite Mormon Faith, Romney Finding Support Among Evangelical Christians In SC," The Associated Press, 10/23/07)

Tagg Romney Said Best Way To Beat Clinton "Is Not To Water Down Our Values." Tagg Romney: "Personally, I think the best way to beat Hillary Clinton is not to water down our values, or to try to act more like Hillary Clinton, or try to blur the distinction between Republicans and Democrats … I think we need a strong Republican." (Dale Wetzel, "Romney Wins ND Republican Straw Poll," The Associated Press, 10/27/07)

Romney Endorser Paul Weyrich Said He Didn't Want Giuliani Nominated Because Then Some Value Voters Would Defect. "I felt it would come down to a contest between Giuliani and Romney. … I don't want Giuliani as the nominee because a lot of our values voters will defect… I know the same argument is made about Romney, but eventually, I think those voters can be brought around. There is a hardcore group that absolutely will not vote for Giuliani… I don't think they'll go for a third party candidate, I think they'll stay home. I think there's no convincing them. I've talked to a number of these folks. Even though they recognize that Hillary is a real problem, they think that it's better to have somebody bad like that than it is to have somebody halfway reasonable." (Jim Geraghty, National Review Online's Campaign Spot Blog, "Paul Weyrich Talks About Why He Endorsed Romney – And Not the Others,", 11/6/07, Accessed: 11/6/07)

Though Not Directly Referencing Kerik, Romney Campaign Issued Statement Calling For Higher Ethical Standards. "Mitt Romney's campaign didn't directly address the indictment of Kerik by a federal grand jury on charges of conspiracy, mail fraud, wire fraud, and lying to the Internal Revenue Service. Instead, it issued a compendium of speeches and news articles on Romney's call for higher ethical standards in Washington, a none-too-veiled assertion against Giuliani's bona fides on the issue. … 'Governor Romney believes the American people want and deserve change in Washington,' his campaign said in a statement. 'They want strong ethics and accountability in government. Governor Romney is the best candidate to lead the Republican Party and lead by example when it comes to holding a higher ethical standard.'" (Foon Rhee, The Boston Globe's Political Intelligence, "Romney Says He's The Best On Ethics,", 11/9/07, Accessed: 11/9/07)

Romney Supporter Justin Hart Said Giuliani Would Need Pat Robertson To Pray Away Hurricane Mitt. "Justin Hart at MyManMitt has a comment from an unnamed senior Mitt Romney aide, responding to Pat Robertson's endorsement of Giuliani, that is funny, snide, a little mean, and probably incorporates an unfortunate metaphor: 'I guess Rudy will be having Pat Robertson pray away Hurracaine [sic] Mitt which is washing over him in Iowa, New Hampshire, Michigan, and now South Carolina.'" (National Review Online's Campaign Spot Blog, "Senior Mitt Romney Aide Also Has Devastating 'Yo Momma' Jokes,", 11/8/07, Accessed: 11/8/07)

Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden Issued Memo Comparing Giuliani's Campaign Strategy To Santa Clause And Easter Bunny. "Mayor Giuliani's 'momentum-proof' national polling lead, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny all walk into a bar… You're right. None of them exist. Why the 'frontrunner' label and fifty cents won't even get you a cup of coffee nowadays …" (Time's The Page Blog, "Romney Camp Memo on Giuliani's National Focus, NH Polls,", 11/12/07, Accessed: 11/17/07)

Referring To Kerik Scandal, Romney Spokesman Kevin Madden Said "Voters Grow Very Weary" Of Public Officials Who Don't Live Up To High Ethical Standards. "Voters grow very weary of story after story after story having to do with public officials who have not adhered to higher ethical standards. … Right now it is very important to Republican primary voters that we have a candidate who can draw a very clear contrast between a Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton. If you have a nominee who is distracted by this type of narrative, you lose the ability to contrast yourself with Hillary Clinton and past Clinton administrations. It cancels out any advantage you would have." (Jason Horowitz, "McCain And Romney Aides Hit Rudy On Kerik," The New York Observer, 11/14/07)

Romney Advisor Said America Doesn't Need A Policeman, A Subtle Jab At Giuliani. "At one point, [Romney advisor Alex] Castellanos was asked how Romney, in today's security climate, could compete against candidates such as McCain, who was a prisoner of war in Vietnam, and Giuliani, who led New York following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. In what seemed to be a subtle jab at Giuliani, Castellanos said America doesn't just need a policeman. 'Who's going to lead a stronger country into the future?' he said. 'If this election is about that, I think Mitt Romney has a pretty good case to make.'" (Scott Helman, "To Romney Strategist, Questions On Faith Fair Game," The Boston Globe, 3/6/07)

Romney Strategy Memo Attacked Giuliani For Destroying "GOP Brand." "But [Giuliani] is described as a one-dimensional Lone Ranger whose social views – he supports abortion rights and civil unions for gay couples – could destroy the 'GOP brand.' 'We can't disqualify Dems like Hillary on social issues ever again' if Giuliani is the nominee, the document states." (Scott Helman, "Document Shows Romney's Strategies," The Boston Globe, 2/27/07)

Romney Strategy Memo Said They Would Focus On Giuliani's Ethical Issues And "Personal Political Liabilities." "The plan also touches on what it calls Giuliani's ethical issues, including his relationship with Bernard Kerik, former New York police commissioner who withdrew from consideration to become US homeland security secretary amid allegations of improprieties. It raises Giuliani's 'personal political liabilities,' an apparent reference to his three marriages and bitter public divorce from his second wife, Donna Hanover." (Scott Helman, "Document Shows Romney's Strategies," The Boston Globe, 2/27/07)

Romney Advisor Said Giuliani Has "Structural Problem," Portion Of "Party Doesn't Think He's A Republican." "'I think Rudy still didn't fix his structural problem,' said one Romney adviser, who spoke on the condition of anonymity in order to discuss strategy. 'He hit a ball over the fence, but he didn't fix his structural problem. A good hunk of the Republican Party doesn't think he's a Republican.'" (Dan Balz, "McCain, Romney Duel As Giuliani Leads," The Washington Post, 5/17/07)

Fehrnstrom Attacked Giuliani For Being Pro-Choice And Saying Giuliani Left New York City With A Deficit While Romney Left Massachusetts With A Surplus. "A spokesman for Mr. Romney, Eric Fehrnstrom, fired back a response for the former Massachusetts governor aimed at Mr. Giuliani's position on abortion and his stewardship of New York City's budget. 'The great thing about America is that people are free to endorse whoever they want. We all like and respect Joe Malone and Paul Cellucci, but they are both pro-choice and no one should be surprised that they have endorsed Rudy Giuliani, who is also pro-choice,' Mr. Fehrnstrom, Mr. Malone's former director of communications, said. 'Rudy Giuliani left his successor a budget deficit. That's probably one of the reasons Mayor Bloomberg un-enrolled as a Republican. By contrast, Mitt Romney left his successor a $2.2 billion rainy day fund, and a budget that ended the year with a surplus.' The Giuliani campaign points to a New York State Financial Control Board staff report as backing up the assertion that Mr. Giuliani left office with a balanced budget." (Seth Gitell, op-ed, "Giuliani Boasts Of Bloomberg, Backs Red Sox," The New York Sun, 10/24/07)

In A Written Statement Fehrnstrom Said "If Colorado Wants Mayor Giuliani To Root For The Rockies They're Going To Have To Move Their Primary Up." "'I'm rooting for the Red Sox in the World Series,'' the former New York City mayor told reporters after a breakfast fund-raiser at Umbria Ristorante. Tickets ranged from $250 to $2,300. A spokesman for former Bay State Gov. Mitt Romney suggested that Giuliani's post-season flip-flop had some political underpinnings. 'I guess if Colorado wants Mayor Giuliani to root for the Rockies, they're going to have to move their primary up,' said spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom in a written statement." (Jessica Fargen, "Yank-Lovin' Rudy Tells Hub Reports: I'm Cheering For Sox," Boston Herald, 10/24/07)

Fehrnstrom Criticized Giuliani For Not Playing To Win In Early Voting States, Saying "You Don't Win By Losing." "Romney is leading polls in early primary states such as New Hampshire and Iowa, where he has vastly outspent Giuliani and the other candidates. Giuliani, meanwhile, has taken a more national approach to the race, focusing his energy and spending on the 20 states that go to the polls on Feb. 5, known as Super Tuesday. But Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said the Giuliani plan is a recipe for failure. 'No one has ever won the nomination with a strategy for defeat in the early primary states. That's because you don't win by losing,' Fehrnstrom said. 'Our focus is on doing well when the first votes are counted, and then going on and doing well everywhere else.'" (Dave Wedge, "Strategists: Feb. 5 Will Be Rudy Tuesday," Boston Herald, 10/2/07)



"FACT: The Republican Congress Passed A Presidential Line-Item Veto In 1996:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto," Press Release, 10/6/07)

"FACT: President Bill Clinton Used The Line-Item Veto To Cut Spending:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto," Press Release, 10/6/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Took The Line-Item Veto All The Way To The Supreme Court:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto," Press Release, 10/6/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani's Lawsuit Killed The Line-Item Veto:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto," Press Release, 10/6/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Celebrated The Death Of The Line-Item Veto:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: How Mayor Giuliani Went To Court And Killed The Presidential Line-Item Veto," Press Release, 10/6/07)


"Mayor Bloomberg Vowed… He Won't Leave His Successor In City Hall With The Same Financial Mess He Inherited From Rudy Giuliani When He First Took Office." (Michael Saul, "I Won't Leave A Mess, Says Mike," Daily News, 6/2/07)

"FACT: The New York City Budget Grew More Than 37% Under Mayor Giuliani:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Left New York City With 'Enormous Deficits'" Press Release, 10/8/07)

"FACT: The City's Budget Gap More Than Doubled Under Mayor Giuliani:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Left New York City With 'Enormous Deficits'" Press Release, 10/8/07)

"FACT: Mayor Michael Bloomberg Inherited A City Budget Rife With Problems:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Left New York City With 'Enormous Deficits'" Press Release, 10/8/07)

"FACT: Independent Experts Have Blasted Mayor Giuliani's Fiscal Management Of New York City:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Left New York City With 'Enormous Deficits'" Press Release, 10/8/07)


"Earlier Today, Mr. Giuliani Assailed The Legislature For Seeking To End The Commuter Tax, Saying That If Anything, It Should Be Higher." (Clifford J. Levy, "Leaders In Albany Plan To Eliminate Tax On Commuters," The New York Times, 5/13/99)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Fought To Tax People For Going To Work:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans To Keep $360 Million Commuter Tax In Place" Press Release, 10/5/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Not Only Wanted To Keep The Tax, He Wanted To Raise It:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans To Keep $360 Million Commuter Tax In Place" Press Release, 10/5/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Called The $360 Million A Year Commuter Tax "Modest," And Said The City Was "Entitled" To The Tax:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans To Keep $360 Million Commuter Tax In Place" Press Release, 10/5/07)

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans In Albany So He Could Keep The Commuter Tax:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans To Keep $360 Million Commuter Tax In Place" Press Release, 10/5/07)

"FACT: After Losing In Court, Mayor Giuliani Continued To Fight To Keep The Commuter Tax:" (Romney For President, "Big City, Big Spender: Mayor Giuliani Sued Republicans To Keep $360 Million Commuter Tax In Place" Press Release, 10/5/07)


"How Mayor Giuliani Sued For Increased Government Spending"

"Mayor Giuliani Claims He Sued To Kill The Line-Item Veto Because He's 'A Strict Constructionist.'"

"But Mayor Giuliani Is No Strict Constructionist."

"And Conservatives Agree That Mayor Giuliani Defeated Republicans And Conservatives." (Romney For President, "Suing For More Spending," Press Release, 10/30/07)


"Legal Or Illegal, The Law Makes No Distinction. Then What's The Law For?"

"Mayor Giuliani Ran New York City With A Sanctuary State Of Mind."

"Both Sen. Hillary Clinton And Mayor Giuliani Support Tuition Breaks For Illegals." (Romney for President, "Mayor Giuliani And Senator Clinton: Part Of The Immigration Problem," Romney Release, 11/13/07)


"Mayor Giuliani & Sen. Clinton Support Sanctuary For Illegal Alliens."

"Mayor Giuliani Ran New York City With A Sanctuary State Of Mind."

"Both Sen. Hillary Clinton And Mayor Giuliani Defend Sanctuary Cities."

"Both Sen. Hillary Clinton And Mayor Giuliani Support Amnesty For Illegal Immigrants." (Romney for President, "Sanctuary State of Mind: 'You're One Of The People Who We Want In This City,'" Romney Release, 11/9/07)

Romney Circulated Mail Piece In Iowa Criticizing New York As A "Sanctuary City." "Nowhere in the below mail piece are the words 'Rudy Giuilani.' But it's plain to see who Mitt Romney is going after in the piece, discovered by AP, that has just hitting Iowa mailboxes. This is the first mailer that Romney has dropped in which he so clearly contrasts his record with an opponent and is almost certainly a sign of things to come." (Jonathan Martin, "Romney Targets Rudy On Immigration In Iowa," Politico, 11/6/07)


"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Proposed Using Billions Of Dollars In City Funds To Build Sports Stadiums."

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Opposed A Privately-Funded Stadium Deal That Generated Hundreds Of Millions Of Dollars For New York City."

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Incorrectly Claims That He Cut Taxes 23 Times As Mayor Of New York."

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Left New York City With A Massive Budget Deficit."

"FACT: Mayor Giuliani Allowed Spending In New York City To Skyrocket." (Romney for President, "Giuliani Takes Liberties On His Nyc Record," Romney Release, 11/17/07)


Rudy Giuliani, Giuliani Campaign Press Release - Debate Night's Mitt Negativity Meter, Part One Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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