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Gingrich Campaign Press Release - Newt's Grandchildren Offer Debate Advice

November 12, 2011

ABC News reveals Newt's secret weapon for the debates: his grandchildren Maggie and Robert.

As Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich prepares for the CBS/National Journal debate tonight, he told ABC News that most of his preparation will come from his adolescent grandson, Robert.

"He's very smart," Gingrich said. "He beat me three out of four chess games, he coaches me."

Gingrich also boasted about his granddaughter being a ballerina and that she helps Gingrich with his "performance style."


While speaking at a tail-gate party at Furman University today in Greenville, S.C., Gingrich introduced his grandson to the crowd and shared one of his pre-debate rituals.

"This is one of my two debate coaches," Gingrich said. "The other, Maggie is at ballet practice."

Gingrich said if you ever look at him as a debate is starting when the candidates are first introduced, you'll see him writing something.

"I write a smiley and ‘Maggie' under it be because she ‘s my smiling coach. And under that, I write ‘Robert'… shorter clearer. That's what he said was wrong with my speeches when I asked him one day, he said I needed to be shorter and clearer with my answers," Gingrich said.

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