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Gingrich Campaign Press Release - Newt Kicks Off Whirlwind Mississippi Tour in Jackson

March 09, 2012

Newt and Callista campaigned across Mississippi yesterday, making stops in Jackson, Tupelo, and Southaven. At each stop, before enthusiastic crowds, Newt outlined his bold solutions for job creation and increasing American energy production to lower gasoline prices below $2.50.

In Jackson, Newt met with Mississippi Legislators at the State Capitol and held a grassroots rally with supporters at the Hilton Jackson.

Many supporters of Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich said they had made up their minds about him before attending Thursday's rally at the Hilton Jackson.

"It just reaffirmed my support," said Kay Little, 64, of Madison. "He's got the only real answers for America."


Gingrich asked attendees to post on Facebook and Twitter in support of him.

"I believe that Mississippi matters next Tuesday," Gingrich said.

As talking points, he focused on his ability to defeat Obama, his commitment to pure conservative values and his intention to lower gas prices.

"His campaign slogan before was, 'Yes, we can,'" Gingrich said, referring to Obama. "Now it will be, 'Why we couldn't.'"

Gingrich touted his part in producing four consecutive balanced budgets in Congress and criticized Obama for his spending practices. He compared Obama's spending to using credit cards and how he would spend.

"When you pay cash it hurts more," he said. "The way Obama does credit cards, it's 'what's another $3 billion?'"

In Tupelo, over 500 people crammed in to the Tupelo Furniture Market to hear Newt explain why he's the best candidate to defeat President Obama.

When he arrived, Gingrich smiled at the rousing applause of the roughly 500 people gathered to see him. That applause repeated often during the candidate's half-hour speech, which started with a list of reasons voters should choose him and a litany of charges against President Barack Obama.

"I have two strengths," Gingrich told the audience. "I can clearly articulate conservatism with conviction and can beat Obama in the debates. And when we win, I actually know what to do in Washington to get our program enacted into law."

Northeast Mississippi residents who came to hear the speech said Gingrich appeals to them on many levels.

"I don't know if he's the guy I'll vote for or not, but I believe he's the only one who can beat Obama," said Dorsey resident Cindy York. "There's something about Mitt that doesn't fit and Santorum isn't really able to do it."

In Southaven, Newt's speech at the Landers Center drew rave reviews from those in attendance, including from the founder of the Tea Party of Mississippi.

Despite the bad weather, Carol Farrell made the trip from Coldwater, Miss. to the Landers Center in Southaven to support the man she wants to see become the next President of the United States, Republican hopeful Newt Gingrich. "He's my man," she said. "I think he'd be great because what you see is what you have."

Ferrell was one of a crowd estimated at a couple of hundred that came to see Gingrich. Farrell said, "I think we should support Newt; we should be voting for him."

That's a sentiment shared by Don Daniel, founder of the Tea Party of Mississippi. "I think Gingrich has those core values, he'll be an excellent president."

Daniel says he likes Gingrich's plan for $2.50 gas. His belief in Gingrich is unwavering. "If you're going to walk through a mine field find someone who's been there. Newt has been there and he's the man that can do that for us."

Newt's whirlwind tour of Mississippi has been bolstered by news of a new American Research Group poll showing him in first place with 35%.

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