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Gingrich Campaign Press Release - Newt Brings $2.50 Gas Plan to Alabama

March 08, 2012

Newt and Callista campaigned across Alabama yesterday, making stops in Montgomery, Pell City, and Birmingham. At each stop, before enthusiastic crowds, Newt outlined his bold solutions for job creation and increasing American energy production to lower gasoline prices below $2.50.

At the Renaissance Hotel in Montgomery, Newt's speech about American energy independence received rave reviews from the capacity crowd.

Many of those who heard the speech were impressed.

"He is a man with ideas. A man who believes in the Constitution," said Ernie Porterfield, who said he has been a Gin­grich supporter ever since his Contract with America campaign pledge in 1994.

"I especially liked all the points he made about energy," Porterfield added.

Keith Rudolph said he is still trying to decide whether to vote for Gingrich or Rick Santorum, but said he liked what he heard from Gingrich.

"The speech was very good. He had great ideas and he was very positive and very innovative," the Montgomery man said. "He just has a very can-do spirit about getting America where it needs to be.

"I think what he talked about would definitely work, especially what he was saying about oil prices," Rudolph added. "It just makes sense that if you increase the supply, you lower the price, and the opposite is true, if we re­duce the amount of oil we drill for, the price goes up. We have a glut of oil. We just need to go out there and get it."

Montgomerian Rick Sellers, a Re­publican activist who was the Republi­can nominee for U.S. Senate in 1992, said he has helped Santorum's cam­paigns in the past, but now is support­ing Gingrich.

Sellers said he is not the sort of per­son to support a candidate just because that candidate was who he picked in the beginning.

"I am just for the guy," he said, "the guy who can beat Obama. And right now, I think Gingrich is that guy."

In Pell City, Newt's speech drew such a large response it was moved to the Pell City Civic Center. Before a crowd of over 400 people, Newt picked apart President Obama's fantasy-filled energy plan while outlining his own plan for $2.50 gasoline.

The former Speaker of the House focused on high gasoline prices and the country's need for energy independence as he addressed more than 400 attendees at the Pell City Civic Center.

"This is the first presidential candidate we've had come to St. Clair County," said Freddie Turrentine, chairman of the St. Clair County Republican Party. "It is a great honor for him to put us in the mix with Huntsville, Montgomery and Birmingham."

Turrentine said due to such a large response, the event was moved to the Pell City Civic Center gym.


Robert Hood, who lives near Odenville, said he feels Gingrich is intelligent enough and mentally tough enough to deal with the issues our nation is facing."

"I think there are more tough issues facing the candidates than ever before," he said.

Sue Collier, of Pell City, said she came out in support of Gingrich.

"I just like his honesty," she said. "He tells it like it is."

Bobbie Collier, of Prattville, said she feels Gingrich is one who can debate President Barack Obama.

"That's why I'm supporting him," she said. "We need someone who can get Obama out."

After his speech in Pell City, Newt made an impromptu stop at a local gas station to challenge President Obama on energy policy.  For a behind the scenes look at yesterday's events, click here for pictures from the Montgomery rally, click here for Pell City pictures, and click here for pictures from Newt's final speech of the day at the Harbert Center in Birmingham.

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