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Gingrich Campaign Press Release - Newt Announces National Hispanic Leadership Team, Over 140 Sign On

March 16, 2012

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Atlanta, GA - As Newt Gingrich’s campaign gains momentum, over 140 Latino leaders announce their support and endorsement. This comes after many in the Hispanic community have expressed their concern over Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney’s inability to appeal to the Latino voter. “Romney's vision as an elitist candidate leaves behind the silent majority as does Santorum's who believes he is the only conservative candidate. Gingrich is the candidate who is the conveyer of all Americans regardless of ethnicity, party affiliation or social-economic background,” stated Massey Villarreal, Former National Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly and Co-Chair of the Hispanic Steering Committee.

“Newt's unqualified respect for and deep understanding of the Hispanic community, coupled with his reasonable plans for dealing with our most pressing issues; have earned him the loyalty and support of countless community leaders across the nation,” explained Rosario Marin, former Treasurer of the United States and Co-Chair of the Hispanic Steering Committee for Newt Gingrich. “Come November he will be rewarded by the Hispanic voter,” added Marin.

Newt Gingrich has made Hispanic Inclusion a central part of his campaign. In each state he has had Hispanic State leaders and events specifically geared to the Latino community. Newt Gingrich has launched his site in Spanish,, as well as a mini communications campaign “Newt Con Nosotros.” In most states voters will find “Newt Con Nosotros” banners, yard signs, Contracts with America, and bumper stickers alongside Newt 2012 items.

The reason Newt Gingrich has garnered such support amongst Hispanics is simple: He has been reaching out for decades. Latinos know the difference between someone who reaches out because they want their vote, and someone who reaches out because their concerns truly matter. Gingrich’s support is sincere and goes back to his days in Congress.

Newt Gingrich also understands how this economy is truly hurting Hispanics. “Newt is the only candidate who has the experience and understanding on how to get the economy growing again. As Speaker of the house Newt created millions of jobs for all Americans. It is going to take this type of leadership  to bring back America to prosperity.  This will help millions of Latinos who are the fastest growing work force in America”, added Mario Rodriguez, CEO of Hispanic 100 and Co-Chair of the Hispanic Steering Committee.

“What is clear to me today, and has always been very clear, is that Hispanics are amongst the most pro-life, pro-religion, pro-entrepreneurship, pro-jobs, pro-family Americans in our country. It is clear to me that Hispanics should be welcomed as true American conservatives,” said Newt Gingrich.

National Hispanic Leadership Team:

Hispanic Faith Based Leaders

Pastor Sara Augusto/Centro Evangelistico Cristo es la Respuesta/AZ

Pastor Richard Caballero/Longview Community Church/AZ

Pastor Alberto Correa/AZ

Pastor Flora Garcia/AZ

Pastor/ Dr. Soki Meza/Worldwide Restoration Church/AZ

Rev. Joe Nunez/Government Affairs Pastor Love International Church/AZ

Pastor Mario Bramnick/FL

Tony Calatayud/FL

Eddie Calcines/FL

Pastor Pablo Lago/FL

Bishop Emerito Gonzalez/Iglesia Emanuel Isabella/ PR

Pastor Juan Ramos/Love International Church

Pastor Tony Martinez/Southwest District Assembly of God

Pastor Lynn Godsey/ Grupo Esperanza/TX

Pastor Mark Gonzales/TX

Hispanic Steering Committee Chairs

Rosario Marin/Author and former U.S. Treasurer/CA

Mario Rodriguez/Chairman of the Hispanic 100/CA

Massey Villarreal/Former National Chairman of the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Foundation/ Former National Chairman, Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA)/TX

Hispanic Steering Committee Original Leaders

Miguel Orozco/Hispanic 100 of Orange county/CA

David Rivera/Florida Congressman 25th District/FL

Francis Suarez/ Miami City Commissioner/FL

Joseph P. Galvan/Former Regional Director, Region V-Midwest, of HUD/IL

Dr. Vinicio Madrigal/Founder and former President of the Gulf Coast International Chamber of Commerce/LA

Albert Zapanta/ President, US-Mexico Chamber of Commerce/TX

Lionel Sosa/Partner of Sosa and Sosa/TX

Michael Montelongo/Former Assistant Secretary of the Air Force/VA

Therese Alvillar-Speake/Presidential Appointee- US Department of Commerce (90-92) and US Dept of Energy (01-09)/VA

Felix Lasarte/ Founder of Lasarte law firm/FL

Hispanic Steering Committee Extended Members

Blanca Guerra/Café con Leche Republicans/AZ

Frank Rivera/President and CEO ATL, Inc./AZ

Isaac G.D. Barcelona/CA

Joe Bello/CA

Diane Cachenaut/CA

Dinorah Carmenate/Real Estate Broker/CA

Geneviève M. Clavreul/CA

Dr. Carl F. Davis, Jr./ Past Chairman Los Angeles County, California/CA

Saul Delgado/Real Estate Broker/CA

Art Diaz/CA

Ed Diaz/CA

Jacqueline Dwight/CA

Martha Flores-Gibson/CA

Alex Fortunati/Business Owner/CA

Julio Gudino/Allstate Ins Agent/CA

Ivan Guerrero/CA

Jack Guerrero/CA

Xavier Hermosillo/President & CEO CrisisPros/CA

Juan Carlos Herrera/CA

Albert Hofman/CA

Cecilia Iglesias/CA

Ed Jordan/COO Ketel One/CA

James Juarez/Allstate Ins/CA

Carl Kepner/Business Owner/CA

Rosendo Lomeli/CA

Ben Lopez/CA

Carol Malott/CA

Suzette Martinez/CA

Irene L. Mills/Former President of the Palos Verdes Peninsula

Republican Women, Federated and former 1st V.P. of the Los

Angeles County Republican Women, Federated/CA

Frank Montagner/CA

Rocio Montagner/CA

Robbie Munoz/Student/CA

Manuel Padilla/Retired Ins. Executive/CA

Daniel Garcia Payne/CEO/Cablelink Inc., Service Disabled Veteran Business/CA

Travis Pritchett/CA

Chris Puentes/Businessman/CA

Manuel Puentes/Business Owner/CA

Joseph Randall/CA

Julie Rosales/CA

Eric Santos/CA

Magda Santos/Family Support Counselor/CA

Christina Shea/CA

Abel Sierra/CA

Rod Venegas/CA

Carlos Yanez /CA

Carlos Yanez Sr /CA

Jaime Yanez/CA

Maria Yanez/CA

Steve Rodriguez/VP Somos Republicans/CO

Patricia Driscoll/CEO/Frontline Defense Systems/D.C.

Colonel Eric Rojo/U.S. Retired,-Managing Director/Magination Consulting International/ D.C.

Nancy C. Acevedo/Chair- National Republican Hispanic Alliance/FL

Robert Allen/CEO Robert Allen Law/FL

Marisol Guntowski/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Florida in the Newt Gingrich Campaign/FL

Louie Rodriguez/ RPOP Minority Outreach Coordinator/FL

David Triana/Hispanic Leader of the Emerald Coast for Florida in the Newt Gingrich Campaign/FL

Javier Ortiz/Chairman, Crane & Crane Consulting, LLC/GA

Omar Fernandez Jr./Café con Leche Republicans/GA

Anny Flores/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Georgia/GA

Pedro “Pete” Anaya — Alternate Delegate candidate in the 1st District/IL

Paul Fuentes/ Attorney, Delegate candidate in the 4th District/IL

Rick Gruber, Jr. – Attorney, Alternate Delegate candidate in the 5th District/IL

John Guevara/ Delegate 17th District/IL

Eligio Marin /Hispanic Community Leader in DuPage County/IL

Steve Orlando/Alternate Delegate candidate in the 11th District /IL

Olga Pereira/ Alternate Delegate 18th District/ IL

Joe Ptak/ Businessman/IL

Jay Reyes/ Attorney, Alternate Delegate candidate in the 4th District/IL

Mark Vargas/Federal Affairs, Washington, DC , Former 14th District Congressional Candidate/IL

Dr. Henry N. Ramirez/President’s Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for the Spanish Speaking People/MD

Bob Quasius/President of Cafe Con Leche Republicans/MN

Al Perez/President of Ariel Technologies/NM

Martin Ramirez/Founder of Eleva Media Group/OK

Lupe Fraga/Former Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank – Houston Branch and former member of the Board of Regents –Texas A&M University System/TX

Jose Nino/ Former President US Hispanic Chamber of Commerce/TX

Amanda Adamez/Chair of North Texas College Republicans/TX

Ivan Andarza/Immigration Attorney - LNRC Texas National Committee Man/TX

Paula Arciniega/President of Students CUFI at University of North Texas/TX

Adryana Boyne/Media commentator on Conservative issues/TX

Joe Cisneros III/President and CEO of the Corpus Christi Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and worked for the Corpus Christi Regional Economic Development Corp./TX

Maria de Lourdes Stewart/La Voz de los Hispanos/TX

Sonja Harris/“Conservatives in Action”/TX

Art Martinez de Vara/Mayor of Von Ormy/TX

Mark E. McClendon/Republican National Hispanic Assembly (RNHA), Committee Man RNHA Texas/TX

Paula Mendoza/CEO of Possible Missions/On the board of directors of the Association for the Advancement of Mexican Americans — charter school/TX

Artemio “Temo” Muniz/ State Chair of LNRC Texas/TX

Alejandro Sostre Odio/Chair of San Antonio LNRC Texas/TX

Marcus Peña/Chairman — Latino National Republican Coalition – Houston/ Vice Chairman — Austin County Republican Party of Texas Candidate/Austin County Tax Assessor/TX

Rolando Pablos/ Commissioner of the Public Utility Commission (PUC)/TX

Jose Luis "Louie" Reyes Jr./ Chairman LNRC- North Texas Metroplex/TX

Dr. Jim Rodriguez/Dentist in Dallas by trade, but is also a leading edge entrepreneur and leader in the Dallas metroplex/Served as the chair of the Dallas Hispanic Chamber, the Texas Association of Mexican American Chamber of Commerce and a tour of duty of the US Hispanic Chamber/TX

Rick Rodriguez/Chairman and CEO of Brass Real Estate Funds/TX

Linda G. Vega/Immigration Attorney/Founder of “Latinos Ready To Vote!"/TX

Armando Vera/Candidate for State Representative/TX

Annette Weir/TX

Juan D'Arce/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Florida/FL

Madelin D'Arce/Attorney at Warren Gammill & Associates/FL

Maria Lima/Hispanic Inclusion Leader of Florida for the Newt Gingrich campaign/FL

Hispanic State Leaders

Reverend Eve Nunez/AZ

Teresa Hernandez/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for California/CA

Janina Calderon-Ferguson/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Colorado/CO

Crissy Mas/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Florida/FL

Mariola Rosas/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Georgia/GA

Lupe Martinez/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Idaho/ID

Juan Rodriguez/President — Latin World Group/IA

John Guevara/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Illinois/IL

Vinicio E. Madrigal M.D./Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Louisiana/LA

Carli Dimino/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for NH/NH

Elsa Barnhill/Community Activist/NV

Ruben Estrada/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for New York/NY

Rev. Lydia Gonzalez Dross/State Director for NHCLC/OK

Diana Salazar/Hispanic Inclusion Leader/SC

Jacob Monty/Hispanic Inclusion Leader for Texas/TX

John Regis, Chair for Puerto Rico

National Team

Alberto Acereda/Hispanic Communications Director/AZ

Rev. Eve Nunez/National Hispanic Faith-based Coalitions/AZ

Roberto Coquis, COO for Newt 2012, DC

Norma Lippe, Advisor, DC

Ivan Garcia-Hidalgo/Hispanic Communications Deputy/FL

Sylvia Garcia/National Hispanic Inclusion Director/FL

Crissy Mas/National Hispanic Inclusion Coordinator/FL

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