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Gingrich Campaign Press Release - Congressman Greg Ganske: Why I'm With Newt

December 14, 2011

Dr. Greg Ganske, a former Congressman from Iowa and co-chairman of Newt's Iowa campaign, wrote in the Des Moines Register why he supports Newt for president.

Newt Gingrich and I have been friends since I first ran for Congress in 1993, but friendship is not enough for me to give someone my endorsement to be the U.S. president.

I am friends and have worked with several of the other Republican candidates. I respect all the candidates and would repeat what Newt has repeatedly said, they would all be better leaders for our country than President Obama.

So why would I endorse and work for Gingrich?

This election does require an extraordinary leader with a vision for helping the country solve serious problems combined with the ability to make that vision, in the difficult political cauldron that is Washington, D.C., a reality.

Nobody ever said Newt is short on ideas, but I think that the years he has spent outside of government reading, thinking, learning from others and writing about our nation's problems — coupled with his historian's perspective — have prepared him for the rigors of this challenge. I liken this to Winston Churchill's years out of leadership prior to being called back from the political wilderness to lead his nation in war.

All of the other GOP candidates have experience in government, but none has led his or her party in from the wilderness after being out of the majority for 40 years. None of them had to deal with a wily, brilliant president of the other party and none of them had to lead a group of congressmen and women with disperate interests to actually achieve a balanced budget, welfare reform, lower taxes and regularoty reform — all this while being the target of the nation's biggest smear campaign by the opposite party and the liberal media in memory.

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