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Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Working to Secure America's Seafood Supply Chain and Bring Jobs Home

May 07, 2020

SECURING OUR SEAFOOD SUPPLY CHAIN: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to secure our Nation's food supply chain by supporting American seafood production.

  • Today, President Trump is signing an Executive Order to increase America's competitiveness in the seafood industry and protect our seafood supply chain.
  • This order will instruct agencies to expand sustainable seafood production in the United States, including:
    • Furthering more efficient and predictable aquaculture permitting processes;
    • Accelerating regulatory reform to maximize commercial fishing; and
    • Upholding common-sense restrictions on seafood imports that do not meet American standards.
  • The President's order will help solidify our Nation's food security, protect American jobs in the seafood industry, and create new jobs in the United States.
  • President Trump is also announcing the availability of $300 million to support fishermen and related businesses hurt by the coronavirus.

EXPANDING AMERICA'S SEAFOOD INDUSTRY: President Trump's action will expand America's ability to fully utilize our vast ocean resources.

  • It is critical that America take steps to strengthen our seafood supply chain and bring our Nation's seafood supply chain back home.
  • While America has among the most extensive ocean resources in the world, our Nation ranks 17th in aquaculture production and imports roughly 85% of the seafood consumed domestically.
    • China's aquaculture industry is producing 100 times more seafood by weight than the United States aquaculture industry.
  • Burdensome over-regulations and red tape on the aquaculture industry are stifling innovation and production.
  • Under current regulations, small aquaculture facilities are forced to navigate an unnecessarily complex permitting process involving multiple Federal agencies.

PROTECTING AMERICA'S FOOD SUPPLY: This action builds on President Trump's commitment to ensure that Americans have a sound and plentiful food supply chain.

  • President Trump has taken action again and again to support America's farmers, ranchers, and food suppliers.
  • The President has worked tirelessly to expand markets for American agricultural goods through enacting fair and reciprocal trade deals like the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement and implementing tough tariffs.
    • The President has authorized billions in support to help farmers and ranchers affected by retaliatory tariffs.
  • President Trump has fought for our farmers at the World Trade Organization, winning multiple disputes.

Donald J. Trump, Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Working to Secure America's Seafood Supply Chain and Bring Jobs Home Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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