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Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Unleashing Innovation for American Farmers

June 11, 2019

"Our Nation will always be proud of the unmatched grit and faith and skill of the American farmer. -President Donald J. Trump

GROWING INNOVATION IN THE HEARTLAND: President Donald J. Trump is working to streamline the regulatory maze for agricultural biotechnology.

  • Today, President Trump is signing an executive order directing Federal agencies to streamline the agricultural biotechnology regulatory processes.
  • This executive order will help eliminate delays, reduce developer costs, and provide greater certainty about the review process for farmers.
  • Biotechnology has been used in farming for decades to produce safer, more sustainable crops.
  • Streamlining the biotechnology regulatory process will help create an environment that fosters greater investment in these innovative crops.
  • The current regulatory process is a regulatory maze that can take over a decade to navigate, delaying innovations that can bring safe resilient crops to the market.
    • An average of five petitions were processed by USDA each year from 1993 through 2017.

HELPING FARMERS FUEL AMERICA: President Trump has delivered on his promise to open up E15 sales year-round, providing a boost to America's corn growers.

  • The Trump Administration recently finalized a rule approving year-round sales of E15, which is gasoline with 15 percent ethanol.
    • The President made a commitment to finalize the approval of year-round E15 sales by the summer, and he has delivered.
    • President Trump initiated the process to approve year-round sales in October of 2018.
  • This expansion will provide consumers with more choices, while supporting America's hardworking farmers.
  • The Administration is also improving the renewable fuel standard (RFS) program by increasing transparency and reducing the potential for price manipulation in the Renewable Identification Number (RIN) market.

ALLY TO AGRICULTURE: President Trump has been an ally and friend to America's farmers.

  • President Trump recently announced up to $16 billion in funds to support our farmers against unfair trade retaliation.
  • The President negotiated the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA), which will provide fairer markets for our farmers and ranchers.
  • President Trump has negotiated better deals for our farmers, opening up market access for American beef and lamb to Japan, pork to Argentina, and more.
  • The Trump Administration is working to expand opportunity and prosperity in our rural communities, including by investing in rural broadband.
    • Last year, the Administration launched a new program to promote high-speed internet connectivity in rural America, offering up to $600 million in loans and grants.

Donald J. Trump, Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Unleashing Innovation for American Farmers Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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