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Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Strengthening Our Nation's Enduring Partnership With Poland

June 24, 2020

America loves Poland, and America loves the Polish people. --President Donald J. Trump

EXPANDING OUR PARTNERSHIP: President Donald J. Trump is working to further strengthen the longstanding partnership between the United States and Poland.

  • Today, President Trump welcomes President Duda of Poland back to the White House.
    • This visit comes at a critical time, as both the United Sates and Poland are opening our economies after months of battling the coronavirus.
  • The United States and Poland share a longstanding strategic relationship firmly rooted in shared values of freedom, the rule of law, and democracy, dating back to the American Revolution.
  • President Trump is ensuring that the United States and Poland continue to expand our cooperation across a wide range of issues.
  • During the visit, President Trump and President Duda will discuss defense, trade, energy, and telecommunications security.

DEEPENING OUR DEFENSE COOPERATION: President Trump remains committed to building on our Nation's already robust defense partnership with Poland.

  • Poland has been a stalwart NATO Ally and is a leader within NATO in meeting commitments to contribute 2 percent of GDP to defense, with plans to contribute even more.
    • Through a multi-billion dollar defense modernization program, utilizing American military equipment, Poland is further strengthening NATO's capabilities.
  • Poland facilitates critical military training for the United States and our allies and has shown exceptional hospitality and support for American troops deployed in its country.
  • President Trump and President Duda have signed two joint declarations to strengthen our military-to-military and security ties.
    • The Trump Administration is currently working to secure a Defense Cooperation Agreement that will further increase our militaries cooperation.
  • Last year, Poland entered the Visa Waiver Program, marking a historic advancement in the relationship between the United States and Poland.

ADVANCING OUR ECONOMIC TIES: The Trump Administration is working with Poland to improve our economies, protect critical infrastructure, and achieve energy security.

  • Our two nations enjoy strong economic ties, with a growing trade partnership and American investment in Poland at a record high.
  • Poland and the United States share a priority of securing telecommunications and the privacy of our personal data.
    • Last year, the United States and Poland signed a joint declaration on 5G to lay the groundwork for 5G security, and the United States applauds Poland for using only trusted providers and technology in its 5G build-out.
  • The United States and Poland have facilitated several long-term contracts for American liquefied natural gas, helping Poland achieve energy security through diversification.
  • Poland stands with the United States in the pursuit of peaceful uses of nuclear energy.
    • The United States and Poland are in the process of reaching a bilateral civil nuclear agreement that will enable Poland to decisively move ahead in building large-scale nuclear plants with American technology.

Donald J. Trump, Fact Sheet - President Donald J. Trump Is Strengthening Our Nation's Enduring Partnership With Poland Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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