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Fact Sheet: Lieutenant General Douglas E. Lute: Experience and Authority

May 15, 2007

"Nothing is more important than getting Admiral Fallon, General Petraeus, American commanders in Afghanistan, and Ambassadors Crocker and Wood what they need, and Douglas Lute can make sure that happens quickly and reliably."

-President George W. Bush 5/15/07

Today, President Bush Named Lt. General Douglas Lute As Assistant to the President and Deputy National Security Advisor for Iraq and Afghanistan. In that position, Lt. General Lute [pronounced LOOT] is charged with coordinating the efforts of the Executive Branch to support our commanders and senior diplomats on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • General Lute Is Well-Qualified For This Mission. As the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff's Director for Operations, Lt. General Lute developed and provided guidance to the combatant commands regarding current operations and plans. While serving at Central Command, General Lute oversaw combat operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and gained a critical understanding of the challenges we face in the Global War on Terror.
  • Gen. David Petraeus: "Doug Lute Knows Iraq." "Doug Lute knows Iraq, the region, and Washington, and he'll be a great addition to the team that is striving to achieve success in Iraq. He is also a doer." (General David Petraeus, 5/15/07)
  • Amb. Ryan Crocker: "His knowledge and experience will make him a valuable partner to our efforts in Iraq." "I look forward to working closely with LTG Doug Lute in the coming months. His knowledge and experience will make him a valuable partner to our efforts in Iraq." (Iraq Ambassador Ryan Crocker, 5/15/07)

Lt. General Lute Is Taking On A Vital Mission At A Critical Time

The President's New Way Forward In Iraq Requires Contributions From Across The Government. The President's "New Way Forward" for Iraq requires greater coordination and flexibility here at home. General Lute will handle, full-time, the implementation and execution of our strategies for Iraq and Afghanistan, and will lead policy development process for these two theaters.

Lt. General Lute Will Have The Authority He Needs To Accomplish The Mission

General Lute Will Report Directly To The President. As an Assistant to the President, General Lute's office is focused on day-to-day implementation and policy development. He will work closely with National Security Advisor Steve Hadley, who provides overall staff leadership.

  • General Lute Will Have The Authority To Identify And Remedy Problems. General Lute will have the authority to identify and remedy problems by working with Cabinet secretaries and agency heads.
  • He Will Ensure That Commanders And Diplomats On The Ground Have What They Need. He is empowered by the President to request and receive information, personnel, and other additional resources and assistance from the Federal Departments and Agencies needed to carry out the President's strategies.
  • "Same-Day Service" Goal. General Lute has the authority to receive and facilitate requests from General Petraeus, Admiral William Fallon, and the U.S. Ambassadors in Iraq and Afghanistan. His goal in this regard will be "same-day service".

George W. Bush, Fact Sheet: Lieutenant General Douglas E. Lute: Experience and Authority Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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