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Fact Sheet: John Negroponte and Mike McConnell: The Right Choices for Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence

January 05, 2007

Today, President Bush Announced That He Intends To Nominate Ambassador John Negroponte As Deputy Secretary Of State – And Vice Admiral Mike McConnell As Director Of National Intelligence (DNI).

Ambassador John Negroponte

Ambassador John Negroponte Knows The State Department Well – He Started There As A Foreign Service Officer In 1960. He has served in eight Foreign Service posts spanning three continents. He served as Deputy National Security Advisor to President Reagan, represented America at the United Nations, and served as our first Ambassador to a free Iraq. For nearly two years, Ambassador Negroponte has done a superb job as America's first Director of National Intelligence.

  • Under The Leadership Of Secretary Rice, The Men And Women Of The State Department Are Working To Expand Freedom And Defend America's Interests Around The World. The Deputy Secretary of State has a key role in shaping American foreign policy, and in guiding our diplomats deployed around the globe. The Deputy Secretary also helps our Nation's chief diplomat manage the State Department and helps coordinate with other Federal agencies so that America speaks to the world with one voice.

Vice Admiral Mike McConnell

Admiral Mike McConnell Has The Experience, Intellect, And Character To Succeed As Director Of National Intelligence. He served as Director of the National Security Agency during the 1990s. He was the Intelligence Officer for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the liberation of Kuwait in Operation Desert Storm. He has decades of experience ensuring that our military forces have the intelligence they need to fight and win wars. He has worked with Congress and the White House to strengthen our defenses against threats to our information systems. Admiral McConnell has earned our Nation's highest award for service in the intelligence community.

  • As DNI, Admiral McConnell Will Report Directly To The President, And Will Provide The President And His National Security Team With Accurate And Timely Intelligence.
  • The DNI Has Become A Core Part Of Our National Security Team. The DNI determines the national intelligence budget, oversees the collection and analysis of intelligence information, ensures that intelligence agencies share information with each other, and creates common standards for intelligence community personnel. The vigilance of the DNI helps keep the American people safe from harm.

George W. Bush, Fact Sheet: John Negroponte and Mike McConnell: The Right Choices for Deputy Secretary of State and Director of National Intelligence Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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