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FACT SHEET: Extreme House Republican Plan Would Hurt American Workers While Rigging the Economy for Big Corporations and the Wealthy

April 09, 2024

State-by-state analysis shows how the Republican Study Committee budget would gut job training and workforce development programs that strengthen our economy and create pathways to good jobs

President Biden is building our economy from the middle out and bottom up—an economy where we invest in all Americans to make sure the middle class has a fair shot and no one gets left behind. That includes ensuring that every American—whether they go to college or not—has equitable access to high-quality training, education, and services that provide a path to a good career without leaving their community. This approach is working, with 15 million jobs created and the unemployment rate under 4% for the longest stretch in half a century.

House Republicans have a very different economic vision. The Republican Study Committee (RSC)—which speaks for 80% of House Republicans and 100% of their leadership—recently released an extreme budget proposal that would throw workers under the bus while doing the bidding of big corporations and the super wealthy. The budget would cut critical investments in families and communities by over 30 percent—including slashing funding for key job training and employment services programs.

These cuts would cause hundreds of thousands of workers and job seekers to lose access to vocational training and individualized career services that create pathways to in-demand, high-quality jobs—undermining efforts to build a skilled workforce that businesses need to thrive. In addition to these reckless cuts, the RSC budget would further undermine workers by eliminating the National Labor Relations Board and making deep cuts to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

House Republicans want to deny workers access to critical job training and employment services at the same time that they are fighting for another $5.5 trillion in tax cuts skewed to the wealthy and big corporations. They want to cut taxes for big corporations and the wealthy, make it easier for them to cheat on their taxes, and preserve policies that encourage corporations to move jobs and profits offshore—all while undermining American workers.

President Biden has a different approach: one that makes billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share, while investing in American workers and the middle class—the real backbone of our economy.

Under the RSC budget, more than 900,000 people in states and territories across the country would be denied access to job training and employment services provided through the Department of Labor:

Impact of Republican-Proposed Reduction to Job Training and Employment Service Funding
Number of people impacted by RSC budget proposal
State or Territory Number of People Impacted
Alabama 10,922
Alaska 8,721
Arizona 20,606
Arkansas 6,448
California 116,267
Colorado 15,858
Connecticut 10,389
Delaware 2,742
District of Columbia 3,262
Florida 49,540
Georgia 23,919
Hawaii 3,695
Idaho 6,961
Illinois 38,206
Indiana 15,637
Iowa 7,368
Kansas 6,521
Kentucky 11,110
Louisiana 11,988
Maine 4,386
Maryland 16,932
Massachusetts 19,749
Michigan 27,338
Minnesota 13,299
Mississippi 7,612
Missouri 14,062
Montana 5,738
Nebraska 5,218
Nevada 9,938
New Hampshire 3,248
New Jersey 25,554
New Mexico 8,327
New York 58,936
North Carolina 25,448
North Dakota 5,796
Ohio 30,763
Oklahoma 8,552
Oregon 11,106
Pennsylvania 36,818
Rhode Island 2,986
South Carolina 11,329
South Dakota 5,411
Tennessee 16,184
Texas 78,721
Utah 6,678
Vermont 2,733
Virginia 19,274
Washington 20,726
West Virginia 7,089
Wisconsin 13,881
Wyoming 4,272
Guam 540
Puerto Rico 14,225
Virgin Islands 1,733
Total 914,765

This analysis assumes an across-the-board reduction of roughly 31% compared to the currently enacted FY 2024 levels for non-defense discretionary (NDD) accounts. This aligns with the Republican Study Committee Budget, which would cut NDD base funding to $534 billion in FY 2025, a roughly 31% reduction from the funding provided in the enacted FY 2024 bills.

Joseph R. Biden, FACT SHEET: Extreme House Republican Plan Would Hurt American Workers While Rigging the Economy for Big Corporations and the Wealthy Online by Gerhard Peters and John T. Woolley, The American Presidency Project

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